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  1. Just an extra place for VN discussions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/189976998081260/
  2. Just finished Sakura no Uta, hyped as shit can't wait for Sakura no toki.
  3. Just finished, holy mother of SCAJI. VI will be the prologue of Sakura no Toki. Ai best girl.
  4. Does reading the Yuri end give anything significant to the plot and the final end? Cause I want to get to the final end asap.
  5. Inochi no spare, Island and er miagete FD?
  6. Sakura no Uta, going thru Makoto route (Pica Pica) as expected. it's SCA-JI common end already very amazing.
  7. I am actually very hyped about Sakura. Just like Suba, it made me go out and buy many wittgenstein books, Cyrano and the mightnight railway. Is it as deep as suba? Because I am ready to read this 2-3 more times. Just like how I read Suba 6 times.
  8. Then it's alright, 3 weeks should be well enough.
  9. Was wondering, since my long break is coming up. Approx length of Subahibi V2 but no guro? Says >50 on Vndb.
  10. Title. Lots of stuff for 18KYen, already pre-ordered. http://frontwing.jp/product/gricomp/
  11. http://5pb.jp/games/konosora.cs/ ????????????????????????????? Mages, 5pb, Pulltop
  12. Re:trash is out of the question, not touching it. But below are the ones I will purchase in the near future. Games below the line would be in consideration. Plastic memories Steins gate 0 White Album 2 Island (Pre-order) (Same with below) Hatsu mirai (Pre-order) (Owned PC ver, but buying again because FrontWing) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Root double, very interesting. Buy konozora again for collection purposes? Saenai Heroine, do it for megumi?
  13. I do believe this means, the aircraft body needs checking and inspecting and err, it must be done otherwise it's not kay? Cause, burden.
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