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  1. 間 (ま) here refers the natural or unnatural gap during words in a conversation. so this speaker is being conscious that there's an awkward pause right now. Edit: read the context. Here the pause has obviously occurred because HF couldn't answer, so the narrator concludes that she had been waiting a long time.
  2. Glare (use a walkthrough if you get stuck, instead of guessing) (http://akimasanari.sakura.ne.jp/) It's a really quality AI story. Also the herione is the only tsundere character that I've liked ever. I'd also sort of recommend the author's other work ayakashigami.
  3. The fact that they didn't try for the same thing makes me excited about the author.
  4. That's really nice to hear. Cafe is a seasoned translator who has done other dark stuff like Aoiro rinne, so the project has a good chance of reaching completion.
  5. I think you can take premises. If there are six thousand billion shounen fanfictions, there can be two VN's which involve dating people with disabilities.
  6. Best: Karenai Sekai to Owaranai Sekai (Haven't gotten far enough to speak of the story, but the moe is sublime) Worst: ??? Maybe Ryuukishi Bloody Saga for most disappointing. Wouldn't say it was bad, just disappointing. Most hyped: Ayashigami (doujin)
  7. Wahoooooooo! .................. I'm feeling a little bit mixed.
  8. Patriarchy. I'm already done with culture appropriation. Basically boils down to 'be considerate when drawing from other people's cultures' and 'someone will always be offended, and that's okay.'.
  9. So when you say 'Don't assume someone's gender', it's not because the assuming itself is particularly wrong, but because of the additional pressure it could cause a different gendered person, given today's state of relative non-acceptance. (If being differently-gendered was widespreadly accepted, assuming without ill intention, while it would make breaking the truth harder, would not be a huge deal.) Honestly, I did not see this nuance until now. Now I think that 'Don't assume someone's gender' is ill-suited as a opening statement as it leads people to think that you are saying 'assuming makes
  10. Certain things are glamourized in this world. Saying we should include fat characters in our generally idealized stories is basically saying we as a society should shift the set of things we glamorize so that it makes a minority feel better. Atm, what we as a society glamorize is mostly depends on what the masses like, and what companies try to propagate to forward their brands and ventures. IMO, ideally, you should train people to recognize these societal glorifications for what they are, which is just things to be enjoyed, not reflections of the truth. You shouldn't advocate for a
  11. Played some of 竜騎士BloodySaga and am pretty disappointed. The VA, bgm, and art are all solid, and the heroines are cute enough, but the dialogue's so unremarkable. It's pretty much what you'd expect for a harem plot. It doesn't seem like the writer is trying to tell a dedicated story either. A let-down at the end of the year.
  12. This is the cutest little issue I have ever felt disturbed by. It's pretty great that we take VN's seriously enough to discuss them like this.
  13. Youjo Senki, since the LN is well received. And Granblue cause I want to have fantasy without playing a moba-ge.
  14. This is no mere story. This is the actual background of the Nekopara series. Wake up, people. There was a contest to make depressing backstories for happy novels, this was one of the top entries. I enjoyed it. That was fucking daaaark.
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/5gjm8l/himawari_contest_voting_thread/dasrsnk/ Clephas is... I think he mentioned that before, although I'm not sure how serious he was.
  16. Oh shit, I'm sorry for hurting your feelings, rock!!! Wait a minute...
  17. Noooo I missed this byeeeeeee! Hope you have a good year.
  18. That's why I disagree with telling people to be ask people for pronouns. It's an action that catches people's attention (and scoff), but isn't really the important one. It's not really practical to wonder forever (that someone could be any gender-orientation), so I suppose the take-away is to not to unduly assume. But people's environment is affected by their decisions. Also as a person, you can influence yourself by the lines in which you choose to think. I mean, probably not for gender and sexual orientation, but that could shape the finer things. It's possible that a person cou
  19. Your second blog post disappeared, so I'll go reply here. Firstly, two reasons why people react warily to people who announce the unusual state of their identity, or preach in a SJW manner, is that those two actions can be driven respectively by people seeking attention, and, people wishing to attach themselves to a Great Cause, making themselves feel better by perceiving the rest of the world as 'uneducated' or 'wrong'. Now actually on to my reply. The reasons why I don't ask people their pronouns: 1. By current sensibilities, it feels silly 2. Inertia
  20. Okay, I'm listening. I warn you that, having stated that you are open-minded (a surprisingly hard thing to be, additionally so when you have a mission), if that turns out not to be the case, I'm going leave the discussion immediately. I personally, can't stand people who do that. Also welcome to the Fuwanovel.
  21. Interesting. Guess there's no magic in eroge sales.
  22. I played a bit of it but not that much. Didn't like the graphics as much as I thought I would. Personally, I was looking for something epic.
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