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  1. G-senjou no Maou I like to hate on this VN because it's a little bit plot holed, but it is a strong mix of thriller and emotion, the main route is quite the ride, and something about the ending. It was nice reading your comments on your VNDB list. I mostly play untranslated games, so it's hard for me to pick... you've played many of the quality, intriguing games with a translation. Since you've read quite a few experimental works, perhaps SeaBed? It is a sort of unique work, is a lot about the mundane living and coming to terms with the past. It seems to be have been cherished by man
  2. https://vndb.org/v10680/ Luna from Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou comes to mind. Isn't translated though. She's also dominant in the H-scene if you pick the right choices.
  3. Ah, right, you must be running through VN's pretty quickly to be able to review so many. Thanks for the kind words. It's a different kind of reading, called intensive reading (where you study text closely and dissect it). The majority of one's reading can and should be extensive reading, which is just reading tons and not worrying about understanding everything.
  4. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai cause Pooltron keeps spamming screenshots from it, and it looks hilarious. But Katawa Shoujo is a good read. It's on the shorter side and the routes are varied and pretty interesting.
  5. Hi fellas, Chronopolis here. I want to rollout to you guys this new videos series I'm testing: The VN Guided Tour Project. The idea is that I'll do a read-through of VN prologues, reading aloud the unvoiced text, and explaining the vocab and grammar. Reading VN's is very difficult when you first start out. One of the challenges, is that there are a lot of expressions and grammar patterns (out-of-my-ass number, like 33%-40%) which aren't covered by JLPT, but which show up commonly in novels. You can find a lot of grammar guides on the web, so I want to offer something which
  6. There's the new VR VN's like Project Lux and Spicy Tails (upcoming).
  7. No, I've never reread a VN fully. I just revisit my favourite parts. A lot of the description in a VN that helps immerse you in your first play, becomes extra baggage when you go to play the VN again. If the VN is pretty concise in this aspect then you can still play it again. Another way is by waiting many years before replaying the VN. After 4 years, I noticed my impression changes quite a bit (Current impression is different from how I pictured from memories.) Basically, I think you reread stuff to check details, or if the work is layered enough so that your impressions will diffe
  8. This is because it's difficult to write a good, active MC. Just look at english fanfiction, and you can see the opposite but similiar problem. Tons of active, edgy, but poorly characterized protagonists.
  9. Susoi Ginka no Istoria Giniro Konota Yori Kanata Made Sakura Mori Dreamers (people dont't call this an utsuge, but man is the mood gloomy. There's no comedy in it.) I haven't read, but well known: Naricissu Kana Imouto Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake https://vndb.org/g693?fil=tagspoil-0.tag_inc-693;m=0;o=d;s=rating;p=1
  10. I think overall the voice acting level is significantly higher on average in JP subs, however there are some great english performances. Growing up used to watching a language's dub certainly makes it easier to watch. If you listen to something enough, you just recognize it as "that", without judging it. And that familiarity is a positive reaction, usually. When we complain that EN cutesy voices sound bad, there is some level of bias. Since we're used to JP cutesy voices, and we hear English people talk all the time, but Japanese people not so much. My usual gripe is that their deliv
  11. Reading the choices can be a moderate spoiler, and it also gives away the structure of the VN. I prefer to pick the choices myself, until I get stuck at all. If it's a super clusterf**k of choices I'll end up breaking out the walkthrough pretty soon, no loss there.
  12. Maybe you could try translating a free game novel. There are some (very) short ones which are interesting. There might be technical challenges, but it's a lot more satisfying to finish something then do 3k line long prologue. https://freegame-mugen.jp/adventure/game_1266.html
  13. Happy endings are usually a straightforward, following plot resolved and internal issues overcome. I dont like bittersweet or bad endings just for the sake of, but as a consequence of plot/theme, they can be the most interesting.
  14. Quartett. The presentation and style of moe is closer to manga than other VN's, so if you came from anime/manga you might enjoy it.
  15. Soft utsuge is a vn which is full of sad feelings: loss, grieving, or regret. There is comfort, but unlike in a nakige, the negative events and resulting strife are a primary part of the story. Hard utsuge is when the circumstances throughout the VN (not just the ending) are crushing and it seems like there is no hope. At least thats how I distingush them.
  16. Ah, that's an interesting point. Even a sci-fi setting can be accessible, if the concepts are familiar. When I first read it, the technology related 熟語 and verbs bogged me down for a while. It doesn't get any harder, though.
  17. Komorebi no Nostalgica -- This game is actually on the hard side I would say. There's lots of setting and discussion about technology, including fictional terms. A lot of detail and random trivia, since the author is an intellectual. Only things that might make this easier is that there is no complex significant plot, and the drama is not complicated either. For those unfamiliar Clephas, maybe you could explain the classification between hard and soft utsuge?
  18. Yeah, like a living world where certain parts of the setting seem to be moving their own way. I can only think of one story I've read which fits that bill. Even in a story with much smaller world-building I think a setting and it's characters needs to be something the protagonist wanders through and bumps into, not something they finish like an RPG dungeon. I enjoy stories focused on a cast of characters because they tend to naturally fulfill this criteria. Perhaps having primarily consumed VN's and JP media, I'm not that picky about behind-the-scenes logic and minor plot inconsisten
  19. On my journey to try and write a complete story, I found it incredibly satisfying creating my story's universe. Mostly characters, relevant parties, and cause and effect. So after a few months of creating, I end up with a decent amount of details and a fair chunk of my story plot filled in. But I haven't written a story. In fact, I haven't even completed a single scene in it's entirety. Strange. These "details", feel so integral to the story. I feel like I'm creating the story. And yet when I google "how to writing", everything is dead focused on the scene: making the
  20. I agree with what Plk_Lesiak said. Popular and corporate culture says a lot about what should be glamorous, what success/happiness should look like. None of is grounded in objective reality, and shouldn't be taken to heart. If people insist, it might be good to just keep a diplomatic face, acknowledge what they are trying to do, and assert that you have right to believe in whatever the heck you want, without being berated.
  21. A bunch, but I can testify that it's more satisfying when I'm just concentrating on 1-2 VN's.
  22. The VN I dropped was Sakura no Mori Dreamers (just played the common route). For Aozora I played 3/5 routes and am planning to finish it. The game has some pretty depressing events. On some routes, you get hints of what happens to the other heroines, and its usually not happy. You should really play it if you are curious. Fumino is best girl.
  23. That's awesome! Don't worry, your first untranslated VN is always going to be really hard. But it's very rewarding as well. I recommend new learners focus on grammar the most. There is a very useful set of tools called ITH and Translation Aggregator which will automatically grab the novel's text and let you read their english definitions (more info here https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/8239-how-to-install-and-run-untranslated-visual-novel-text-hooking-tools/) There are two reasons I don't have a score for a VN. First are VN's which I played a long time ago. I used to have ratings for th
  24. Welcome, glad you joined us. It's great that you are thoroughly interested in VN's. They are perhaps the most immersive genre, because they can have art, voices, music, text, while being able to span 30+ hours. So much room for variety. I remember when I first started reading I got hooked pretty quickly too. Looking at your list, I've only read Tsukihime and G-senjou no Maou. Fatal Twelve looks interesting though, I have it on my desktop. I'm sure you'll be able to find the discussion you are looking for.
  25. Playing 果てしなく青い、この空の下で (vndb). I got interested when I saw it on a 2ch top 100 VN's list (youtube). It starts out with the MC living in a small countryside village in the recent past (1990's perhaps). The MC and mere 5 other students of the village school find out that this year will be their last. Hints of modernization are present, urged on by a tycoon scoundrel Doujima who seeks to take over the village. But as the MC spends time and gets to know some of his female schoolmates a bit better, he can't help but think they have a connection to the supernatural occurrences he starts experie
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