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  1. Ah that's a good one. The writer's the same person who wrote Kami no ue no Mahoutsukai. Great writer, good characters, good sense of text. Maybe 花の葬列~A Stray Children~ (https://vndb.org/v12162) as well.
  2. He probably means yuri/yaoi in the broader sense, which I think includes non-H.
  3. Don't really know many short VN's that don't have translations... There's Konakana (old VN so very very little padding, short common route, yet a meaningful 'gentle' utsuge) Gin'iro (Novel is basically 5 somewhat thematically connected chapters. Someone translate that first chapter, it's great on it's own even) Houkago no Futekikusha (~644,950 characters is about 30k lines. Has a very emotional prologue and some scenes. Somewhat a lot of repetitiveness which inflates the line count) Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu is another shorter VN. An anti-reccomend against the Bish
  4. Not a single capital letter xD Just started リズベルルの魔, a doujin game I learned about from the Doujin Game of the Year, otherwise known as #どげさ Pretty hyped. The graphics and music are way better than the last thing I played. It's all very little-girlish, but I secretly like that stuff a little since apparently it's a plot-ge with a crazy setting I appreciate that the creators chose to create their own particular mood.
  5. LAMUNATION has a nice feeling to it, as long as you don't take any of it seriously and don't try to understand anything. It's like listening to charage dialogue, except the flow is way different and thus fresh.
  6. I don't play enough VN's, particularly moe/charages to make characters blur into each other. As long as some part of the game (characters, routes, plots) isn't formulaic I can generally remember all the heroines.
  7. Finishing Otoz . It's a fantasy story with battles and armies though like with all of TS's works, you can expect to have a cast of freely interacting characters. Wasn't that interested for the first couple chapters but after I saw where it was going things gradually got more interesting. It's hardly a typical fantasy story, once you get into it's exciting and interesting all the same. Kurenai no Tsuki was mediocre in the character drama and the depiction of the routes, though the atmosphere and setting/mystery which were decent. Was planning on playing Sakura no Mori † Dreamers,
  8. Mm....basically. Unless you're wise, you won't understand how a forum community could be made better (given how people behave, and what they would want to have, if it existed). And you'd have to be experienced to know good, viable ways to get there. Well he's just a guy, and member of the community. He got attached to something and created too much for himself (also stuff that might not ness. work). I think that's not rare at all, just for him it happened visible in public. The reason why I get so impersonal(?) is he's largely the opposite type of person as me with opposite stre
  9. I think when you get into the MMOVN thing, the 'VN' part is just the fact that the information given to the player is provided in text form, in a controlled manner. However, once the player is aware that there are players on the other side, it becomes more like a game, practically speaking. But you can play a VN like a game (giving yourself objectives) if you want to. The difference is whether the author pre-created what's going to play out, or if the players themselves are going to create the emergent story. The latter would be a text-etc-interface multiplayer roleplaying. It could certa
  10. I agreed with the definition, every point. Such nuance! I had this idea of a NVL-format VN, but with no graphics, just voice acting and a character icon sprite beside each line of dialogue. This would fail point 4. I wonder what you'd call it. Kinetic novel sounds silly, since from the name you'd picture graphical effects. Probably the term Japanese people used to use: "Sound Novel"
  11. With over 1000+ hours in SC1, 2000+ hours in SC2, and 500+ hours in osu, I think I know the flavours of addiction. I played Starcraft 1 and Starcraft 2 all the time for about a year and two years respectively, quitting mostly just before I went into Uni. Also was addicted to osu in streaks. Now I'm more sensitive to whether or not I'm actually enjoying the game, and I can put in perspective the gratification I'm getting from it. Also, about MMorpg's, when I came back and tried MMOrpg's I was suprised at how weak the player to player interaction is by default. Couldn't stand it. Gl
  12. https://www.quora.com/If-all-technology-stopped-working-what-would-society-look-like-300-years-from-that-point Also http://worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/33826/what-would-happen-if-electricity-stopped-working Ultimately things would go on...but things would be really ugly from the suddenness and profoundness of the change. Any and all of the complex infrastructures in the world are just going to fall apart without power.
  13. Yayyy FataMorgana. In the second chapter, let's just say the plot thickens and the rabbit hole goes deeper...I like your description of Sharin like that, I haven't played Sharin, but I consider G-senjou something similiar. I started playing Kurenai no Tsuki. I like that the VN has the 癒し系 (soothing element), the atmosphere, the bishoujo-ge element, and the underlying mystery and setting all there. It feels balanced. There's already one or two Chekhov's guns that have been introduced, it seems like the routes are going to be eventful.
  14. Stopped for a bit in the middle of reading it (interlude between chapters 2 and 3). It is really good though.
  15. Dunno. But I like this answer better: http://chigai-allguide.com/分かると解ると判る/
  16. Oh, I guess it isn't. I read the titles as "there are 22 million otome gamers"... If you compare it to VN's in the west, we probably have around 100k-250k people, including all forms and casual levels.
  17. Is it really 22 million? I think it's more like 22 million user's have at least installed one of the apps (some of them free) at least once.
  18. If I really like a character's behavior, voice acting or the random dialogues I'd want more length. Another thing is if the ending's sad, or a character dies, I REALLY want them to have proper time to have shown themselves and interacted in the story. Otherwise it's like pretty empty. Other than that...nowadays if they put filler in the 30-50 hour long VN's I can tell and don't like reading it.
  19. Lol. I find machine translations are the "better than nothing" tool that people can use if they don't want to go through learning Japanese and just want to get some gist of what is being said. If you know basic Japanese use ITH and Translation Aggregator for christ's sake.
  20. Lol, dang it. It's a shame that's one genre which eroge makes go to poop.
  21. Any chance you'll try Wizard links? No idea if it's good or not, but the older art style and female protagonists is rather unusual.
  22. Wow....Wowww!! Maybe it'll be possible to live the dream of making a stage/scene knowing the music beforehand.
  23. The definition for I and I believe vndb goes by is: "if significant parts of the story are presented with advancing text (which you virtually always click to advance), it's a visual novel or visual novel hybrid". You could easily call that a narrative-centric game, or a game story, or something.
  24. Maybe you could try looking into LN's... 'All you need is kill', sort of comes into mind, but the romance is a relatively thin part, more action and fighting. Haven't played it personally, but maybe Ruina 廃都の物語 for pure story. I wonder what the list of VN's would like if you relaxed the gameplay constraint and just had "games prominent with fighting side by side A heroine"
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