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  1. Wow....Wowww!! Maybe it'll be possible to live the dream of making a stage/scene knowing the music beforehand.
  2. The definition for I and I believe vndb goes by is: "if significant parts of the story are presented with advancing text (which you virtually always click to advance), it's a visual novel or visual novel hybrid". You could easily call that a narrative-centric game, or a game story, or something.
  3. Maybe you could try looking into LN's... 'All you need is kill', sort of comes into mind, but the romance is a relatively thin part, more action and fighting. Haven't played it personally, but maybe Ruina 廃都の物語 for pure story. I wonder what the list of VN's would like if you relaxed the gameplay constraint and just had "games prominent with fighting side by side A heroine"
  4. For the bulk of the editing work, I think it's reasonable doing it myself, since I'm doing the editing pass a week or more after the initial TL. I'm also doing multiple passes, usually two, plus one final check. Though you are also right, the fresh set of eyes are definitely valuable, since by myself I can't make sure it's all natural and not weird in places. Basically, there's a lot an editor could do here, but it's spread out over a couple different things. It's more like fixing weird things here, improving flow, and creating a better version there, rather than generating all the natura
  5. I thiink...they had a fiction contest, and then they took the winning entry and are going to make a novel about it. LOOOOL
  6. Angelic Serenade is a lot darker. There's no fat title fonts in cyan or brightly coloured blocks. Yeah moving from fuwa, did feel like a punch in the eyes.
  7. Fata Morgana, Otoz, Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide, Mahou Shoujo (TL'ing is basically re-reading something very slowly and paying attention to every detail) I think I'm the millionth person to say this but Fata's CG's amazing. It feels way better in-game where it is something, then in a vacumn.
  8. Okay cool lolis I leave it up to you. Definitely don't want to blind people with the small font.
  9. LOL, you had me at bla bla bla loli bla. It looks good, really similar the original. I kinda need more text to fit in though. Here's how much text we're talking about. I could shorten this a bit, but there are profiles that have even more stuffed into that box. Like this, maybe? This is Tahoma, size 7.4.
  10. Remember 11, I'm pretty sure it's underated. It's a lot more mature a work than ever17, college students.
  11. Thanks for the support everyone. I did not expect there to be people offering to help so quickly, thanks ^^. Awesome, I really appreciate it. In about a months time I'll have like 10-15 images for the partial release (total game has around 55, plus a few fun explanation cut-ins and credit screens). The camp images are like this. Only potential gotcha is that they are 8-bit, 256-color bitmaps.
  12. Woah...I've only heard of two of these. Xreaper's got you covered for obscure unique-ish works. Also the BGM is stellar.
  13. You can find screenshots on the vndb page: https://vndb.org/v19011 The game was released in 2012 (a year after madoka), but it was made on a really old engine. Personally I think the art's cute though. Sure awesome, I can put you up. Yeah, the game is pretty long, though shorter in line count compared to most visual novels because it's almost completely dialogue. It's about...15-20k lines in total? There's no irretractable commitment, so no need to worry.
  14. Thanks, you too. I really like your dedication to yuri :). There isn't really any here, but at least there are a ton of pairings to be had. Only, it's a bit hard fantasize about the characters because the story is pretty serious and down to earth.
  15. Mahou Shoujo (Mahosho) Translation Project Progress TL: 11/40 Chapters (updated 2/28/2016) Editing: ~3/40 Chapters QC: 1/40 You can always check the Live Progress Report on google docs. That page will always be up to date. Project Introduction Description Game info (and screenshots) Staff Timeline Looking for: None at the moment Contact
  16. Omg, that's such a chill track. And the instrument quality is really good. I can see why you were able to listen to it for weeks. Take me away.
  17. Chronopolis

    Amane Switch

    Hmm, that's a tough one... The way I see it, is that a work like this is here to "provide a story/experience and a emotional roller-coaster" and to "provide ero". To those ends, I think the author can do whatever they want. As long as it doesn't feel like they are trying to declare things in general, I can just roll with it in story, even if I'm like "Dude, what the heck...". There's Japanese works that are pretty steeped in this. I mean there are just straight up porn videos where it's just the premise and sex. Sometimes I see the messages you could get from them and am I like "I ho
  18. Chronopolis

    Amane Switch

    FTFY. It's not like I don't get where you are coming from, but you don't have to vent your indignation onto a post like this.
  19. 表れ is like a manifestation, a symptom in which a normally hidden property shows itself. 「あっ、ほんとだ! なに、親しみの表れってやつ?」 Ah, you're right! Would you call that, a sign of their closeness?
  20. This is like "There's no such thing as paper."/"There's no way there'd be something like paper." The なんか is strengthening the statement compared to かみがない Same here While grammatically the たりする does mean "do things like this and that", when people use it in the negative, especially with just a single action, it's main function is as a strengthener: "I won't do something like sell myself" (note the strong, emotional tone) For the pun maybe you could go: "Paper, it doesn't exist." (God, he doesn't exist.) Nowhere. Basically like a TL note without act
  21. Mm, hope you find some way to escape the irritation, we all have those things that drive us up the wall. Hope you feel better soon~
  22. If I could ask anything about the art, it's that you make the sprites match the emotions, and the sprite expressions strong enough. I imagine it could be hard with more complex art, but a VN that has epic art and suitable facial expressions is such an experience.
  23. No. English. No......... If I had no choice, I'd pick...Japanese (even though I know it decently, being able to speak and write fully would save so much time). Then Chinese (vital), and then Korean I guess...? It'd be such a shock adjusting.
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