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  1. Haha, I think I turned into a Buddhist monk in the process of reading Muramasa. Progress? What progress? There is only the act of reading.
  2. Finished playing 昴の騎士, which is like a goofy character-focused classic rpg story, now on to 闇鍋企画, which is like a semi-sequel to 魔法少女. Hype hype hype. Also playing リズベルルの魔 (on the second volume, chapter 2). リズベルル is so lovable hnng
  3. Hmm, I wonder what other people have to say on this. One thing I noticed after coming back to Mmorpg's is how weak the interaction is between you and other players. After spending time on forums I'm like 'nope, not for me'.
  4. Personally unless there's a something special for me about the circumstances or one of the characters, I can't stand charage slice-of-life. The situations are limited, so chances are the characters won't be interesting until the drama starts. Though I agree that most kinds of jun-ai are comforting to watch.
  5. Bought Rizuberuru no Ma, the whole series of 4 volumes. Expecting it to be grand and dashing like Muramasa, but in comparison it's a lot more bubbly and warm. Man if only there were these kinds of things (VN's) sold on shelves in North America. If I didn't know I'd probably think it was some stylized shoujo mecha anime series. Which isn't the far from the truth, though the story is more storybook/fantasy than shoujo.
  6. Shirotsume souwa pretty much fits the bill. One of the herione sticks with animal ears, and there's a head patting here and there. Only the first chapters's translated tho, unfortunately.
  7. Gin'iro chapter 1 for the emotionless (well, emotionally detached) lead herione and utsuge.
  8. I really like soft styles like that, and she's does the expressions well and also makes the non-cute characters look decent and in-style as well, which is rare for artists with peculiar styles. Well hahahaha. Shhhh. Let's say I appreciate the whole package.
  9. 白詰草話 (Shirotsume Souwa) I'm loving it :DDDD It's like Gunslinger Girl but in a (very detailed) VN format and with a more mellow atmosphere. If you didn't see the horribly compressed OP, you'd never think the game was released in 2002. The artist is godly for drawing so much...the whole game is animated in a 'manga'-esque fashion, same as Quartett.
  10. 2011 Summer, start studying Japanese seriously. 2011 Summer or Fall, hear about saya no uta from a friend. Get depressed for 3 weeks. Depressed but hooked. Early 2012, play Katawa Shoujo just as it releases. Rest of 2012, play Ever17, bit of planetarium, Steins gate, Tsukihime, G-senjou no Maou, Kara no Shoujo Late 2012, Subarashiki Hibi OP catches my eye, over three months I play 50% of it. Never finished it to this day. Also played some of Une Fille Blanche. Sometime I also play some of Soshite Ashita no Sekai Yori, but get bored. December 2013 After a 8 month hiatus, the internet'
  11. Eris from Aiyoku no Eustia. The flowers in the hair are both pretty and tasteful. Actually wow, she has a lot of accessories on. Shoulderless outfit *heavy breathing* Intelligent-looking, wit & good discernment combined with looks is sooo attractive. Long hair is almost almost always a good thing. I thought she was going to be my favourite character when I first saw her. After the game... I don't give a shit about her, mostly.
  12. Grinnity grin grin is a pretty slick translation. Mainly cause it does a good job possibly replicating the original line's tone.
  13. TBH, I didn't realize that tilde was used as sarcasm, and not so chaotically. For the double tilde ~sarcasm~, you can just use asterisks, or italics if possible. People use tilde's probably because they stand out even more. Honesty, I would just use the tilde at the end of words and lines. Thinking about it, the cutesy sing-song version of ~ may have come from Japan, but the use of ~ to playfully/casually extend a word and soften a phrase "You coming today~?" may have well originated in western messaging. The reason why I think that is that in messaging, there is a real need for that
  14. I'm saying that the tilde ~ is an english term that's used in pretty similiar ways as the japanese 'wave-dash' ~. And the tilde isn't the only context-sensitive lexical unit in the English language by far. The reader can tell something like this: AFAIK, the tilde can be used in all of those situations. I can understand if you don't think it should be used in story text because it's a colloquial slang punctuation, but it is an actually used in English, for some time now. Random Source: https://forum.blockland.us/index.php?topic=165572.0 The OP doesn't know what'
  15. You haven't convinced me yet. I'll see what I think in a few months~ The tilde is actually used in English in casual textual conversation. https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/comments/19moay/eli5_what_is_a_tilde_used_for_and_why_have_people/c8pewhq It's not an otaku-stemming punctuation, I think a lot of younger people would recognize it, the people who are familiar with msging/posting on the internet. You wouldn't put it in a literary novel, but in a light-hearted visual novel, sure.
  16. Chronopolis


    What, wow. How bold. For me I just spaced out and enjoyed the rhythm of the voiced lines...but my head started to hurt anyways after an hour or so. It's like one of those novelty drinks that are kinda different and cool but disgusting when you consider what flavour's its made of. I kinda would like to see some other games explore more dialogue with a rhythm or feel to it, for dialogue-heavy games. A 雰囲気 game is kind of similiar in a way.
  17. Heya welcome back. And congrats on getting married. I'm gladd it's a happpy endinggg Tbh I didn't really notice your absence because been lurking much more last couple of months.
  18. Bad Name (well the prequel first). I don't know, I've heard it was good once.
  19. Chronopolis

    Otome Domain

    Lol, this review is so genre meta but it makes perfect sense.
  20. I switched to genki's grammar entries after tae kim got too hard to remember and review. I only studied the grammar entries though. You can study just the grammar, though you have to review the grammar you read through once or twice in the following weeks. You can reinforce that grammar by reading VN's. Yea... You shouldn't permanently formally studying grammar until you finish all of N2 grammar at least. After that, your 'studying' is googling or looking up the in the dictionary stuff you don't get. Basically there's stuff you can pick up over time on the fly (lots), and the
  21. "Matchmaking~?" iuuno... or "holding each other's hands".
  22. Avatar's Eusurize(エウスリーゼ) from Gurenka , more commonly known as Rize( リーゼ ). She's fairly powerful and has a serious personality, yet is considerate to others, even normal humans.
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