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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Hi and Welcome to Fuwanovel. Hope you have fun here!
  2. How To Use Reaction Button ?

    I will leave that upto you to figure out
  3. How To Use Reaction Button ?

    The whole point of this thread was to mislead and disappoint (else it wouldn't be in The Coliseum of Chatter). You have successfully understood meaning of this thread.
  4. How To Use Reaction Button ?

    Waiting is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrring
  5. How To Use Reaction Button ?

    So I will have to wait then. Thanks for the info!
  6. What song do you currently play on repeat?

    It's kinda relaxing.
  7. How To Use Reaction Button ?

    This "Reaction" Button is giving me a annoying informative error which says "Sorry, you cannot add any more reactions today." Now, how can I abuse utilize/use this "Reaction" Button ?
  8. Today is my birthday

    Happy Birthday Friend!!!! Here's Your Cake
  9. Post your desktop screen shot

    Kojima Fan!!!
  10. By chance anyone had this issue, Go to control Panel->Hardware and Sound->Power Options->(on left side) -> Choose what closing the lid does->Select Sleep or Hibernate under "When I close lid".
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Anyone played this game ? It has some great soundtracks!
  12. Hi Everyone!

  13. Hi Everyone!

    I would love to hear your suggestions!
  14. Hi Everyone!

    Specific genres, hm..................Mystery/ psychology / thriller which has setting of Modern day.
  15. Hi Everyone!

    I love to be around here and being a part of community! I will have lots of free time after my exams are over and I will definitely read VNs and truly understand this medium.