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Dergonu smells

Top 10 Reasons To Learn Japanese (or not)



Live footage of rare JOPs hearing the bimonthly autistic EOP scream over some license

Today I got to know that my blog's reader base has been very sad that my blog has been so quiet for a long time so I decided to do a little update. This time I'm gonna list you some reasons why you might want to learn Japanese! (Start it today or you will never start it just like this blog post)

These reasons are not in any order (are)

  1. Can play Idol M@ster Shiny Colors (or any other idol game but Shiny Colors is the best one)DpI7hLGUcAA1IRG.jpgDqzR-AKVsAAisgW.jpg

  2. Number 2: Kotose. Can become a true believer of the true god
  3. Can get all the Yuuko goodness (get cucked!!) Have a meme I made earlier this week but got deleted for """derailing""" CoC

  4. Get to know the difference between Keyakizaka46 and Keyakizaka46!! There is a difference trust me.
  5. Other idols in general such as Nogizaka46 and AKB48
  6. Can watch all the idol bingos. Always wanted your favorite anime to have 10 seasons??? Well idolbingos do have more than 10 seasons and are of the same size as anime seasons!
  7. No more shitty scans or subs. Only godtier real source material. (Eats all your money but who the fuck cares just work a little and be rich xD)
  8. Make bad memes

  9. Get vampire GF

  10. Can make shit lists like this


Did this motivate any of you my lovely readers? I hope it did! Now smart ones of you might have noticed where is all the eroge!??? Well to be honest eroge is not worth it. It fucking sucks and so does the community. Idols, soshage, anything, is better than eroge. Don't do eroge kids. Peace out!



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22 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

Trains > idols, thus there's no reason to learn Japanese anymore.

What about stupid lolis overthrowing the world order with the power of shampoo and Italian cuisine?

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