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  1. I currently play this: https://vndb.org/v89 using textextractor. I saw the anime adaptation years ago and I want to see how is the vn o.o/
  2. VN is all about immerse yourself in a story. Add the option to make the MC black won't hurt anyone. I won't use it, but it's a good thing to add.
  3. Even find the DMM page was harder then I expected lol I'll give priority to others vn then, like the Date a live one, that contains the 3 games in the english release iirc
  4. Damn, I'm more into vanilla type of... "contents". I do have that title in my steam's wishlist. I did play it in japanese for some cg's but I wanna buy and play it properly in english asap o.o/ Via textextractor for now, but I'm studying the basics now and I wanna be able to do it in the future. Also, I use that wishlist for the games that are not on steam. If the english versions exist, it's in steam's wishlist (most of the time). Thanks!
  5. Hello, I'm Manaka and after some years of "yeah I know that site but" I decided to join the club. I did try some visual novel sometimes in the past but only lately I was able to fully enjoy the genre o.o/ My first experience was with Honey coming ( royal sweet ed.) just for the lewds, indeed I wanna re-play it when possible. After that episode, I left the genre apart for some times and retry with "World end economica" because I'm a Spice&Wolf fanboy but I wasn't able to even finish the first episode. That was a hard hit for me. Some time passed and I push the start button of
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