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  1. I think I started buying PC visual novels around 2011, but decided to get seriously into collecting a few years later. The Clanned in the first image is Clanned Side Stories DVD pack.
  2. Great list! After going through it against my own list there were a few titles that I believe are missing from yours. Or maybe I simply did not see them when searching. In any case, here are my suggested additions of physical English PC VNs: Amnesia Memories - Remnants of Love Keepsake Box Steam Edition sold via Idea Factory International Analogue: A Hate Story - sold in limited quantities from developer Christine Love Backstage Pass - Sold by developer Sakevisual at conventions Camp Buddy - Patreon exclusive physical edition Cobra Mission: Panic in Cobra City - RPG/VN, included because it's listed on VNDB Deathtopia - Not sure if this was an official English release or Japanese game with English version included. The Elevator Fault Milestone One Graduation - For some reason VNDB removed the page listing for this game. Linked to an article about it for reference. Knights of Xentar - RPG/VN, included because it's listed on VNDB Maid's Story Nachtigal Paca Plus - Sekai Project sold this at AX years ago as an "Engrish" version Rose Blood - I am not sure if this was an official English release or a Japanese game with English version included Super Health Club - game was available exclusively from the publisher's site (which is apparently down) Here's another list for Kickstarter-exclusive physical editions (for successful campaigns). I've not done the research to determine if they are actually all produced yet, or are available anywhere else: Animal Lover Army Gals Beach Bounce Bliss Stage Coming Out On Top Culina - Hands in the Kitchen Cursed Sight Destiny Fails Us Divine Slice of Life Dizzy Hearts Full Service Hustle Cats The Letter Millia Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology No One But You Order of Ataxia Orion Pinocchio's Murder Ruler by Default Seiyuu Danshi Starlight Drifter Unhack: Destruction Vision of Aurora Borealis Walkerman WAS - The Hourglass of Lepidoptera
  3. Let's revive this thread! I posted my collection in 2016, but here it is as of 2018. It'll probably be a while before I can take a photo again.
  4. For how much of a focus it puts on the ladies, it also manages to push more of a story than any of the Sakura games have managed thus far. Perfect 10, though? Hmmmmm... Will there be a FuwaReview? I don't know if folks have seen this, but there's a contest to win a LoveKami-themed omamori thing up to commemorate the launch on a site I write for. Just in case anyone is interested in that.
  5. Have all the JAST codes for Flowers been sent out yet? I'm missing mine :/. Will wait a few more days and see if it comes in.
  6. Sekai Project announcements at AnimeFest: This World Unknown Connie Amarance Link to their press release. It's not Otakon, but SP did spend the majority of their AF panel talking about Otakon announcements again.
  7. Sekai Project stuff. New games: Fatal Twelve The Emerald Tablet (crafting JRPG) Dairy Princess (Farming sim) Updates: Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology coming to PS4/PSV physically and digitally. The Human Reignition Project officially delayed to 2017. New Memory's Dogma trailer. Still pegged for this year. New Yume no Sono trailer. Coming in 2017. First time it was given a date, I believe. GATE manga will be out on September 15. Sakura Spirit manga comes to Kindle. Nekopara anime Kickstarter "coming soon."
  8. This latest meltdown may have made waves within the company. Or may not have. Who knows?
  9. Looks like the 18+ version will probably be $20 (with launch discount of $18), judging by the Nutaku price. I expect the Steam version to be a bit cheaper, though. http://www.nutaku.net/games/download/sakura-dungeon/
  10. Hm. So I had an account on the previous Jast forums and reset my password today since I don't at all remember it. Now upon trying to log in with the new password the sign in box gives the error "Sorry, permission denied." I'd post this error on their forums but, well, I can't lol.
  11. @kyrt I agree with you on various points. Although I am actually quite a fan of crowdfunding in general, I am easily bothered by companies which come to Kickstarter/Indiegogo multiple times. Even when it's a different project entirely, it just sets off some annoyance meter in my mind. When companies fail to meet their self-imposed release dates announced on crowdfunding campaigns it furthers my annoyance. I'm sure the same is true for some others here as most seem displeased whenever Sekai Project announces a new crowdfunding project. I myself stopped backing their campaigns but know that it's still pretty tempting at times from a visual novel collector perspective. Since we're on the topic, I am going to share some general numbers on Sekai Project with regards to crowdfunding which I have been keeping an eye on for a few years now. As of this moment, Sekai Project is the official publisher of 110 games. This includes their non-visual novel properties, indie releases, alongside crowdfunded and noncrowdfunded visual novels. Of this number, 42 have come to Kickstarter or Indiegogo (including the upcoming Ne no Kami). This includes many projects run by indie teams who had SP as a publisher from the start, gained them during the campaign period, or announced the publishing at some point after the campaign, as well as SP run projects. Sekai Project themselves have run 11 video game crowdfunding campaigns (and 1 non-gaming project). Finally, SP have their name attached to 54 released games (which includes very hands-off indie publishing deals to direct translation/localization projects). Anyone feel free to do what you will with these numbers. If you'd like to take a look at the list I keep, here is a link.
  12. Thanks, I just read the announcement from AX about this due to your comment. It reminds me that there was a booth a few years back which did fully enclose itself with curtains to show off a robotic sex toy thing. To get in you had to show ID. It wasn't in the corner or anything, just really conspicuous. Honestly that is what drew me to visit it to begin with, lol. Provided the new rules work out like this booth did back then it will hopefully just lessen teenagers giggling and gawking around JAST/MG games. Who can say for sure though? Guess we'll have to wait for AX to see their implementation.
  13. Wait what. I must have missed out on this news. What's up with AX?
  14. Whoa, I have never seen so much Grisaia stuff in one place before! Here's my most recent PC collection pic (for some reason I don't take photos of my console VNs): As should be apparent, my focus is almost exclusively on English releases. There's just something I find appealing about owning them in physical format whenever possible. Will probably take another pic after Anime Expo as that's generally a good time to snap up what is still missing.
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