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Status Updates posted by Plk_Lesiak

  1. Oh hey, I'm alive! Sorry for being dead for so long, I guess...? 

  2. @Happiness+ mission complete, will be included in the next roundup. ;)


  3. I read things and wrote about the things. In 2022? How weird.

  4. Wow, I made a VN-related post. What's next, reviewing one? :notlikemiya:

    (...nah, but I might actually read something in near future)

  5. Holy Crap, I last posted in November... This time thing in merciless, I don't like it even one bit. :notlikemiya:

  6. Interactions with v-tubers are just this perfect kind of cringe... 😅

  7. I've started learning Indonesian because of anime squirrels and I'm not even feeling bad about it.

  8. Today's mood: watching videos of Japanese girls with anime avatars barfing during livestreams, interchangeable with videos of Haachama cooking clearly inedible food and then actually eating it. I'm not completely sure how I got here but I blame @Emi.

  9. Girl... I don't think that's the issue here... :wafuu:

  10. I'm on number 3 today. On which are you? :meguface:


    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      As of tomorrow I'll have gotten rid of this, so there's some good news.

  11. Oh, hey, I reached 2000 rep today! I'd make an AMA if I believed there was anything interesting/worth asking about me. ^_^

  12. Wow, I've missed my second Fuwanniversary. :marie:

    So, holy crap, two years already? It's a strange thing, because it feels like I've joined just a few months ago, and at the same time I can't quite remember what I was doing before I went turbo weeb and found my way to grinding VNs all the time. It's just so obvious that I'm reading all this pseudo-Japanese stuff and writing about it... Not that I need to know. There's no going back now. :nico:

  13. So, look at the Fuwanovel frontpage people! For the first time in history, it's officially out of beta! :wahaha:

    But damn, seeing it not frozen in time and grossly out-of-date... Eerie. Those years-old "newest releases" were hanging there since I've discovered this site. Maybe we still don't have fresh content, but such small things also make a giant difference. ^^

    1. Kosakyun


      You know, I wouldn't be joking if I said I had forgotten there was a frontpage, or a main site even. 

  14. Oh shit, I've crossed 1000 likes!

    Mom, dad, look, I'm the top no-life of Fuwa! Are you proud of me now? ARE YOU??????? :nico:

  15. Wow, what a weird feeling seeing Tay on the Forums and possibility of changes on the site. It's, like, after 8 months of banging my head against a wall I suddenly see a ray of light from the other side and wonder whether it's for real or it's just my severely damaged brain deceiving me.

    And I might be overdramatizing, but it's hard to describe how happy this made me. I've put so much work and heart into my activities on Fuwa, seeing some kind of break from the stagnation I got used to gives all of it that much more meaning. And apologies to @Decay, @Kaguya for being a bit of a dickhead in my latest posts, I've just got used to any kind of initiative around here being ultimately futile and my cynicism was just oozing from that FuwaReviews thread. :amane:

  16. Changes... Changes are coming. :nico:


  17. they-buy-during-steam-sales-and-they-rea

    This is about all the fans of Winged Cloud. And about me, I guess...

  18. 1000 posts!


    Yay? :nico:

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      These new people always manage to get so many posts in. It's astonishing.
      @tymmur's probably going up fast as well.

      I couldn't possibly keep up.

    2. Plk_Lesiak


      One day we'll catch up to you, old man. You just wait and see...

      @Nosebleed, however, might be out of reach for any sane person, even if we would expect Fuwa to exist into perpetuity... :michiru:

  19. rddt_by_szafalesiaka-dc7ovb8.png

    I'm definitely working on my research report. Procrastinating? No, absolutely no.

    The subreddit? I... I don't know what you're talking about. <_<

  20. mg_by_szafalesiaka-dc7hlq4.png


    1. VirginSmasher


      Don't dare mention the most famous Fuwamember without letting me know of it first. :reeee:

  21. https://forums.fuwanovel.net/leaderboard/?time=year <- after 4,5 month... I'm not sure if I should be happy or scared. :michiru:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Plk_Lesiak


      Ultimate weeb with no life, apparently. :mare:

    3. Dreamysyu


      To add to your happiness, you're #42 in the all-time leaderboard. :sachi: Of several thousand members on Fuwa.

    4. Zander


      Both! Be happy you made it, and scared of anyone that may be plotting to take your top spot...

  22. Oh God, fuck today's weather. I think the air pressure fluctuations will make my head explode, I really wanted to write a review this evening and I did, but it might've cost me a few months of my life. :unsure: At least the text looks decent. Somehow. :huh:

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      I'll do you a favour and point out severe flaws in your text so you don't feel so terribly puzzled.

  23. Hmmm... The screenshots from your signature... What game are they from? :3

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