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    Translating Japanese and learning Japanese. Pain and suffering.
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  1. 1) Handle: Bee 2) Positions you can fill: TLC (N1) — I professionally work for companies, but I am willing to help with a single project. 3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred: Anything I personally find interesting. I do not have specific likes. 4) Availability (edit this one as you get involved in projects): It may depend. Though I am consistent and promise weekly work, I do not promise to be fast. In fact, I'll be honest and say that I'll most likely be slow. 5) (VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: already working on those, being the Akatsuki no Goei trilogy. 6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: Wanting to help upcoming groups, as I am experienced in fan translation and have been going at it for years now. 7) Conditions* (any additional conditions, under which you will or won't work): I refuse to work on anything that does not catch my personal interest, has lolis, has strict deadlines, guro, scat, or BL. I also refuse to work with unorganized groups, or groups that openly support machine translation as a whole.
  2. Hey there everyone. It's me, Bee, reborn once more after spending 4 years in the fuwa prison. A lot of things have happened since the last time I was seen around here, but I am back reformed and ready to contribute here and there from time to time if I feel the need to do so. This thread's to mainly say hi and to answer any questions you may have. I run a fan translation group now called "Daybreak Translations," working on different games, but primarily the Akatsuki no Goei trilogy. So yeah, see you around I suppose.
  3. Hey there. I'm the translator of the remaining routes of Gin'Iro. Thanks for covering the progress over here. Just as I mention in the website, the translation work is finished. Though there's still other passes that need to be made, as well as editing and proofreading, the hardest part is done. We'll release Mizuha once she's done, then Yuzuki. We won't wait for both to be released at the same time. For more updates either go to Daybreak's website or discord. Either are fine and we'll answer any other questions you may have. Website: https://daybreaktl.wordpress.com/ Discord: discord.gg/daybreaktl
  4. The dude who was doing Biman 2 was not directly associated with Arc whatsoever. The vndb project page for it got shut down some days ago as well because the translator declared it dead anyway. So yeah, Biman 2 is pretty much dead in the water at the moment.
  5. Welcome back, boi. Hopefully all the uni stuff ends soon and you can be active around here again, although the action tends to happen at discord usually. Anyways, god bleds, peace and love.
  6. Wow, it's none other than my boy coming back. Welcome welcome. Be sure to join the discord servers because there's where all the fun happens. Peace, love and god bless.
  7. I don't say that I don't like gays or transexuals ( some of my family members are), I'm saying that I don't like gay or transexual topics in Visual Novels. Maybe you should read better what I say. You don't know me, and you should stop judging people over internet posts.
  8. Virgin, the proud and legitimate leader of SP going at it with another quality post yet again, proving the low iq plebs how a true master of English can create pieces of art. Thanks for the mention, I'll never forget you bro. We need to read Noble Works again sometime in Japanese, that's the true experience. Love, Bee.
  9. You say this, but then you immediately assume this one paragraph later: Isn't this an inclusive community that accepts all opinions? I wasn't memeing here and I legitimately don¡t like gay or transexual topic or characters in VN's. I think they are "degenerate" like I mention in the post before. It's my opinion bro, not trolling. Then again, proves my point of how mods don't know when to discern whether we're trolling or just being serious about these things. Then again, won't refute your points because in general you're right when it comes to Fuwanovel being more focused on friendliness I guess. No problem there bro. Thanks for the offer for mod classes, but since I'll never be a mod anywhere I'll just have to pass on them. About the "pages full of memes" you're, in my opinion, overblowing it, but at some point I do admit that it got out of control. I think things have calmed down now though, so no idea about the fuss on that aspect. As a last pointer, to respond to your serious question (implying that you're not being serious about the rest of the post?) I stay here because I like it more than reddit and because the friends I've made over the time are here. I don't like the core of fuwa (if you consider the modding policies to be "the core" of this website in the first place) but that doesn't mean that I'll stay here because, in the end, I like it more than other places. Extra easter eggs: - "Only a moron would ever think it's toxic. Not even you believe it's toxic though, since you correctly talk about derailing later." - Low-key calling me a moron is rude, bro. - "Now, I love shitty memes. We have a place for them, it's the coliseum of chatter." - The last time we tried to shitpost in the coliseum of chatter (where shitposting is supposed to happen) everyone involved in it got warnings and temporary bans.
  10. Hello, this looks interesting, so as a member of the Serious Posters I nominate myself to be part of this team. I will unironically be serious if I'm chosen.
  11. Welcome to fuwanovel man, it's a pleasure to hsve you here. Grisaia is my favourite vn too (even though I only read that one) and I like that you are a fan of starless as well. Love, Barry.
  12. Hello guys, it's me, Bee, and as someone who has experienced the so called "EOP" spectrum of the community and slowly but surely being able to see through the lens of the "JOP" spectrum I'll throw in my two cents and give an opinion of what this community is, or at least define what the outlying problems within it are. Since I don't want to get this post deleted because "muh drama" and "negativity" or some of that crap mods like to make up sometimes I'll just give general outlines and not specify or go very deep into things. I'll start the summary by going to everyone's favourite place to hang out these days with other "vn enthusiasts" which is Reddit: Community: the majory of dwellers inside here are either EOP's (yes, I said EOP's, get triggered) or elitist JOP's whose sole role in their lives is to shit on everything and anything; it doesn't matter if it's a fantl or a "professional" translation. Examples: "Oh my god, this translation has sub-par English and I, even if I'm a native/polish-english speaker but haven't worked as an editor ever before, would've done this way better. I pity the low-iq mongers who like this and blah blah blah..." you can get the gist of what I'm talking about. (Spoiler alert: not everyone in Reddit is like this, this is just my conception in general of what it represents now and what it has always represented.) Modding: I have not much to say in regards to reddit modding, but as far as I know and it goes I really don't see glaring issues with it. Mods don't seem biased when deleting posts like in other subreddits and they let every cancerous thread be in general, so that's my take on it. (I don't visit reddit so I'm most likely 99% wrong here, so no flame for this.) And now it's time for Fuwa小説 (Shousetsu is "novel" for the EOP's): Community: I honestly feel like there's a mix of a lot of people and personalities in general. It feels like in general this is a "more friendly" community in a sense, it's too PC for my tastes in general, but no matter who you are you'll end up finding people to be around within here if you look hard enough (I mean, just look at my cancerous ass.) It has way more EOP's than JOP's in general and it probably lacks elitism, which shies away potential drama which could, in short, generate more conversations. Elitism is cancer, but it's a necessary cancer, and it creates discussion, compared to just accepting new people who "Have just read Doki Doki or Grisaia and they already think they'll never read anything before." JOP's are partly right when they refer to original works being better, spoiler alert, they are because translations never deliver what the author intended, and no matter how good the translator is the majority of these games have what makes them special, taken from them. ANyways, I'm derailing too much. In general, there's a broader spectrum of people here, way less than reddit, which leads to the false belief that "we" are more cohesioned, which is a lie. I've never seen such categorization and grouping as I've seen in this medium ever. Then again, I've not been to many mediums either so yeah. Modding: and the last point I mention falls back on the topic of modding in this website. I'll try to sum it up saying that the mod team as it is right now feels like good modding consists solely on deleting posts that are "harmful" or "incite hate." I know that there are probably other duties you have to fulfill as a mod, but as far as I'm concerned deleting posts and handing bans without reason / warning seems to be the priority now, god bless. Now, inb4 angry mods come and say "You have two warning posts for trolling, lmao." Firstly, I am not putting as an example my personal experiences here because my warnings were justified (TLDR; I told someone to kill himself in a post and I created troll threads personally attacking Okami.) The issue stems from things like deleting a SoU DeSukA meme with a spongebob picture in a thread that was talking about localizations or something like that, or literally deleting a post that says "Kiri rules this community" in this thread. Mods need to start discerning which posts are clearly toxic and which posts are just friendly banter. Derailing is a shit reason to hide posts and everyone derails in general at some point. Inb4 my post is derailing. The last point I want to touch is that some of the mods have a tendency to stick their noses where they shouldn't be doing it. My recommendation would be to stick modding in Fuwanovel and it's official Discord and stop trying to meddle with other servers that have nothing to do officially with it. If you want to do so become a mod of said server. (Inb4 omg Bee this drama with the FuwaSpammers Discord server again? Yes, it needs to be addressed because I found it literally ridiculous.) *Inb4 people say that this is an excuse to roast the mods in this forum. I won't deny that maybe that's the case. Now, aside from these, I'll rebute some points from certain users: People have to start realizing that the "professional" spectrum of the scene in a general sense is full of amateurs and people who just get hired starting from a fantranslation background. I'm not saying that some of them turn out to be good, or that there are no pros in the scene, which is false, but the majority of the industry (both in the translation/editing grounds and the company management and companies'-side of things it's full of young people and amateurs who just jump at the scene hoping they succeed and have some luck with their releases, no matter how bad things are handled in a general sense. I don't mind people that defend companies in general, but I'll admit that those persons are either: 1) "Shills" that literally work for said company, won't say names. 2) People that will always buy everything from VN companies as long as the text is slightly readable in English and has anime boobs / anime art + japanese voices. Also, if someone defends Sekai Project at this point I'll actually think that either they have mental disabilitities or are in a state of complete denial about how they need to burn to the ground. Negativity stems from being in this medium too long and seeing the same shit happen over and over again or from being or becoming an old person. There are more "old" people in this community that people seem to believe. EVN's in a general standpoint are complete and utter trash that need to be removed from this planet. The majority of them follow the same patterns and the majority of companies behind them don't fall behind on the schedule: 1) Either copy the format of Japanese VN's (why calling them EVN's then in the first place? Call them Japanesey VN's in English at this point) or generally make a theme that contains as much degeneracy as possible (I can't count the number of times I've seen the topic of "gay/trans protagonist in an even gayer/transier adventure). *Not all EVN's are like these are a very few amount are decent reads. 2) Companies that make them follow the Sekai Project mindset of doing a kickstarter as a backup plan in case they utterly fail selling it (and they will in most of the cases) so they don't suffer money loss. Stop spamming Patreons and Kickstarter campaigns, it gets boring and abusing the crowdfunding system is not the best way to gain support. Anyways, I think that's all the ranting I'll do. Maybe I derailed a bit but whether or not that's the case we'll see it soon, as the mods like to categorize mine or any of "HMN's Crew" posts as troll in the first place.
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