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  1. Welcome back, boi. Hopefully all the uni stuff ends soon and you can be active around here again, although the action tends to happen at discord usually. Anyways, god bleds, peace and love.
  2. Wow, it's none other than my boy coming back. Welcome welcome. Be sure to join the discord servers because there's where all the fun happens. Peace, love and god bless.
  3. I don't say that I don't like gays or transexuals ( some of my family members are), I'm saying that I don't like gay or transexual topics in Visual Novels. Maybe you should read better what I say. You don't know me, and you should stop judging people over internet posts.
  4. Virgin, the proud and legitimate leader of SP going at it with another quality post yet again, proving the low iq plebs how a true master of English can create pieces of art. Thanks for the mention, I'll never forget you bro. We need to read Noble Works again sometime in Japanese, that's the true experience. Love, Bee.
  5. You say this, but then you immediately assume this one paragraph later: Isn't this an inclusive community that accepts all opinions? I wasn't memeing here and I legitimately don¡t like gay or transexual topic or characters in VN's. I think they are "degenerate" like I mention in the post before. It's my opinion bro, not trolling. Then again, proves my point of how mods don't know when to discern whether we're trolling or just being serious about these things. Then again, won't refute your points because in general you're right when it comes to Fuwanovel being more focused on frien
  6. Hello, this looks interesting, so as a member of the Serious Posters I nominate myself to be part of this team. I will unironically be serious if I'm chosen.
  7. Welcome to fuwanovel man, it's a pleasure to hsve you here. Grisaia is my favourite vn too (even though I only read that one) and I like that you are a fan of starless as well. Love, Barry.
  8. Hello guys, it's me, Bee, and as someone who has experienced the so called "EOP" spectrum of the community and slowly but surely being able to see through the lens of the "JOP" spectrum I'll throw in my two cents and give an opinion of what this community is, or at least define what the outlying problems within it are. Since I don't want to get this post deleted because "muh drama" and "negativity" or some of that crap mods like to make up sometimes I'll just give general outlines and not specify or go very deep into things. I'll start the summary by going to everyone's favourite pl
  9. Bee don't troll. Bee don't troll. Bee don't troll. Bee don't troll. Bee don't troll. Bee don't troll. Bee don't troll. Bee don't troll.
  10. I still feel deeply offended about @HMN not being here.
  11. This is a topic that could be endless, mainly because this discussion is complex and there are many things that have to be considered when talking about companies. You are right in everything you say but blaming their game choices is a weak argument imo. Apart from that, the least favourite thing these companies do is existing in the first place.
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