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  1. Thanks for your input, and thanks for correcting my spelling of kernel . After thinking about it, I think I am going to turn my second ssd into a linux boot. I wanted to avoid dual booting because because a long time ago I ended up losing a bunch of data after a windows update [this was when XP was the current Microsoft OS], But after doing a bunch of research, It seems pretty safe to dual boot from two drives. I do want to move from windows eventually, but this will give me a chance to relearn Linux. If I ever have issues that I cant figure out on my own, I'll definitely ping you, Thank You.
  2. I changed my mind, I didn't realize that with an actual second drive you can keep windows bootloader alongside Grub, which is the reason I didn't want to dual boot in the first place. I do want to eventual move all the way to Linux, but at least this gives my the time to relearn the OS. @Cytlan , @sarkasmus Thanks for your Input, I really appreciate it!
  3. I honestly don't care if video's play (its nice, but not required), if I really want to see video, I can find them on YouTube 99% of time, I was just wondering if a lot of the people just didn't do something right in wine or wine tricks. I am getting to the point that my hate for windows outweighs any benefit of running it and loved Linux back in the day. There is always VM and with valve throwing a large amount of money towards Linux gaming, I wouldn't be surprised if proton eventually will be able to run most games. I don't know if this is true, but I read that some of the work being done on linux kernal for proton (sponsored by valve) could make it possible to play DRM games on linux in the near future! I don't like supporting valve with their history of censorship, but I have to admit their work with proton (especially making it open source) is a big plus for the Linux community! Thanks for answering my question though. Edit: It says in this article that linux gaming will be a lot better probably with the release of Kernal 5.11 due to the work Collabora has been doing for valve: https://www.techradar.com/news/major-improvement-for-windows-gaming-on-linux-expected-next-year
  4. I think I am going to update my ram from 32gb to 64gb, that way I should have no problem running a VM if needed! I am also thinking about getting a new ssd, so I can just replace the SSD windows is installed on, so in worse case that I absolute need to run windows, I can just swap the drives. I have had some major issues dual booting win/linux in the past which is why I would want to avoid doing it. Having them dual booting from different drives would in theory prevent data from getting corrupted, which means worst comes to worst, I would just have to reinstall the boot loader in the command line if windows decides to delete it, but I also know Microsoft has been known to play dirty in the past (like how Microsoft destroyed Dr. Dos), and being someone who has lost data in the past due to a windows update, I would rather not take the chance. I do appreciate the advice though, Thank you! Edit: I wonder how many will recognize the Dr. Dos reference?
  5. I have read alot of people talk about using Wine, Playonlinux, Proton to read VN's, and a common problem is they can not get the video's to play, My question is: Will these winetricks fix this problem in most [or all] video not loading issues? I am getting ready to go full linux, and VN's are the only reason I didn't do this years ago. Thank You for any input.
  6. One more question about proton, can I add packages like: corefonts, d3dx9_36, dotnet40, ffdshow, quartz, LAVFilters and vcrun6? Also is their a way to emulate Japanese Local with it? If so, do I have to directly install them through wine, or would I do it through proton? I loved Linux back when I used it, and from what I have read, it has gone a long way in the last 1 and a half decades! I am excited, even though I am going to have to relearn the terminal! The relearning of the terminal is the only thing that I am not looking forward to, I personally think the terminal is a very powerful tool that really gives you the power to do anything you want with your computer and OS! Thanks for the advice!
  7. Though I prefer not using steam, I am ok with using it, I just want to make sure I can still read VN's. I'll probably end up setting up a virtual machine eventually, but would prefer to only use it when absolutely necessary. I have a pretty beefed up laptop, but would prefer not to use the resources to run VM when I dont need to.
  8. Thanks for the advice! Does valves proton only work on steam games? one reason I am moving from windows is because of privacy concerns, so mac isn't that much better of an option! Dual booting sucks because every big update windows does likes to delete the boot-loader, and having to manually install boot-loader every time that happens is a pain.
  9. Hello, I have decided that I am sick of windows and want to switch to Linux. I ran Ubuntu about 15 years ago, until I moved back to windows when I got a new computer, due to issues with finding Linux drivers for that computer. I have hated windows since the end of Windows XP, but always found a reason not to dive into Linux. The reason I am on this forum typing this post is because VN's are the only thing keeping me on Windows Operating System, so before I switch, I want to learn the tricks I need to know to get wine working for most VN's. So can any Linux users here tell me the most common problems you have getting a VN running on wine? Is wine the best method, or would PlayOnLinux work better for VN's? I have a huge VN collection to practice on, I just want a few tips to make the switch easier, Thank You. Edit: I found this guide: https://fglt.nl/guides/visual-novels-on-gnu-linux.html Let me know if this guide is missing anything, Thank you.
  10. In all my years of reading VN's, I didn't think I would find such an old gem!
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