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  1. Hello everyone! I'm back from my vacation and I'll be resuming work on Nagisa's route soon enough. Not much has been made in the way of progress this time, but we are working on it. Progress has been slow, especially in the way of TLC. Also, I haven't started on the re-translation, I'll probably get to it after Nagisa's route. For exact numbers, do visit our progress tracker, though you'll probably only find around a 1% increase in numbers. Well not much for today, just wanted to let everyone know we aren't dead yet. Till next week I suppose~
  2. Well if there had to be a reason it'd be that the backlog would choke over the spoken lines without the JP quotation marks, and personally I think they look better than having English quotation. A matter of preference in the end, a decision probably made on a whim. For a while now, however, we've actually opted for no quotation marks, which probably looks the best of the three options I suppose. If you see our latest screenshot (which is hidden behind a hyperlink), you'd notice that there aren't anymore quotation marks. This has come about with us developing a style guide quite a while back, and other changes to style that we've made including dropping honorifics altogether, switching from calling Nagisa, "Senapi" to simply "Hanamiya", or from "bento" to "lunch box". There are also other changes, and we hope they'll be better received.
  3. Well actually... we already have a translator willing to do the H-scenes. Hooray I suppose. Though it did slip my mind to at least mention it here, you can always follow the Luna Translations site for news, as the part about us doing the H-scenes was actually mentioned there in one of Aizen's posts. In any case, I'll reformat the OP sometime soon to make it more useful. Now, while we may be doing the H-scenes, they are still on a low priority, which means that the translation for the main story will always take precedent over the H-scenes. This shouldn't really affect anyone now, but just letting everyone know. While I'm here, I might as well announce the bad news. Unfortunately, we have to re-translate until around 20_BB-08-10, which is like 50~% of Airi's route. It's not that bad, just think of it as another round of TLC or something, except it will probably take longer.
  4. Great news! Our progress tracker is now up for everyone to see! You can access it from the old LunaTL site, or directly at this link over here. It has detailed progress on our progress so do come and take a look. Also, just because, I'll let you guys have a screenshot from Nagisa's route that I thought was pretty adorable, enjoy! Won't be updating the first post anymore, visit the progress tracker site for numbers from here on out. Don't have much this time around, but I do suppose it's something.
  5. Hello guys! Now I just updated the progress and if you compare it to last time you'll realize that progress actually went down! Actually I myself ain't too sure why it went down a whole 1%, but probably because I've been doing it manually the whole time and a few mistakes here and there. I mean I wrote a really short script to count lines (Haven't bothered to make a proper one for the past two years), but it's really really bad. We've got a new progress tracker up and running, and you'll be able to access it on the old LunaTL website soon enough I guess. The numbers don't really match up so I'll probably stick to manually counting for now though. Moving along, decent progress in the way of TL, really making some progress into Nagisa's route. Hooray! Translator for Kaori's route has quite a bit on their plate so they'll be a bit too busy to TL right now. Editing is also making some progress, Airi's route is at 41% already! I'm too lazy to update the first post to include editing, so just wait out on the new progress tracker. While I'm on the subject of progress, there's a chance that we'll redo Airi's TL. Why? Well, I for one feel that it may not be up to par (two years can make a hell of a difference) and honestly I don't want to release it if it's... bad. It'd be quite embarrassing for me. I'll leave the decision to my TLC, but for now it's a real possibility. I'd hate to see my work go down the drain... but if it has to be done. Just don't be surprised if we go back to 10% TL progress again. This post might have been a bit long but I do suppose I should have let you guys know what was happening. Till the next update~
  6. Hello people! I know you haven't heard from us from a while but I assure you that we're making progress. In fact, we've (apparently) passed our first milestone in our project! A total progress of 25% for translation! The editing side is progressing pretty well too, though I'm not going to bother trying to manually calculate that number. Unless you are one of the few people who actually follow our WordPress site, this would be news to you. We have not so recently been assimilated into Luna Translations, and in the processes got as a TLC to help with the project. Hooray! Rest assured that this would not affect the end product adversely, and instead allow us to deliver a much more polished English release for all of you here. In any case, I've both good and bad news to deliver. The good news is that I've been making some good progress on Nagisa's route, so do look forward to that. The bad news is that due to certain technical difficulties with the game, we are unable to deliver a partial patch for Airi's route. We sincerely apologize for this, and we are honestly as disappointed as you guys about this. We do hope for your continued support and encouragement, it really helps! Do look forward to the next update. Till then everyone~
  7. Quick update for you guys! Overall progress is still going slow, everyone seems to be quite busy this time of the year eh? In any case I should at least put down the small progress we've made. (P.S. The front page will be updated even if I don't post here). Let's see what we've done, Airi's route: Still editing (There will be 2 passes before release, so it will take a while) Kaori's route: Still haven't started (Translator is pretty busy) Nagisa's route: I've made a small amount of progress, expect a few hundred lines of progress this coming weekend Once again, do look forward to any new updates. Till next time~
  8. Our whole team has been somewhat busy this past week, so no progress to report on unfortunately. Both editing and translation should resume in about a weeks time. To be more specific, Airi's route: Continue editing Kaori's route: Begin translation Nagisa's route: Begin translation Hopefully by the next update we would have some actual progress done. Oh, and the game is also giving us technical issues. There seems to be problems with word wrapping and some backlog stuff. These issues will probably not get solved any time soon. In any case, the partial patch for Airi might take a bit more time, seeing as editing will take a while. Quality over speed I suppose. Till next time folks.
  9. The language use in the game is by no means hard, definitely not something like Grisaia no Kajitsu or anything so I'd say anything from N3 or maybe even N4 should be workable with most of the text in this VN, though of course a better grasp of the language is preferred. More important is one's command of English, because that's the main reason I had to turn away translators. Most of the text is your stock-vn/anime phrases, so not much expertise needed there. In any case, we do test any translators so it wouldn't hurt to PM me to try it out.
  10. Hello Fuwa, On behalf of the unnamed translation team that worked on the short game, Guilty Crown Lost Christmas, we are finally able to present to you an English patch for the game. The actual translation and editing has been completed a while ago, however technical issues that led to a very long delay. We can finally release for your viewing pleasure. Let me credit the wonderful people who made this possible: Hacker: lolgc Translator: Aiden K., Crysis99 Editing: Crysis99, Andrew Siu The patch can be found here, just extract the files into the installation folder and replace any existing files. If you still encounter any bugs, technical issues, or horrible grammar then contact lolgc over at his website. Enjoy.
  11. Well it's a little bit of both I guess? I'm not a big fan of H-scenes, especially in games like these which made me shed some tears. I've tried translating H-scenes in the past, but honestly I just found it weird and uncomfortable to translate. It doesn't help that the metaphors and language in the H-scenes I've encountered have been compararively.... unique to say the least at least compared to normal lines. Though the main reason I won't the H-scenes in this game is more to the fact that I'd rather focus on the actual story. I might not even be able to finish the translation so I'd like to focus on the more important parts for now.
  12. I'm not quite sure what you mean but I believe the answer is yes. I think?
  13. Hello everyone! I come with great news! The first round of translation for best girl (Airi) has been completed (well excluding the H-scenes at least)! Now all that's left is a quick run through by me, followed by a round of editing and it'll be ready for release. Also some technical issues like word wrapping which I'll fix some time along the road. Here, have another screenshot. Stay tuned for more updates~
  14. The game in question is Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete, and it is running on Kirikiri. However the xp3 files are TPM encrypted, and our hacker left without telling us how to repack the files. If you need any of the game files uploaded just tell me and I'll be happy to oblige. Thank you all for the help in advance.
  15. Hello everyone, here's a screenshot to show for our progress. The above screenshot is from a scene quite near to the ending, which also means the first wave of translation for Airi's route progressing quite smoothly. Now you might be wondering why I separated the progress into "Story" and "H-scenes". This is because I can't and won't do the H-scenes, so we'd all have to wait for another translator to come along to do them up. Heck they might not even get translated ever at this rate. Just another reminder that we are still in need of another translator. Oh, and also if anyone knows how to repack files for a TPM encrypted kirikiri game do please PM me.
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