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Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete


Current Situation:

We are trying to get this game translated, and had a somewhat functioning team back in December, where we had enough people to make decent progress. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm the only translator left and the group, out of the two members we're left with, and am quite busy for the year, so I'm going really slow with the translations.

What's been done?

Most of the TL progress has gone to Airi, with the other routes having practically no progress. Minimal editing has been done, but is not recorded.


  • Kaori 556/8159 6.81%
  • Airi 4837/7236 65.6%
  • Nagisa 0/7356 0%
  • Yui 120/8334 1.44%
  • Others 0/3839 0%

Total Progress: 4282/35056 (15.7%)

What we need:

In order of decreasing importance,

  1. Translators
  2. Editors
  3. Translation checkers


I'd be happy with even one new translator, because it will mean that the project would not be stagnating as much as it is now. What we need you to be is someone who will stick around to the end. Our last translator just disappeared on us, so I hope whoever comes next won't leave without saying anything. Hopefully, you'd have enough free time to make up for my really slow pace, to give this project some bit of progress. Joining us, you have a choice on any of the routes that isn't Airi. You'll be starting from scratch with the route, for better or for worse. Now if you're interested in this position, simply PM me.

What now?

Our plan now, is to finish up the translation route by route, followed by a round of editing, and finally a TLC/QC. One plan of action we are considering is for us to release a partial patch for each of the routes, because they do mostly make sense on their own (with the exception of Yui's route). However, this is not confirmed, and might change in the future.

I hope we can get the support necessary to finish this translation. If not, we'd have to put this project on hiatus until November or when we get another translator, whichever comes first. If you'd like to help, simply PM me, or even just leave a post in our thread.



Chaos;Head Love Chu☆Chu!

Position to Fill: Translator 

Hello! We are currently looking for translators who would like to help translate LoveChuChu to English. As I'm just someone able to hack in and change the text I sadly can'y fulfill this role. The hacking side of things has been completed so we are currently at a stand still on the project. Attached below is a link to the project thread.


If you're interested please drop me a line! If you can only work for a certain amount of time we'd still like to hear from ya(or if you'd say just like to translate menus)!



I'm sorry for the delay of this project, but I have been dealing with exams and school and until now I didn't have enough time to get myself into this fully.

What are we looking for?

We're currently looking for someone able to extract the text of the game and organizing it into scripts so it can be translated. Basically someone to fill the hacker position. The position of hacker has been filled! Thanks a lot to @Porygon2 for aiding us!

After 6 hours of continuously trying to extract the text by myself, I finally gave up when the XOR file demanded the password to decrypt the file. :komari: Until the Editor announced in the original project thread (Anne) comes back, I'll be his substitute.

Anything new?

The website is being built up. The first release will be a beta and not the final release. It will be changed in the future.

When the project offitially starts (text extracted) all the details and changes made not mentioned in the original post will be announced in the update blog.

If you haven't checked the project thread yet here is the link:


If you're interested in helping, let us know!



Tsui Yuri ~Okaa-san ni wa Naisho da yo~



Looking for:

Translation checker: 1

Position filled.



We currently have a TLC on the project, however, due to him being very busy with other projects, we need one more for the team.

The game is not very long, and the language used in it is fairly fluffy, but we are still looking for someone who are well versed in the Japanese language. 

As the translator on the project, I have to be honest and say that my personal level of Japanese is not top tier. (That is not to say it's bad of course.) 

The game itself is, like I said, not very difficult and fairly short, so I am confident I can produce a good translation for it, however I do find myself making small mistakes from time to time, (fairly small, usually insignificant mistakes, but I want the final product to be as professional as possible.) Also, every now and then I find a line I can't really make sense of. (For refrence, this has happened 2 times during the translation of over 10% of the game, so it is not a common occurrence.) I will then mark the sentence in the script and make sure the TLC will be able to pay close attention to that particular line, in order to make sure there are no uneccessary mistakes in the translation before it goes into editing. 

So, if you are interested in helping out, leave a comment or send me a PM on the forum. Alternatively you can reach me at Dergonu@gmail.com


The team has several hardworking individuals on it, and I am very motivated to get this translation done. :sachi: 

Let us know if you are interested in helping out! 

Link to the project page:





To Heart 2 is one of the all time classic original slice of life donkan protagonist harems with a cult following today, even if it is over 10 years old.

Positions desired:

  • Translate checker
  • Editors
  • Proofreader
  • Graphic editors
  • Windows scripters
  • Anything else you think you can offer

The completely translated To heart 2 translation project is one of the longest running VN translation projects still alive today that still needs people to polish it up to finalise the release. It's a fairly large work spanning 9 routes with 11 different girls and 50+ hours of reading (with 2267 unique kanji, 345512 kanji total, 2.9M kana, roughly 97,000 lines!).  I've kept this project alive for over 7 years now and would love to complete it but since I did almost all the translation myself and was not that strong a translator, what the work needs most is a translate checker to bring it up to a higher standard. I'd love to complete this project so that it would free me up to do more translation work on other visual novels instead of coordinating this project for ever more.

I'm looking for motivated people who can complete whole routes of translate checking or editing, or ideally can do the whole lot but understand how much work this is (since I know how long it took me to translate the text in the first place). More than half of it has had a 1st pass edit, but that still leaves quite a bit of text needing editing. I don't care if you don't have any experience editing VNs, so long as you have good English language skills, can work with UTF8 text files and have the time to dedicate to doing a large portion of it. Usually I get potential editors to undergo a small editor's test to verify they can do the task. I have an extensive style guide to guide how to edit it. Additionally I need a proofreader who can go over the whole lot looking for remaining errors and discrepancies in style and wording which takes a lot less effort than first pass editing.

Optionally if there was someone keen on trying their hand on graphic editing, there are a handful of text-on-graphics screens and icons that could do with being converted to English, and of course quite a few H scenes that could be decensored.

Finally if someone is good at creating batch scripts to extract, insert and recompress files in windows to patch the game in place instead of manually copying files across the way my patch currently does, I could use your help. The extraction, insertion and recompression tools already exist. The main reason I haven't included any edited graphics to date is that I would have to upload the entire recompressed data file and would prefer to have an archive with only the edited pictures. While I did a lot of the programming for this project, I'm almost exclusively a linux hacker and take short-cuts when it comes to windows.

The translation project thread is below. Please PM me or email me if you wish to help, or come onto IRC irc.rizon.net #aikeshi




Sekai project has announced an official release, so this project is dead


-- Old post --

Hello everyone,


we are currently looking for someone who could be the main translator for the translation project translating SMILE's Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma. (It's a nukige, so if you don't like translating H-scenes, this is probably not for you.)


In this position you'll be translating the game's scenario, which in it's entirety spans around 40,000 lines (Common route: 9,000 lines - Average main heroine route: ~5,000 lines), from japanese to english.

You will need to be able to translate the japanese lines correctly into proper english (we'll still have editors going over your translation, but it should already be readable without too many mistakes).

You should also have a good amount of time to invest into the project for a longer period, so the entire game can be translated at a decent speed.


Editors: If you're interested in an editing position, feel free to contact me, but we won't actually decide who we'll take as editors until we've found a main translator.



To assist you with translation, a tool has been created that allows you to easily see the original script and add your translation with room for some notes (there'll be something similar for editors aswell), here's a preview of it in action:


If you're missing some features you want, they should be easy to add in there.


More detailed information about the project can also be found here and I'll be happy to answer any other questions you might have if you contact me.



Project Intruduction

We have decided to start a translation project for this VN because the chances of it getting an official translation are close to zero and we know that many people are interested in it. It has over 80000 lines so it is a bit big for a first project but we are confident that we can do it.

Current situation

We already have the first ~500 lines translated but they still need editing. For a detailed status overview, please visit our website and check this thread.

There are currently 2 translators and 1 editor working on this project, but due to the amount of work to do we could really need a few more.

What we are looking for


Preferably people with good Japanese AND English skills to minimize the editing work. But even if none of the languages are your native one you are still welcome to join us, we can use any help that we get.


People who speak English as native language and also have experience with Visual Novels. You will need to correct grammar and spelling mistakes and also make the conversation flow better by re-writing too literal translations to sound more natural (without changing the meaning of course).

Translation Checkers:

Responsible for finding and correcting content-related errors in the translation.

If you want to apply for any of these positions, please send me a message.



Who are you?

We're Alternative Projects, translating Muv-Luv related VNs. We have released translations for Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles 01 and The Day After 02 in the past two years. We are opening recruitment to get more help as we have a larger line-up of projects we are looking to work on next.

What are you looking for?

TLCs: Able to understand Japanese fluently, and check the original meaning against the translated lines for any lost content. If you are able to suggest edits and line corrections to make it read better that'll be a bonus.

Editors: Able to work sentences into a coherent story, correct grammar and tenses, and check the flow of the story from line to line. Some knowledge of the Muv-Luv Unlimited/Alternative universe is necessary, so that you know what you are getting into. Knowledge of military workings and science-fiction is preferable.

Hackers/Programmers: Able to help convert text files with Japanese and English text to excel and back, keeping the text format the same. Will need to be compatible with Afhook tool, so if you have some knowledge of the tool that would be preferable.

If you want to help us, please write us an e-mail, alternative4projects@gmail.com

Something that we really care about is consistency. We are looking for people who are willing to commit to the project in the long run without pulling out halfway through. That said, we do understand that this is a hobby and that IRL issues will always come first. We appreciate open communication on issues and concerns in the team.

Current projects:

Adoration (ML Chronicles 02's sidestory, currently in progress)

Our planned project line-up: ML Chronicles 03 and 04, Haruko Maniax, Ayu Mayu Alternative, Total Eclipse, Schwarzemarken (VN and LN).

Note: Projects will be confirmed once we have the personnel.


What are you re-translating?

We're re-translating Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa wo Hirogete, also known as "If My Heart Had Wings".


Who are you?

We're the Kono Oozora Re-Translation project, formerly known as the Kono Oozora H-scenes porting project.

Our current team consists of 5 members:

We have also started an IRC channel for the current project, come chat with us in #Kono-TL on irc.rizon.net

What's your current progress?

We have roughly translated 30K out of 51K lines, here is a breakdown of the routes.

  • Common route: TL: 100% ED: 100%
  • Kotori route: TL: 100% ED: 100%
  • Asa and Yoru common route: TL: 100% ED: 25%
  • Asa route: TL: 100% ED: 0%
  • Ageha route: TL: 7% ED: 0%
  • Yoru route: TL: 4% ED: 0%
  • Amane route: TL: 0% ED: 0%

What are you looking for in a translator?

We're looking for somebody who's, above all, enthusiastic to work on this project.

You also need to have a lot of time on your hands, as most of us are very busy people the translation is going very slow at the moment.

You will start working on Amane's route and possibly the remaining routes.

So if you're willing to put quite a bit of your daily time into the project, we can reach our goal of 500 lines per day.

If you're confident in your Japanese skills and are willing to translate for us, please contact PabloC or me (Dragoon).

What are you looking for in a hacker?

We're looking for somebody who's willing to work on the Moenovel version of the game.

I'm not entirely sure what needs to be changed on this version, more info on this later.

If you have reverse engineering skills and are confident with reading X86 ASM, please contact me (Dragoon).

Will you do route X?

Yes, every route will be translated.

Will you also do the fandiscs?

We currently have no plans to translate them.

Will you make the patch compatible with the Moenovel version?

Our initial partial patch will be only for the Japanese version of the game, because it will be smaller and easier to distribute that way.

Eventually, if things go right, we will make the patch compatible with the Moenovel version.

Will the Moenovel patch be compatible with steam, for achievements and such?

This is currently not planned, but if we can find people that are willing to put work in making it compatible with steam,

we will do our best to make it work with steam.


The AstralAir TL project needs translators (or TLers who are willing to help out temporarily): (link)

Right, so basically to get to the point I’m going to have everything already translated by Mr. Hongfire retranslated. Surprisingly the translation for the 1st route is a noticeable improvement from the common (I can read it and understand the gist of what most lines say). But most of it is still worded really oddly and hyper literally translated from the Japanese, so I’d rather have a more understandable translation to work with so I don’t drive myself (and TLCers who would have to look over it too) insane. This means I don’t have any translators at the moment sooo don’t hold back if you’d like to help translate this (even if you don’t want to do all of it). If you think you’d be able to translate the prologue segment fine you’d probably be able to do the rest of it.

If you're interested, contact information for the team can be found here.



If you're a project manager on the dev boards, you'll be given access to this blog where you can post requests for team members at any time. This feed will be incorporated into the Fuwazette blog and Reviews hub, as well. Contact a mod or admin if you have questions or run into problems.

EDIT: If you're not having any luck with filling a position, you can re-post your listing as often as once every 3 days.