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Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - Translators needed!



Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete


Current Situation:

We are trying to get this game translated, and had a somewhat functioning team back in December, where we had enough people to make decent progress. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I'm the only translator left and the group, out of the two members we're left with, and am quite busy for the year, so I'm going really slow with the translations.

What's been done?

Most of the TL progress has gone to Airi, with the other routes having practically no progress. Minimal editing has been done, but is not recorded.


  • Kaori 556/8159 6.81%
  • Airi 4837/7236 65.6%
  • Nagisa 0/7356 0%
  • Yui 120/8334 1.44%
  • Others 0/3839 0%

Total Progress: 4282/35056 (15.7%)

What we need:

In order of decreasing importance,

  1. Translators
  2. Editors
  3. Translation checkers


I'd be happy with even one new translator, because it will mean that the project would not be stagnating as much as it is now. What we need you to be is someone who will stick around to the end. Our last translator just disappeared on us, so I hope whoever comes next won't leave without saying anything. Hopefully, you'd have enough free time to make up for my really slow pace, to give this project some bit of progress. Joining us, you have a choice on any of the routes that isn't Airi. You'll be starting from scratch with the route, for better or for worse. Now if you're interested in this position, simply PM me.

What now?

Our plan now, is to finish up the translation route by route, followed by a round of editing, and finally a TLC/QC. One plan of action we are considering is for us to release a partial patch for each of the routes, because they do mostly make sense on their own (with the exception of Yui's route). However, this is not confirmed, and might change in the future.

I hope we can get the support necessary to finish this translation. If not, we'd have to put this project on hiatus until November or when we get another translator, whichever comes first. If you'd like to help, simply PM me, or even just leave a post in our thread.


Recommended Comments

I would guess that it is for consistency. I have no actual knowledge of translation, but from what I have read, Japanese has lots of nuances that different people may translate differently. This in turn may affect how the editors and translation checkers interpret it. If you do take more than one translator, communication is essential. That is my take on this topic anyway.


While I'm here, I can offer help as an editor if you need one.

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