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Status Updates posted by Dergonu

  1. I still have my beard, don’t tell Fiddle

  2. Teddy doesn't fit in the frame, nooo! The cute top hat does though, so :chaika:

    1. Emi


      we need bigger avatars :Chocola:

  3. New avatar. Recent talks of ChuSinGura made me real nostalgic, and I've decided to go back and replay it myself.

    I can't sully my beloved waifu's ahoge with a christmas hat, so that's enough christmas hat wearing for me this year. (/ω\)

  4. Was derping around the forum, somehow ended up on the staff list and noticed something...

    Being the only board mod with a Japanese title makes me look like such a weeb, lol (;´・ω・)


    Clearly my avatar is the best, though, fite me irl guys! (/ω\)

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      I'm sure the actual best avatar is apparent to all.


    2. Dergonu


      *Raises fists*

    3. mitchhamilton


      better change it quick! before someone mistakes you for a weeb! :pyaa:

  5. MIKU! (/・ω・)/

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    2. Dergonu


      You mean, why am I following myself twice? :P




    3. Plk_Lesiak


      Oh... Do you still get a notification whenever you post something? :blink:

    4. Dergonu
  6. 2000 shitposts later.


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    2. Dergonu


      Roast away ~゜・_・゜~

    3. MaggieROBOT


      Enjoy Norway for a loooooooooong time, old man!

      *looks at birthday*  hey, you're younger than me! Now I just roasted myself, I'm not good with this...

    4. mitchhamilton


      heres a roast for you.


      dont look! may be too much for you to handle.



      boosh! roast! 8)

  7. You have returned to your old spamming roots. I am proud :makina:


    1. VirginSmasher


      What else would I be doing on this site? :maple:

  8. Boooo

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    2. Chewy


      Errrrr... hooo!  T_T

    3. Dergonu



    4. Chewy


      Ewww moonspeak

  9. Decided to change my avatar and title with my 3k post milestone.

    Now no one will recognize me! Yay!

    1. Mr Poltroon
    2. VirginSmasher


      Dergonu spotted. 

    3. DarkZedge


      Trash will always be Trash Dorgy boi :makina:

  10. This will be me again in just 5 days.


    1. Zander


      Love the traditional Norwegian vocals in the background.

    2. Dergonu


      The best part of the video is the random girl who gives literally 0 fucks about the guy in the red bathrobe, skating on the ice down the street holding a coffee cup and a book.

      Welcome to Norway, everyone!

  11. Happy new year! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    1. Akshay


      Happy New Year!

  12. Hello? Is this the imouto factory?

    Yes, I'd like to order 900 of these. Ok, thanks.


  13. LET'S GO! :Chocola:


    1. mitchhamilton


      congrats derg. :sachi: i imagine i wont hear from you for months?

    2. Dergonu


      Derg is no longer with us. He has been lost in the land of VNs and balloon boobs.

    3. mitchhamilton


      rip. he was a good dorg.

  14. Well then, I'm off to Japan. (=゚ω゚)ノ 13 hour flight, here I come. 

    1. mitchhamilton


      Good luck derg!  Wish I saw this earlier! :kosame: have fun and have a safe flight. 

  15. FUWA IS BACK! YAAAY! This calls for an avatar change! (/・ω・)/

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    2. mitchhamilton


      Weird meant to edit my message and instead it made another one... 

    3. mitchhamilton


      Weird meant to edit my message and instead it made another one... 

    4. mitchhamilton
  16. Just saw a massive spoiler to Re:Zero by watching a random youtube video. (I have not watched the anime yet.)


    Y u do dis.

    1. mitchhamilton


      ah dammit. that really sucks derg. here, feel better with this pic. :wafuu:





    2. mitchhamilton
  17. Just another day in ChuSinGura.




  18. People seem to be listing the VNs they have played this year. I tend to play short nukige just a tad bit too much, so my list seem absolutely huge on VNDB, though the amount of 2 hour fap games in there is pretty crazy, so I'll instead ditch those and list the bigger games/ not nukige games. (I'll also try to somewhat list them in order of completion, though my VNDB is a bit all over the place so it's not 100% correct. Lastly, I won't be listing games I played only some of and ditched, but will be listing games I have a larger amount of hours in, like Tokyo Babel where I've played about 60% at least.)

    PS: my votes are terrible, my taste sucks, pls no bully


    - Sono Hanabira Nyuu Jene (Japanese ver) 9

    - Princess Evangile 7

    - Majikoi 10

    - Kimihane kanojo (not that long of a game, but since I was scrubby back then, reading it took a while) 9

    - Sunrider Academy 7

    - Beat Blades Haruka 8

    - One Thousand Lies (shorter title, but since it's nothing close to a nukige I'll list it) 9.5

    - Zoku Etsuraku no Tane (no one said anything about LONG nukige :makina: ) 6

    - Maggot Baits 8.4

    - G-senjou no Maou 8.5

    - Lucy ~ The Eternity She Wished For ~ 9.4

    - Kimi e Okuru, sora no hana 10

    - Tsui Yuri (Eyy! :sachi: ) 8

    - Sacrament of the Zodiac 6

    - Imouto Paradise 5

    - Raidy1 8

    - XX of the dead (not 100% completed, but enough to know that the game is awesome.) 8

    - Sakura Dungeon 6

    - Tokyo Babel 8 (like I mentioned above, not 100% completed. Still have some endings left.)

    - Ultimate boob wars 7.8

    - Seisai no Resonance 9.4

    - Nurse Love Addiction 10

    - Koiken Otome 8.3

    - Koiken Otome ~ Revive ~ 7 (not 100% completed, but I did the best girls' routes :sachi: )

    - Shi ni Iku Kimi, Yakata ni Mebuku Zouo 9

    - Ikikoi 6.5 (not 100% completed, 1 or 2 routes left, I don't remember.)

    - Guro Dere 7.5 (I don't care if it's a short nukige-ish game, I'm counting this!)

    - Pure Girl 7 (Also not 100% completed, but it's been quite nice so far)

    - Corona Blossom 7

    - Tokage no Shippo Kiri 8.8

    - ChuSinGura 46+1 (The JP version, currently around 35% through it. Longest, and so far the best VN I have ever read.)


    I'm sure I'm missing something, but not a bad list, all things considered. Hopefully my 2017 list will be even longer.

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    2. Dergonu


      I proofread OTL while in class, so compared to how slow time usually passes in a classroom, it just flew by. Maybe that's why :makina:


      Hmm, if I remember correctly I did Eika and little miss maid, but never finished Ryou's route. Also did not start miss stronk and ditsy's route.

      I probably should go back and finish those.

    3. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      I never went to university so, quite honestly, the concept of doing anything 'in class' except attempting to pay attention is entirely foreign to me. :shrug:

      Miss stronk and ditsy's probably the best one., actually. Generally regarded as best with, you know, a girl who doesn't abuse you for no reason and some, depending on your standards, surprisingly nice plot.

      Ryou's... I just liked the girl, maybe that was it. That and the fact that it actually had some story going.
      Eika and the maid didn't really have anything other than their personal romance with the protagonist, although I loved the way the latter was presented and I guess the former was pretty hot, assuming that's what you're looking for.

    4. Dergonu


      Hmm, nice. Will have to do those later then. If I'm going back to do one, I'll just do both of the remaining ones. Will have to wait until after my long ass ChuSinGura marathon though.

  19. 1337 likes. Memes or whatever. #Milestones!


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    2. mitchhamilton



    3. Dergonu
    4. mitchhamilton


      yes, post more. let us like the hell out of it so you can watch as it slips away further and further from you! :reeee:

  20. Wait, these two are mother and daughter? ... I don't see the resemblance at a--

    Ah wait, there it is.




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