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Status Updates posted by Dergonu

  1. Yaaay! Milestone! 700 posts and 250 likes.  :miyako:

    (I-I don't spam :yumiko: )


  2. Damnit! I had 666 posts, why did I make a new one! :pyaa:


  3. I´m stalking you now you scrub :makina:

    1. Kawasumi


      if you look closely then you can see that you're late to the party :makina: 

    2. Dergonu
  4. Dear lord... Cannot wait for the weekend to start so I can no life VNs again :wafuu:

    Have had an abundance of homework and 2 tests this week. RIP.

  5. Yes! That profile pic is awesome :sachi: 

    1. DarkZedge


      Ha, so you recognize the power of Chibi Margit? :kosame:

    2. Dergonu


      yeah its quite powerful!

      Hasen jagd! :pyaa:

    3. DarkZedge


      INDEED Hasen Jagd!

  6. Poke!


    *Senpai runs away*

    1. Show previous comments  56 more
    2. DarkZedge


      Some sisterly love for you, Momoyo is just too Kawaii!1zybv41.jpg

    3. Dergonu


      aww <3

      Loved that moment. Those two are awesome.

    4. DarkZedge


      I know right ^^

  7. Time for a new profile pic! 

    Really just cannot get over my Ai and Aya crush so ... New pic from them. Yup. 

  8. Alrighto, doubt anyone actually reads this, but for those of you who happen to come across it, I´ve finished Kitsune and me chapter 5 and will be skimming through it to make sure there arent any massive errors and get it ready for either this weekend or monday. So yay! 


    Pretty happy about this one, think the chapter came out pretty good... (In before I re-read it later and its horrible :makina: )

  9. Someone called me onii-sama today. It was a good day. :sachi:

  10. Tuesday, January 19th 2016. Trap has corrupted the world of moe and has confused me beyond belief. I never thought this day would come. But it has. For anyone out there reading this, the world of Yuri is in your hands... If you are reading this ... Please ... You are the resistance. ... Help us .... Help us destroy trap ... Once and for all.... Once and for all...... *static*



  11. Jade, if you are reading this: Keep calm and yuri

    1. Dergonu


      I KNOW YOU WERE HERE! I SAW YOU! :pyaa: 

  12. Guuuuh! Finally got this stupid new profile picture uploaded. The resolution on the new layout is kinda dumb. I totally didn´t spend 30 minutes in photoshop making this. T-Totally didn´t do that :pyaa: 

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