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Status Updates posted by Dergonu

  1. KOKO!!!  :conspiracy:  


    In Kirika route land:


    No matter what, I'll find the answer to this mystery. (Case/ situation. Thought mystery sounded cooler.)


    Meanwhile, in Koko route land:


    Senpai, your tension is too low! Let's go! Let's go get that appointment! I'll go as your dog! Woof, woof!


    Woof, woof, wooooof!

    ... ... ...

  2. *Choice*

    Investigate with Kirika

    Investigate with Koko



    "Anyways, thank you so much for choosing me!"


    ... I hate to break this to you Koko, but the only reason I chose you is because Kirika's route is literally locked until I finish parts of yours. This is literally my only choice, besides getting a 100% save and potentially getting spoiled to the story from that.

    Damn route lock system! :pyaa:


    GIVE MOAR KIRIKA NOAW PLZ! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  3. Mizuha is the best girl in G-senjou, fite me IRL bruh.

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    2. Hanako


      hmmm... Who? :michiru:


    3. Dergonu


      :jinpou: .…………………………

    4. Hanako


      ......................... :yumiko:

  4. Shino is love, Shino is life.


    1. Arcadeotic


      Those are some goddamn majestic eyebrows, I have to admit

  5. Finally decided to start using one of them twitter things. First thing that happens when I start is that I realize, some fucking moron has taken my name, so I had to chuck a "Mr" in front of my it. Whoever you are .... fuck you :makina:



    Will probably post some useless crap there every now and then. 

    1. Arcadeotic


      >Sees tweets from as far as 17th of January

      >"Finally decided to start using one of them twitter things. "

      I smell bullshit

      Followed :sachi:


    2. Dergonu


      Yes, I made the account a while ago, but I haven't actually used it for real yet. Just tweeted like "I'm a backer on this projet" and those automatic things. Registered under a different name because it was just a random account, which is why I didn't take Dergonu right away.

      Now I'll start tweeting random bullshit to annoy you all :sachi: 

      (And I'll start tracking down whoever took "Dergonu" and I will smack him/ her. :makina: )

    3. Arcadeotic


      Makes sense.

      You also asked some questions about +18 patches and whatnot, but I'm gonna ignore those for now.

      Also, nothing is more annoying than Bakabutt (Zakamutt) retweeting yuri and mank demes, so I'd like to see you try

  6. Today my sweet, sweet Miyu left me. But I get why... I didn't deserve her.

    It is time to change the avatar now. I am no longer worthy of being Illya. Sayonara :kosame:


    RIP @Kiriririri and @Dergonu's matching avatars. They will be missed. 

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    2. Arcadeotic


      Could've at the very least find some prettier fanart

    3. Dergonu
    4. Dergonu


      Enjoyed it?! Hah, I loved it! :mare:

      Moe is life! ZXPBKzV.png


  7. 2 routes down, 2 of the translated to go. I got the fandisk installed, so now I'm all set for a marathon through those routes as well :sacchan:

    Which fandisk route should I start with once I finish the main game?! :pyaa:


  8. Moving on from Akane's route, I'm now playing Yves' route, and I'm loving it. Ah, she is so awesome. I mean, come on, this laugh alone makes it worth it: 


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    2. AaronIsCrunchy


      Oh god, I can hear (probably) that from way back here :vinty:

    3. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      That laugh sounds great. Reminds me of Sasasasami Sasasasegawa.

    4. Arcadeotic


      Yves' route is pretty great. I'm pretty happy with it as my first route

  9. Rejected. :vinty: 


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    2. DarkZedge
    3. Hanako


      But please, don't forget that the saddest here is the wall :komari:

    4. Saya


      Condolences to the wall :illya:

  10. I cannot stop playing this game... it's so good... 

    This is the best release in 2016 in my opinion. Of course, I am a yuri freak, so maybe that isn't too big of a surprise, but the game is seriously good, and I think even people who aren't big fans of yuri will like this one.

    The MC is by far one of my favorite VN characters of all time.




    1. DarkZedge


      Of course it'd be the best of 2016 for you, A-1 is here though and so will be koiken otome and House in Fata Morgana and many more that can take game of the year ^^

      Still I might love you despite your yuri freakishness.


    2. AaronIsCrunchy


      I really like the pastel-y colour scheme that this VN seems to use. Given how much you've talked positively about this, I'm definitely bunging this in my 'to-read' box.

    3. Dergonu


      You should, it's fantastic. I'm just about done now, and guh ... the plot twists! :pyaa:

      Won't be going to bed until I have finished this last ending :wahaha: 

  11. Second day in London, stopped by Forbidden Planet, got some anime. They had ... a surprisingly bad selection of anime there. (Didn't stop me from spending way too much money there though :wahaha: ) 

    Ended up buying a bunch of stuff, including K-on season 1. Apperantly it's moe as fuck, and that's right up my alley :miyako: 

    Now, I have to kill some time before dinner. AKA time to watch some of the anime in my hotel room! :illya: 

    1. AaronIsCrunchy


      You're like... 75 miles from me!!! :pyaa:

      K-On's intense forehead game puts me off a little, though if you get on with it I may be prepared to look beyond their freakishly deformed craniums :illya:

    2. Dergonu


      :pyaa: !!!

      At the airport now though :miyako: Too late. Damnit, now I can't come over there and rob you.. erhem, I mean, say hi :miyako: 

    3. AaronIsCrunchy



      If I'd known you were about a few days ago, I was passing by London so I'd have definitely swung round to annoy you :miyako: Next time ;)

  12. Aaaaaand I have just wasted like 2 hours of my life derping on the sprite viewer in Maitetsu.

    This is seriously just so fucking entertaining. :wahaha: (Though the fact that you can remove their eyes, mouth and arms is really, really freaky  :michiru:  )

    DEMON! :pyaa:



    Aaaand also threw this together. I know, I am so funny, it's amazing.




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    2. sena_kaito


      Ah it's okay.
      Thank you :D
      And where did you got that kind of sprites? :o
      I just want sprites instead CG, haha.

    3. Dergonu


      I used the in-game sprite viewer. Go to "View scenes" > "View art/ backgrounds" and you can set your own sprites, with any combination of expressions, clothing etc that you want. Then you can save them with the "screenshot" button.

    4. sena_kaito


      Oh I see.
      Thank you for your information XD

  13. Gratz on 400 likes kouhai! :mare:


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    2. DarkZedge


      We must spread the glory of these gifs!


    3. Dergonu


      Dear lord, that one is great :wahaha:

    4. DarkZedge


      I was saving it for the right moment, knew you'd like it.


  14. If I had an imouto like this to study with, my life would be complete.


    But sadly, life is a bitch so ... here I am studying alone, feeling sorry for myself while I drink my third cup of coffee so I don't fall asleep. (Who the fuck invented exams? Whoever it was, I hate you from the bottom of my heart.)

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    2. DarkZedge


      Senpai, stop whinning or I won't let you play more yuri vns when you're done studying :jinpou:

    3. Hanako


      Don't worry, on my side there is nobody who is crazy enough to stop someone from reading yuri :mare:


    4. Dergonu
  15. :yumiko: 

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    2. DarkZedge


      The breeze can go and dig it's own grave....Right now:jinpou:

    3. Dergonu


      The breeze will go get his pizza out of the oven.


    4. DarkZedge


      The breeze can go retrieve the pizza and then get inside the oven and roast to death. :jinpou:

  16. There is no better motivation compared to having a BM threaten you with a ban if you don't finish your work :Teeku:

    Love you too Nosebleed <3


  17. DAMNIT! Cannot find a new avatar that beats this one. It's just too damn cute. It cannot be done :komari:

  18. I have cleaned up my profile's "about me" page, so now it should be much easier to navigate and read. :miyako:

  19. I'm proud of you kouhai! You have joined the amazing cool club of "the title holders."

    I can't wait to see what your title will be


    Good job out there soldier! :kosame:

    1. DarkZedge


      Arigato Senpai :kosame: I've ceased to be a scrub to become part of the club :sachi:

  20. Finished Kimihane, really enjoyed it. Going to make a review on it tomorrow. Atm I'm going to sleep. Its fucking 3:30 AM, sheesh... what am I doing with my life :vinty:

  21. Well, had to update my untranslated playing list to make room for this:


    Randomly found this on Clephas´ old blog and it just really inspired me to go ahead and pick something harder this time.

    "Third, pick your strategy.  If you choose high-difficulty games from the very beginning, you will improve your skills that much faster.  However, in exchange, you probably won't get everything on your first playthrough.  For action/fantasy VNs this actually makes it fun to come back later and enjoy the game a second time. "

    Been sticking to moege and light stuff on the untranslated side all this time and well.. I want something more challenging.

    After having played the game for about an hour, I can tell that I get the bulk of it, I just read kind of slow.

    ( Will be interesting to go back at a later time to see exactly how much I actually did understand :makina: )

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