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  1. Hello. I am working on my first visual novel for the Yaoi Game Jam, "My Twisted Cinderella", based on Disney's and the Grimms fairytale. It's not a very ambitious project, with only three endings and a few hours worth of gameplay. I want to keep it small for my first VN. I am coding it with Ren'Py. I have already posted a thread about this project on Lemma Soft Forums, which is here I will copy the games description from there. Plot; I think everyone is familiar with Cinderella, but I'll explain my version in my own words. Sinder is apart of a rich family, and has everything he could possibly want. Except for anyone to play with, as he's home-schooled. He would sneak off into the woods, and one day, he met a young boy. The boy introduced himself as a prince, though Sinder didn't believe him. The two would play every day, but eventually, Sinders mother grew ill. With her passing away, the father decided to re-marry. In comes the step-mother with her two daughters, Olivia and Fanny. Both of them immediately take a disliking to Sinder, forcing him to do their chores. Sinder, as time went on, was forced to wear rags, instead of his pretty and well-kept clothes. Because of this, the prince stopped playing with Sinder- Leaving him all alone. Years later, Sinder is now 17, constantly doing work and chores every day. He wants nothing more than to off his step-mother and sisters. When suddenly, the family receives an invitation to the Kings grand festival, which will last for three days. Finally, Sinder has a chance to meet the prince again. But what are his intentions with him? After all these years, is he just going to let go of his hatred? Progress; As of now, the draft for the demo is complete and I am currently re-writing it. No artwork is available yet. Thank you for reading! I hope you can look forward toward my first project.
  2. Would this translate any of Sweet Love? If not, Will this patch still work if Sweet Love is installed or?
  3. Hey, I'm sorry for posting this, but I want to get more into VNs and the VN community- And I sort of want to start by learning Japanese? If a VN looks cool, but hasn't been translated into English, then... I'm screwed, haha- And obviously, it would be amazing if I could read and play untranslated VNS. And if I could get to a good enough level, I hope I could try and contribute to translating VNs in the future? Not anytime soon of course, but I would like to. I have no idea how to even get started, though- Again, I'm sorry for posting this, everyone have a lovely day
  4. Urm, maybe I could proof-read...? I haven't done anything like this before though, so I can't say I would be too helpful, haha
  5. I'm new, so I'm still getting used to things- and thought I may as well post something, so... Any suggestions?
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