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  1. I disagree with this; I feel a powerful tragedy lets you know what'll happen, while making you think, "pls pls dont actually do that to them," but then shit hits anyway -- that's still tension. To me, at least. What do you think? And, I don't really get what you mean by pretentiousness -- as a lot of people have different ways to define it, and to varying degrees. So uh... mind clearing that up? Thinking about it, none come to mind personally. I'm not interested in moege or nukige, but I wouldn't say I can't stand it. tfw you want to defend yaoi but will most def
  2. I've read somewhere that sca-ji's emphasis is not on the mystery, but on the philo. The story is v. thickly foreshadowed to the point you could figure it out in Down the Rabbit-Hole I, so yeah, you've prolly figured it out. I did in Rabbit Hole II. >.> But yeah, the plot is not the focus, nor is it the characters. They're basically excuses to convey sca-ji's philo (not that there's anything wrong with that), but they're regarded to still manage to do well, so I'd say hold on. I'm p. sure if you were to ask most fans, the most iconic scenes for them would be those said nonsense scenes --
  3. This prolly isn't a trope or a cliche but -- using the first-person perspective when the central character is not the narrator. It really hurts the tale because it ends up lacking a distinctive voice/personality for the MC, a personal feeling to the story, or a proper window to the rest of the characters' lives thus being unable to fully develop some aspects of their lives. Clannad, for example, never actually made me care for the Ryou/Kyou route conflict, as I've never actually seen the two communicate in a manner that feels genuine or sincere. Of course, this doesn't include shifting or
  4. i personally compiled the madness of invention but this THIS `~~~ and the h-scenes, those could be made memes and i guess there's the entire nonsense part of kimika's ending in the invention where she and takuji discuss about the changing time, the orgy going on just beside them, the corpse in the corner of the room that seems to be growing to the size of a cow, and what to do with their useless naked teacher/toilet.
  5. Recently played ebi-hime's Asphyxia. It was surprisingly good. The writing was flowery and fluid (a stark contrast to most things you'd find tl'ed or originally in english) and the vocab is rather wide. The handling of its subject matter (depression) was done really well. It never glorified Samantha's unhealthy obsession with Lillian, and how she handled things. It was portrayed to be exactly that -- unhealthy. But at the same time, it understood how difficult it is to cope with it. But despite the subject matter, it also knew how to be funny. The humor blended well into the characters' conver
  6. So people should rather fool themselves into loving some hack writers work? What you say is probably true in some cases, but it's probably the writers not really giving a shit more often and goes for the winning formula at all costs, at least these days. It's about appreciating a work, not loving. It's just my way of thinking that you should try to at least find something to appreciate in something you read, even if you dislike it. And even then it's fine to dislike it. But if you can't even appreciate something because the writer didn't give a shit then I understand. I would probably hate the
  7. kawashima rino is p. kewl at least. prolly the only eroge VA I will remember because she's everywhere lol sharnoth's probably my favorite VN so I hope you enjoy it especially the 10/10 god-given minigame anyway a large part of why sharnoth's cool is its writing style, but the TL doesn't carry it over all too well. listening to the voices, however, are really fun due to the poetic way they narrate/speak. my suggestion would be to listen more than read
  8. I don't really understand why people use cliche as a complaint. In the cases of things like rom-coms, dramas, some say it shows the author is lazy, or simply using own experiences and not his imagination, but really imagination is about making something palatable for reading. If you simply churned out your experiences you will undoubtedly find it indulgent if anything. Some say it leads to things predictable, but if everything is about your twists you will definitely trip up somewhere. Lord of the Flies does not rely on its twists for example, and you probably know what'll happen in the end, b
  9. Red's an actual hair color tho~ I sadly have everything I wanted to mention mentioned or with one character with white hair.
  10. I was attempting to formulate my thoughts into a meaningful manner and add to the topic. I now realized I can't. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF--- YES DECEMBER CANNOT COME ANY FASTER
  11. what would an okami vs. scorp h-scene thread be like
  12. Sekien no Inganock and Shikkoku no Sharnoth come to mind. It's not created to arouse, and plot-relevant too.
  13. This thread again... Well, to answer the question, yes; everything's possible, but don't expect it at all.
  14. Oohara Sayaka - Beatrice (Her hammy voice was unforgettable, especially for one who's typically cast a a gentle character.) Kawashima Rino - Minakami Yuki (I'd make a joke on how much she's used but I do recognize her voice as Yuki.) Nakahara Mai - Watashi (I guess it's not 'signature' but it was so perfect <3.)
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