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  1. Yes, Maria (Tulip Goddess, bad end, whatever is her nickname now) translated and Gerald (ritobito) edited. Vodka did image works (ehm, seems it is Vodoka now).
  2. 428, absolutely. Also having in mind usual Chunsoft problem with 3D, this is the best possible VN out of these. And it have a special scenario, written by Nasu, probably another good point for Type-Moon fans. Kamaitachi they would most likely use the iOS remake, with same localization problems, so no point in it.
  3. Dovac just should shut up in internet and stop discussing his company, trying to manage things or announce anything. But no, he behaves himself like the most hated VN protagonist, telling nonsenses, sending f**ks to the world and doing other stupid things (like he always do), repeating he do not care about community and only people who pay. No surprise people got pissed and want to fry such a person in hell's kitchen. That's not a VN. I personally think he does not deserve the money and trust people give him by paying for SP games. And the frustration they got after seeing whom they funde
  4. @mnakamura music is supported? Means, you were able to convert it?
  5. Fata Morgana is okay, it have all the elements in topic. Cartagra is less disturbing than Kara no Shoujo.
  6. Who will register there? Really, how wide is Nutaku audience? I see no difference between this and using MG site or Jlist. Even if they will create a site (this is not actually too complex), there is a big problem to gain audience. Steam have their audience because they have TONS of games of different genres and VN is just a niche one, which some Steam gamers occasionally catch. While when you create something targeted especially on that niche product, it would get only sales from these niche players, who registered on your niche website, dedicated to porn games. This is utopian idea.
  7. Almost any VN from Alicesoft have all of these 3 elements. And if compare with quests - check YUNO and try to find any difference between old-schoool adventures (apart that your character is not on the screen). I see almost no difference, apart chinese porn pixelart.
  8. There is no clear definition what a "VN" is. So question is quite retard. Bunny Black or Raidy is not a game? No? Ace Attorney is not a game? Really? Maybe Sengoku Rance is not a game too? And Melty Blood is not a fighting too? That's just ridiculous. Librogame? You ever heard of Thief and Sword series? Does not look different from these "librogames". So I believe you can name any game genre and it is possible to find a "VN" on vndb, belonging to it.
  9. For MG releases use this tool http://psp4real.ru/pac-mgpk-mangagamer-package-format
  10. @Okarin are you sure you read post-game textes? There is a bunch of text in the log, which describes the situations after the end of the game. They basically cooperated to find that bomber. Anyway, I expected more from the game, not another bunch of same twists I saw in all previous instances.
  11. I really doubt you can sell anything just with catchy tagline, if person is not interested. At least if person do not understand what means "Reverse engineering" and will walk away.
  12. @sanahtlig only specific audience would be interested in an article with title "Reverse engineering visual novels: the basics", so I do not quite understand why he should outline or convince anyone, when all is told in the title. I doubt anyone would even read it, if he is not interested in reverse engineering.
  13. Yes, I just told that your sentence about "you have to write 3 times same thing to make an extract" is an exaggeration, that's all.
  14. You know it yourself. 010 editor with templates. But why do these zlib extractions there? You do them in your script, like I do. That's enough to understand, that this is zlib or AES, not actually required to apply them on data in hex editor to do a code.
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