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  1. Most of the tools and advice in the guide will also work for reading things in that aren't those, there's also a part with methods that will help out will learning through listening (aural) as well. I feel that once you've learnt to read well, simply practicing actually talking/chatting to people will let you get down the other 2 core skills (the tricky part is to find people to do this with ) If you're looking for materials to directly start speaking with, there's actually a lot of books that will teach you useful set phrases. I'm kind of curious to how you could apply kinesthetic learning to learning a language, any examples? you've probably seen it on the /vn subreddit before.
  2. Learning Japanese is something that might seem like a daunting task that will take forever, which probably scares off a lot of people. However, it can actually be quite a fun experience depending on how you decide to tackle it, as it's possible learn it through reading visual novels and other media. It's also quite likely that you will be able to get good enough at Japanese to finish a VN you've been hyped to play before it finishes, or even starts getting a translation, and once done, you'll still have plenty of other VNs to read, that you might never be able to otherwise. For those interested in trying, I hope the guide here will help you with starting out and having a nice time. (note: while it might tempting to do so after you've gotten some proficiency with reading, I'd advise against learning through translating, as it will be much slower than simply just reading more instead, as you'll now have to concentrate on both your japanese and english and the result will probably not be very good yet (translation is difficult).)
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