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  1. Hoshizora no Memoria crash issue

    Yeah thats what i mean,But i followed this guide on Yume's route after i finished Chinami's and fell into Asuho's route again. Perhaps im just screwing up somewhere so im doing the route again atm. Though asuho's Sprites are the only ones that arent appearing next to the choices,maybe this is related. (*Edit* Her sprites are now appearing properly) MAybe im supposed to due Yume's route twice as he has some notes about that.( i just encountered a Yume scene at the festival i didnt have before,I may have asked for help too soon.) I've been placed into Yume's route now,it seems i needed to do it twice,i just jumped the gun,been trying to solve these issues for a week or so before i brought it here,Thanks again & this Topic can be locked if desired.
  2. Hoshizora no Memoria crash issue

    I seem to have fixed the crash issue.however Asuhos route wont save as completed unlike the rest,even with adding a complete game save from someone,which is blocking me from Yume's route,any thoughts on that? again all this is super appreciated. I did see the sprites next to her choices after my first completion,during Komono's route,but not after that.
  3. Hoshizora no Memoria crash issue

    Appreciated. Now this wont change my windows language to Japanese will it? i'd hate to be unable to switch back,i cant seem to find a solution on google,or at least one i can understand. Thanks for answering my questions,It's been a great help.
  4. Hoshizora no Memoria crash issue

    I'm not 100% sure how to do this,are you talking about Control Panel/Region/Location or Control Panel/region/Format? Thanks for the comment,it was amazingly fast.
  5. I keep experiencing a crash related to the save file location,It happens randomly in routes,seems to take place when the current route accessing the save to determine if I've completed the previous route.(Though this is only speculation on my part) Screenshot of the error message- https://gyazo.com/4c79a7df20f14a2e64ccd7f56bfa7ff2 the .bin file in the error changes but the rest of the error is always the same. I'm using Ntleas to play (Perhaps this is the problem) & perhaps certain settings may be causing this as well, Screenshot of my Ntleas Settings- https://gyazo.com/3ec52544571627e720548f3b12a79b6a I've just been Speeding through the routes back to where i was every time,I am greatly enjoying the story & would to finish up the final 3 i have left without the repeat process. I have made sure it's not read only,both the game and save path are on my C: Drive, My specific copy of the game didn't require me to install anything & the patch program gives me a error message in Japanese when i try to run it,I am launching using the MemoriaEN launcher as well.it should also have all admin rights it needs. Game Version says Patch 1.2 I'm open to options at this point,so feel free to comment any you may have.
  6. Absolutely agree with the shuffle opinion here,as to the OP question,i believe you cover the Heroines routes regardless,1 route being all the routes or something like that.,or at least that seems to be the general consensus i've found. Didn't realize it was a dead topic till after my post,Oh well.