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  1. Yuuko

    Uruha Rushia Thread

    im in mikeneko gang
  2. sup sup i changed my name but i remember you from skype (and fuwachat?)
  3. Hello, I love blonde girls. This blog post has been dedicated to my good friend Hata. Here is my tier list for genshin characters: Wait a second there is almost no blondes?
  4. Followed you, looking forward for more blonde girl blogs!
    Especially one about the weeb in ChronoClock.

    1. Yuuko


      sry she sucks

  5. air is """available""" on gba and older ds can play gba games natively
  6. Since my old blog post about SHORT HAIRED GIRLS for @HMN was deleted for being TOO OFFENSIVE you won't be getting it So here I am to at least keep up with my weekly blog posts but I have nothing to post because it would just get deleted So here I am to share this image with you pedos 卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍
  7. wdym it literally is just very good
  8. watch engage kiss it will be the best anime in 10 years
  9. I played the game years ago and if you like to be tortured or rape retarded girls I would recommend it
  10. emi is the only cat we need nya and a very cute one nya
  11. It is not uncommon to see people in mainstream news sources dismiss visual novels, if they’re even mentioned. Born of misconceptions such as belief that Japanese media is often “inferior”; a belief that they “aren’t video games” (despite copious evidence regarding their format and presentation suggesting them to be a different medium entirely); and a difficulty in easily describing and discussing often lengthy and complex works, journalists and other types of discussions tend to ignore them, only trying to focus on shorter, easier to discuss western works that, often, have a mere fraction of t
  12. WARNING: This blog post contains weird Kiri level shit that causes brain damage so reading is not recommended Well yaharro there. This is no ordinary story. This is a story about love, despair, and how Kiri lost his mind. But, in the end, this is all fiction. So do not worry. I will not appear behind your back and force you to burn burn your heart and soul like I did with [CENSORED] JAPAN SALES ONLY So here I am writing a review about Riddle Joker (NOT JOKERS) by everyone's favorite erogay producer Yuzusoft This is a game featuring celebr
  13. Yuuko, aka the best waifu EOPs will never get if I can do something to stop it. (Looking at you MG be careful!!) Hey what's up guys in this new blog entry I will be talking about the best girl in Hapymaher Kirikoi. Her name is Toriumi Yuuko, the perfect girl if you ask me. Those of you who are playing Hapymaher Kirikoi get cucked. She pretty much only appears in the fan disc that is not translated *insert evil laugh here*. (Wait Kirikoi is not translated in the first place. Anyways here is a list what makes Yuuko so good. Is cute Has short hair Has big b
  14. What you are trying to run is the Chinese version of mashiro-iro symphony so you might wanna check if you have all the chinese fonts and other stuff... If it is intentional that it is the Chinese version...
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