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  1. White Violin [Demo] [Kickstarter]

    Relaunched the campaign with more info on rewards and the game: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/18824204/white-violin-gothic-yuri-visual-novel/
  2. White Violin [Demo] [Kickstarter]

    Thanks. I see what you mean. Actually we launched before Sekai Project (maybe an hour or two hours early). They had a sudden launch too. I haven't posted on reddit.
  3. The White Violin. An instrument that hasn't been finished with a soul. A device that only resonates with certain beings. Join Luna as she finds out the mystery behind the white violin, the people in the castle, and her own self. Download Demo Screenshots: Support us on Kickstarter here! Also on Greenlight Hi everyone. I haven't been very active on Fuwanovel so I hope I didn't make a mistake posting here. Sorry if I did. We released Vision of Aurora Borealis last year and I really want to thank Fuwanovel and Fuwanovel forums for helping us. This year we are trying to create a different kind of visual novel. I hope you guys will enjoy it too.
  4. Vision of Aurora Borealis - viva Iceland.

    It's out on steam guys. Sorry for the long wait. http://store.steampowered.com/app/492080
  5. Vision of Aurora Borealis - viva Iceland.

    I apologise for not posting updates on this forum. There had been issues with the previous artist, but they are settled now. We recently released an updated demo with the new CGs.
  6. Short visual novels

    Try Harvest December. https://vndb.org/v3447 VNDB says English is only available on 3DS, although I'm not sure. The Japanese version is also available on ios and android.
  7. Japanese Plurals

    First, I apologise for my inconsistency with the term activity and category. Let's just say anime is a category when we discuss its noncount usage. Count: There are eleven animes this season. Noncount: Anime is love, anime is life. As for difference between singular and plural, let's put it side by side so it's easier to understand. 'The worst anime in 2015' implies there may only be one worst anime, even if everyone knows that anime can mean one or more than one. 'The worst animes in 2015' implies there are definitely more than one bad anime. If this isn't convincing enough, try this. 'The best anime this season' 'The best animes this season' It's natural to use these expressions without quantifiers! I am not arguing that 'Top 10 Worst Anime' is not a viable option. I'm saying there is no need to give up the usage of the plural form of anime, as suggested in this thread.
  8. Japanese Plurals

    No. I didn't. And there is a need to separate prescriptive rules from descriptive rules here. I'll just go along with whatever the dominant usage is, be it animes or otakus, as long as they are sensical. Anyway, here is some usage I've gathered. "Too much anime." (as an activity) "New anime this season" (as a category) as in "New anime this season includes one punch man, noragami 2, gundam..." "I watched a lot of anime lately." (as an activity) ...but in certain cases... "Animes that will haunt you" (as specifying a group of anime) (will mean differently than "Anime that will haunt you", given that certain headlines omit quantifiers like 'an' or 'a') "The worst anime in 2015" will also be different from "The worst animes in 2015" in English.
  9. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Unfortunately I'm rekt even with my strongest team...
  10. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    When I saw in my newsfeed that my friend got two URs in a row...I knew the salt was real.
  11. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    I think 70% of the times I'm rekt...
  12. Anime Charas that share your birthday~~

    December 26, Shiomiya Shiori And also apparently...
  13. Vision of Aurora Borealis

    Relax, at least 1 hour of script is written. I must admit the last few lines in the demo weren't as smooth as I wanted it to be though. We'll change it in the next update.
  14. Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread

    Dropping off some screenshots since you guys did them as well Justifying my full combo Wasn't even worth the effort