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  1. Fank you my fine furry friends.
  2. Best: S;G 0. Worst: Grisaia no Meikyuu. I read 2 VN's this year.
  3. It's not just lifespan, it makes simple tasks more difficult, it induces chronic pain, forces you to alter your lifestyle to one that is more inhibiting, take medicine, contract diabetes, the list goes on (it really does). There is nothing right about it, and if people make a 'choice' like it, they should be at least notified of it. Never will I accept that kind of lifestyle, and neither should anyone else. And for the former statement, lifestyle diversity is meaningless. Smoking characters can disappear from media entirely, I don't care. Obese people can disappear from media entirely, I don't care. These are superficial traits, and don't deserve any recognition in media. If it's there, then sure, whatever, but they aren't obligated to exist either.
  4. This can't be what you truly think. Please. The same could be said for someone with a smoking addiction, it's dreadful, THIS is a terrible message.
  5. Attractiveness should be a moot concept here. Whether someone finds obesity attractive or not is completely irrelevant, and even damaging to the subject in particular. Media should never glamorise something that is pretty much wrong on almost every aspect, in any medium. I don't really mind having fat characters either, but it's as if we're supposed to "accept" it is like telling me to accept someone who has a smoking addiction. Both are wrong, and everyone who is associated with either should be encouraged to steer in the complete opposite direction. Furthermore, why does it need representation in media? I personally look for what makes a character a character, not an image on a screen. Being fat is completely superficial towards the arc of the character, unless of course it's used as a plot device. I want character diversity in fiction, not body shape diversity. (Lolis are nice, though. )
  6. That's not the point though. You already know that those are worthwhile causes, but I wanted you to consider the logic that I'm coming from, whether I'm right or wrong. If I'm right, then you learn something, and if you're right, then I learn something. My goal wasn't to change your mind, it was simply to challenge an idea. FER DE SCIENCE.
  7. I consider it a vacuous thing to care about. Once we've stopped climate change, found world peace, colonized the galaxy, and seen the face of God, maybe the human race should consider it a worthwhile cause.
  8. Okay, whatever. Gender doesn't mean anything, so who cares.
  9. It does? I thought it was a social construct. If it doesn't have a purpose, then let's toss it out the window entirely.
  10. You have to the count of 3 to quadruple check your privilege. Unless of course you can't count, I'm not trying to trigger you.
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