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Im 5 hours into P4 the story is just too damn slow for me.


P4 starts kinda slow.


The difference might be in that I played P3P, so using Yukari was reliable. I always used the main character as nuker. Power/Mind Charge + strongest attack I had was the most satisfying way to play.


+1 that in P3P, Yukari is very useful. I think I used Akihiko, Yukari, and Mitsuru for most of my playthrough, but then swapped in Aigis (maybe for Mitsuru?) near the very end of the game because buffs and debuffs are so powerful. But, take that with a grain of salt since I never play on the highest difficulty (or even the second-highest, I think; Normal all the way)

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Abusing the heck out of Naoto is exactly how I was playing the game as well. Unfortunately, even though I wiped out the random encounter monsters quickly and effortlessly, I still found progress through the game mind-numbingly slow...

It is.  Took me like 80 some hours I think. 

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Today I learned: I hate Naoto's Japanese voice actress.


Not a big fan of the outfits, either, TBH... but I guess I'm not as big a Naoto fan as most other Persona 4 fans.

I hate most of the Japanese voices in P4, especially Teddie's and Yosuke's voices drive me nuts. I think persona 4 is one of the rare games where I feel the English voices are superior to Japanese.


On the other hand, I really like the Japanese voices in 3.

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Shinjiro got shot!...thanks kami-sama he's not dead, but through...What drama.

Also Ken ran away, what a shame...

And finaly, Akihiko-senpai has a new Persona! yay!


So you did managed to complete Shinji's S.Link? I remember being stuck in the last part because I couldn't find the required item and I was too lazy to look it up. 

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