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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread


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For Honoka's event song I managed to FC both standard & random, it's not that hard imo.


As for Eli's event, am I the only one who's going for T1? kinda lonely I guess.


Judging from all the answers, everyone has their own favorite girls. It's actually nice how every members in this thread all have their own personal taste, and I won't judge.

Differences is what makes this world more interesting.  

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you really like this song huh

It's okay. I've just gone T1 so many times I end up getting SSS on a lot of EX songs, especially ones that come into rotation more than once.


People call me weird and a robot and stuff, I don't see why :sachi:






I see Ceris is bragging again :sachi:


Don't worry Eclipsed, got you covered. :makina:

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Anyone plans on tiering for one of the next events? Here's what we're getting for the next 4 ones (posting unidolized and idolized cards).
















None of the cards really interests me, though I guess I'll T1 for Kotori if I have enough gems just to get a SR-or-above waifu team. The unidolized Maki looks nice, though. 

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Oh hey, a new song to get rewa- god dammit




41k? Man, how strong is your smile team? @_@




I'll add Jade to the list of IDs in the OP.

Thanks, oh and my username in SIF is Earthes not Jade so don't be confused~

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Yeah, none of the cards look too good for me either. 

We'll be getting Hero Umi 2 events after that, though. Gotta tier for it.



That Umi event was the very first one on either JP or EN that I completely missed. It happened at the same time as the first Rin event on EN where i took 5th place. I was so not going to do JP as well. I did get to play the event song a few times though, it was Yuuki no Reason. I didn't clear the Random EX (beware to everyone when it comes around)


41k? Man, how strong is your smile team? @_@


Thanks, oh and my username in SIF is Earthes not Jade so don't be confused~

That score is a little out of date, I took that screenshot right when the song came back in rotation, so that was my old Smile team. This is my new score (that I did just now to screenshot lol)




All them 3s :sachi:


And my Smile team


Though, my teams aren't that strong  compared to somee that post here. Eclipsed, Praeliator, Nosebleed, Rizu, Ezeefreak, DarkMerc, Maki~chan, Zehel, they all have stronger teams than me.





On a side note, I see my "Ceris was here" and Rin image was removed. It lasted like 6+ months, but RIP :kosame:

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