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  1. Ty even though you make me mad and confused sometimes, I love you and veeery happy because you are here with us
  2. After 6 10+1s, I decided to do 3 more for Maki..
  3. When will jp version add that seal shop ? I want to see it
  4. The game knows how my cool team has 2 URs and give me another one And my last two 10+1s were one teacher nico then 1 panther maki 100 gems to nothing But hey I did two yolos and got two SRs teacher nico and stamina smile kitty rin I won't use these in my teams though
  5. I'M SORRY NOSEBLEED if that makes you better, 4 of my draws were guaranteed Sr and got two good draws only
  6. Did 6 10+1 and got these 1 new mermaid Umi SR 1 yukata Honoka (idolized her) 1 new years Nico SR (idolized her too) 1 valentines Nico UR (sorry NB..) 1 valentines Kotori SR 1 valentines Rin SR 2 teacher Nicos 1 panther Maki No mermaid Maki
  7. If you want some voice samples for sunshine girls, I found some songs Dia: Chika : (I love her voice and the song ) Yoshiko : Hanamaru : I expected most of them to have high pitch um thin voices but almost all of them has deep voices I like almost all of their voices And this video for more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Etr5_ALCBI
  8. Ceris so lucky!! I want to see the movie tooooo!! and that Rin is very cute
  9. Yesterday I got smile Maki R from daily scout, you had to feel the excitement I had
  10. Nosebleed... you confuse everybody on this forum
  11. @12kami: I thought you were asking this to Nosebleed first Yes Look what happened yesterday! Now I need to idolize Kotori too And got magician Nico, Nozomi, Eli on jp server all very beautiful And job version Hanayo
  12. Maki Maki Maa!~

  13. I like the unidolized Eli so I will try to get her but no motivation sadly I pray hard that vouchers come after this event (shhh a girl can dream ) Hope I can collect all bokura and snow halation rares while trying to get a copy of Maki 5 10+1s ( Will get5 SRs probably ) I somehow liked the expert SMILING! standard mode more btw
  14. I FCed the normal ex first try too but didn't try random one I hope it is fun to play the random
  15. I might wrote Hanayo right before Eri but like Ceris said there is a huge gap between them, I like Hanayo more than before now I love rin and honker a lot and she is the same with them now, Kotori and Umi became 2nd & 3rd faves Nozomi is keeping her 4th I only can't seem to like Eli.. Sorry to all Eli fans I wrote why I don't like her then deleted But I still like the line ''Don't get lost!'' to Pana in season 2 ep 12
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