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  1. I enjoyed the master difficulty songs, they kept my reflex on edge, expect more of 'em soon.
  2. Well to be fair, with additional gold MedFes can provide more rank exp and faster pt. gain. But yeah, it could be tiring on some occasion, I do still remember those moments...
  3. I think they're trying to speed things up in the EN, giving 2 characters SR every event. Probably catching up with the JP for Aqours update.
  4. Ah Ceris I still remember you from the old times~ It's a new chapter for both of us then, cheers.
  5. Well well well, it's been almost a year since last I visit this forum and I'm glad there's still some SIF enthusiast around. I used to play the EN and JP altogether but now it's all in the past. Now I'm using a new ID and still goes by the name Abernite. JP account = Abernite Friend code = 394422741 Pls add me as you see fit. Eli is used to be my best girl, now I chose a new girl from Aqours as my main: the 'Zura' girl, if u know what i mean. Thank you Eli, it was fun being with you.
  6. you noticed that shirt too? In dollars it probably cost like 15 bucks.
  7. Finally arrived to my hometown, Jakarta. And with all the problems I managed to get T2 in Eli's event with top 20000, not bad I must add. Anyway this is gonna be a long post. So I just got back from China to enjoy my summer holiday in Jakarta. I went back to my country from Guangzhou, a big city in southern part of China. I spent a few days there, and at the last day I decided to visit a place called Comic City. At first I thought "oh this place probably only filled with some Marvel, DC Comic, or a few anime comic and manga." Turns out I was wrong: This place is literally packed with all anime related needs: figurines, poster, merchandise, games, etc. You name it. I personally almost lost my mind, it's a place I've been searching for a while since the 1st time I went to China. look at this aisle: Every shop is anime related, with reasonable prices, original and bootleg products are all included. One thing I quickly noticed is, most shops have Love Live related stuffs. Here's some pic I managed to took: Especially for Ceris: This is the one I wanted the most but can't afford it: I managed to bought MG Musha Gundam which I've been wanting for a while though, not bad: It's really amazing how Love Live has influenced a lot in anime world, I'm glad I get to know it. I'm going back to China mid September later, now I'll just kick back and enjoy the summer~ maybe do some part-time jobs to save money to buy that swimsuit ver. Eli. Wait for me, Eli dear.
  8. Happy birthday for Yoshino Nanjou~ her voice is one of many reason I completely falling for Eli, damn that sweet voice... Although I currently have 6 UR in JP all from scouting, I don't have any for the EN except from special event like the recent Eli. It's like my luck are being sucked to the JP.
  9. Just did 2 single yolo scouting and got this Eli do understand me after all!! (delusional intensifies) Yeah I unintentionally brag to his face once when I got cool UR Nico. Really funny fellow that NB, and I miss him...
  10. The exact opposite of me, man I can't afford the gems with my money... Because of my busy week, I can only go for T2 for Eli's event. Japanese gamers sure are hardcore people. The top 10000 score are terrifying Got an UR Nico but only one Eli Not sure if I'm happy about this...
  11. Eli's event again.... man what should I do? Next week not a really good time for me, with exams coming up and I have to get prepared for going back to my country... but she's my girl, guess I have to do all-night study today.
  12. Kamen Rider huh? Well, I'm a Tokusatsu lover myself, especially Kamen Rider. Super sentai is fine, but I'm not so hype about it, since it's more intended for younger audience while Kamen Rider usually have darker story. Last Kamen Rider I watched was Gaim. I'm still skeptical with Drive, is it a good series? As for my favorite, that will be Kuuga and V3, damn both of them are awesome!
  13. I've been playing SIF since August last year, and yeah.. this is what I feel too. I used to play non-stop, everyday until I ran out of LP. Now I only play if there's an event going on, except that, I'll only login for daily rewards. But, my feelings for Eli still as strong as ever, without a doubt
  14. 130 LP... Good gracious... Holly mother of God who is sweet and kind!! Eli's UR right after her event, what a splendid week this is
  15. If it's VN I could relate. It's okay even if they're milking Muse, I just can't let this group go just yet. In other news, I just got this from a friend of mine: She knew I have strong feelings for Eli, and I really appreciated this. But soon my room would becoming more like an otaku's room, it does slightly concerns me.
  16. Since I don't have latest gaming console and currently living in a dorm, I only play portable games. Now playing School Idol Festival (it's been 12 months), and Marvel Future Fight, it's kinda addicting. Haven't play my 3DS for a while now, last game I played was Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
  17. Just finished Fate UBW and Owari no Seraph, Currently waiting for the next episode of dungeon ni deai. I'm postponing Nisekoi 2nd season because I lost the interest, I read the manga though, maybe I'll continue it after it finished airing. Oremonogatari seems interesting too, maybe I should watch it. Is monster musume no Iru nichijou really gonna have anime adaptation?
  18. Today we lost a good comrade. It was fun, thanks for your guidance all this time NB-san... Managed to get T1 for this event. The highest rank I got was 64, drop to 212 after I decided to save my gems for future scouting instead. Now, to max my bond with dear Eli
  19. This seems interesting, if it isn't open up an old wound, could you tell me what happened?
  20. Yeah congratz man, I saw it in my notification too. I know the feel, 9 months ago I FC'ed expert mermaid fiesta vol.1 after 60 tries, weird huh?
  21. Hmm.. at least I have spent 15 LG or more. Yeah, I liked the song, although after I understand the meaning behind it, I do feel a little bit sad.
  22. I think I'm done with the tiering. I'm still in top 100, so I think it should suffice to keep me in T1. I'm gonna save the gems for next limited bibi or 3rd year scouting. Arifureta is a nice song, I've played it more than hundred times and it still not bored me
  23. Watched it last week in the cinema. Well, not as good as the 1st but still an enjoyable movie imo. I like dinosaur, and this is a sequel of the film that made me interested in them, so why not? And Chris Pratt here too. I like the variety of the new dinosaurs, and the raptors? F*ckin awesome, especially Blue. She and Owen are my favorite characters in the movie. And as I watched I can't help but felt a little nostalgic. Man, time goes so fast, it's been 20 years or so since the original. Does anyone notice that the T-Rex is the same one from the original JP? Older, but angrier.
  24. Arghhhh, that chorus part in soldier game still killing me man...
  25. The only super hard song i can't FC are soldier game and otomeshiki. Others? Nailed it. About the love live! sunshine, I just hope they won't be a disappointment.
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