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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread


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90k FP ready. I'll see how many I can get :vinty: (In fact I haven't finished Bokura set...


Well, I end up using 30k FP only and these are what I got.

New N, and she appears twice.


Hi Kayo-chin!


Hi Maki-chan! (best cool R as of now in EN)




Another new N? I guess I missed her back then.


Hi Ericchi and first idolising goes to Rin!


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This update is probably because of the movie coming out.


The JP servers always do things like these when there's some love live event going on in there but the Eng server won't have them because, well, the people who play on the Eng server are usually not in Japan so KLab just assumes they're all ignorant idiots that don't know what's going on around them.

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I totally forgot about that, and no I didn't see the Eng notice, I don't read notices.

Still late as usual though, the Eng servers are always the last to get everything at the end of the day, and that's what sucks and KLab doesn't really care.

Also it's clear some of the updates are from the movie, they've been hyping it for 9 weeks straight now, of course they'd do something.

God knows when (and if) we'll get that though.


KLab Eng also doesn't have some of the promo events JP has, it's always been like that.

Namely all the UR exclusives I doubt we'll ever get.


Also they could update the GUI by now, but they never do.

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What is GUI ? :D JP gave 9 love gems for movie and that is it we will get 2 tickets and 10 gems on eng like them(yeeey more rares >.<) and for jp server we get stuff at 00:00 japan time so people in there are actually getting everyting at the same time with you (you get at 00:00 too right?) and we are not even supposed to play jp server :P

Some updates like adding voucher system should be same with jp server I think but some must be updated now (like game accounts connected to google+ accs etc.< great update btw)


And anyone here has information about ''seal shop'' and when it might come?

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We don't get stuff at the same time we get stuff at 00:00 in every timezone, meaning that someone living in GMT +1 will get something an hour earlier from me and someone living in Japan will get something 9 hours earlier.

The game's time is not standardized, they only standardize it for events.


I just think the globalization of the game could be done a bit better. But alas, I'm not switching to JP because fuck starting from scratch so I'll just put up with it.

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I just noticed I sacrificed the event Normal somewhere during the event...

God damn it... *facepalm*


I also just discovered the biggest fail I've made.

I still don't have the side stories for all the initial Rin rares even though I've already idolized them all.


I feel really dumb right now.

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Another event, another reward~

Following Nosebleed's footsteps, I decided to log my playthrough, just in case anyone would be interested to see how much (or actually how little) is required to get the event girl idolized and nab decent prizes. I haven't skipped any daily playthroughs, although progress was kind of sloppy since I spent a lot of time outdoors; I propably lost a share of LP for not paying constant attention when the gauge replenished. Batman black flies are to blame for this.

[Note my current rank is 153 and I'm past 100LP - 104LP, to be precise. In short - 4 EXP songs and a single easy song when you're over; if you don't want to waste LP, that is]


  • Stones at start: 37
  • Stones used: 7
  • Stones obtained: 6
  • Daily Stones: 2
  • Special reward: 5
  • Level UPs: 2 (aka two free stones)
  • End result: 43 stones

At the moment, it's really easy to keep up with most events, even when you're left behind a bit. KLab is constantly stretching the cutoffs for event prizes and the current one was at 4500. However, this was a Rin event and I actually felt the pressure that forced me to use those 2-3 stones in the beggining, just in case. Rin is mildly more popular than the rest of LL gals in EN version (I think only Umi and Nico top her, although it depends on card quality - at times it gets preety intense for other girls, too!). I guess it wouldn't be actually possible to get that Rin without spending stones - in the end I was past the maximum limit and had to spend more stones to position myself safely. Last 24h were unusually peaceful this time. That preety much concludes my thoughts on this event. I'll definately fight for the Eli and aim at least for T2 as well.

Scouting ticket gave me a Rare Nozomi abd 5000 FP gave me nothing.

This game really hates me now.

Nose, pls

I wasted more than 25k FP saved specially for the end and only got the newest Kotori. No second N, either :amane:


(No FC, cause I laughed my ass off throughout the entire round; it's kinda hard to tap n' shit)

I'd love to bury my face in Nozomi's ample bosom. Like, seriously and she likes to hug so much.



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