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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread


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Getting a waifu in this game sucks. I got two legit URs, but I can't help but leave the christmas Kotori as my lead.

Think I lost a few friends by doing it, but oh well  :wafuu:


You guys should add me now, don't think I can get anything better and I'm actually needing UR accounts as friends, even with this rank.


ID is 487696185

i dont have any UR you know T_T

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This is it ladies and gentlemen. I'll wasted all my gem for her, hoping for T1. And Arifureta is easily one of my favorite song, this is gonna be an enjoyable week  :wahaha:




In Eli's event last year I managed to be in the top 100. This time I hope I can do it too. 

As for Honoka's... nah, after getting her SR I'll just focus on Eli again.

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I did that for a JP event recently. I left like 2 hours of grinding right to the end, and had like 2-3 min remaining when I got the SR, main the rush was scary, I thought I wasn't going to make it.

So, I'm going to be SR rushing Eli (hopefully) Anyone else with me? :mare:

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@Ceris put her back in centre during this token event and say rip to your FP :wahaha:


Welp event starts. ErixUmi is strong in this one :P 

?? I don't use my two URs, so who cares? :sachi: If anything, I'll get more FP since I normally use an R Rin as leader :illya:

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I'll get my lazy hands off my laptop, grab my phone, and tap the Love Live icon to boot it up all so I can enter the game and add Kaguya-sama~


Oh crap I missed a day for the log in gems FUUUH


Yup, me too




my app also closed while I had an EX song paused

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Those wedding dressings look awkward as hell, not sure I'd even want to idolize any of those cards.


In case you guys don't know about it, someone made a cutoff predictor.  Pretty useful.


Currently sitting at about 6500 points with 2 loveca left. I'll level up soon and get 2 more from the login bonuses... There's also the ones I'll get on the event, which I haven't counted for. Wonder if I can make it to t2. 


My favorite is Kotori, by the way. 

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