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Love Live! School Idol Festival Thread


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That Umi event was the very first one on either JP or EN that I completely missed. It happened at the same time as the first Rin event on EN where i took 5th place. I was so not going to do JP as well. I did get to play the event song a few times though, it was Yuuki no Reason. I didn't clear the Random EX (beware to everyone when it comes around)


That score is a little out of date, I took that screenshot right when the song came back in rotation, so that was my old Smile team. This is my new score (that I did just now to screenshot lol)




All them 3s :sachi:


And my Smile team


Though, my teams aren't that strong  compared to somee that post here. Eclipsed, Praeliator, Nosebleed, Rizu, Ezeefreak, DarkMerc, Maki~chan, Zehel, they all have stronger teams than me.





On a side note, I see my "Ceris was here" and Rin image was removed. It lasted like 6+ months, but RIP :kosame:


Since yours 'Aren't that strong' team is higher than mine by about 500 i think i will take your advices on not looking on those above mentioned name team.

On a side note, that UR KOTORI is making me so jealous right now TvT 

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Stopped caring for this event after that shit scout full of Elis.

Not even going to get the SR anymore.

I'm going to take a break just like on Nozomi's event.

This happened to me too in previous Hanayo event, I just thought ‘f*ck it' and stop playing for the event.

When it comes to scouting, and the result is sucks, I'll just thought ‘I'm saving up my luck'. In this kind of game optimism is important. Well, sort off..


Anyway does anyone here have their own love live merchandise, like figurine or poster? I know Nosebleed has lots of Nico's goodies though

Mine is like these:



I think I'm to biased in my choices.

I've planned to buy more figurine, but my allowance speak otherwise...

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Too lazy to post multiple images so have every figure I own (which isn't much)




All 3 Love Live figures were actually given to me, the No Brand Girls Rin from OriginalRen here on the forum, and the Mogyutto Rin and Hanayo are from a user on Reddit named Histy, who placed 2nd in the previous Rin event.


Also, I found this trio at a small local anime convention earlier this year



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Really love how this maki cosplayer looks extremely stuck up just like the real maki :sachi:

I thought the same thing, and Rin having the biggest smile fits too!


i forgot to add "fe" so please spare me ok ?  :kosame:

You are supposed to subtract the "fe-" :sachi:

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You guys do know there's a picture of him in the IRL picture thread, right?

you know i always.. . . wait,why you use HIM ? =.=


I'm always a cute girl, please do carry on with referring to me as she.

please forgive me NB-sama



You are supposed to subtract the "fe-" :sachi:

you do first then me the second :D

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Here's a picture of nosebleed. Posted by himself. 



The 1st thing came out in my mind when I saw the picture is Mario Bros, I dunno why...


Wait... this might not be NB herself, maybe this is her friend or relative, just to confuse everyone in the forum so we won't know her true identity lol  :holo:.  This is worth investigating.

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