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What Would Your Superpower Be?

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Say you're in a character in a Shounen-esque anime, what you like your special power / technique / whatever to be?


I would have to go with a little thing from "Vampire the Masquerade" called Obtenebration. (Anyone who's used this power should know how OP it is.)

Basically, it's the control of supernatural shadows, which allows you to cloud areas in impenetrable darkness (in which one will slowly go insane / panic instantly); summon tentacles (that's right, tentacles) made of shadow to fight for you; create illusions to look like anything from a wall to a copy of yourself; turn into a shadow yourself; and my favourite, create portals to teleport from one shadow to another or go into the "Abyss", a deep endless darkness so far flung from reality that it's actually "below" Hell. ^^ SWEET!

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The ability to be really useless and bland and have a massive harem at the same time without lifting a finger. 


Seriously though I've said it before and i'll say it again i'd totally have Shinobu's powers from Bakemonogatari. 

Be able to live in a different dimension within the shadows. Be immortal/invincible with super regeneration. Time travel. Super enhanced mobility (It was stated once that she could go from Antartica to Japan with a single jump). Be able to spawn minions (Though i find these rather useless). Spawn anything i want right in front of me (only when powered up from drinking blood) and have badass fighting skills wether I'm holding weapons or not. And I look cute as hell. Yes please.

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Hmm the #1 power i would love to have is Issei's Dress Break in Highschool DxD, it's the ultimate weapon against women. A serious power would be Rei's Blue flames from Code:Breaker, being able to burn anything you touch is so awesome, also not even leaving a single trace of evidence behind. He's also able to control much much more powerful flames later on, they are really fucking badass, even though it all comes at a price.




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Id go with being able to control the wind like Kazuma (in Kaze no Stigma). And id also like to be able to cancel out any magic/supernatural powers XD (Like Toma from Majutsu no index)... or Twin blades would also be a cool skill... i have lots but imma stick to my top 3 *-*

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id have to say the power to teleport so i can visit people all over the world, and it would make stalking the major easy muwahahah!


you can stalk me any day of the week, krill-senpai




I would have the power to give other people really dumb powers. Like.. the power to fly, but just barely. So they would have to flap their arms like crazy to just barely stay in the air. It would be hilarious

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Mmmmmh a cool super power..? I guess anything related with fire, i find it really cool


Or something like "summon loli" i don't care that much about fighting after all XD

 "Summon loli" would be a nice power power, but if that doesnt count guess i will pick the "power of kings" :D 



Edit:always fail with images

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Don't worry, no one can hear us in there. 


Come on be gentle with me  (个_个)


Nothing good can possibily come from any of us having superpowers. Ever!

Well that's surely true that's why i would like something light as a "summon loli" hahaha that would be harmless :P

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