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  1. How are you not dead yet

    1. Darklord Rooke

      Darklord Rooke

      Only the good die young :P

  2. YUsSFPM.png

    rip people who didn't matter

  3. Kaguya can you pls ban me dont you hate me
  4. We should round them up and exterminate them.
  5. Flutterz's powers are weak. I need the power of a global mod to ban me.
  6. Can I get banned

    so when am i going to get banned
  7. Can I get banned

    that's not as fun I want them to pin me down with their large hammer
  8. Can I get banned

    can you guys report me so i can get banned thnx
  9. Why did it disappear? Now there's no point to this site's existence anymore
  10. What the fuck happened to the chat room now there's no point to fuwanovel's existence

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      Essentially. Or lack thereof. 

  11. Anyone Really Religious here?

    >All these atheists, fedoras, and infidels in this thread
  12. youtube - Most random

  13. Good visual novels are dead.

    1. Mr Poltroon

      Mr Poltroon

      They only become good post-mortem.

    2. Aniki


      I didn't mean it literally but okay

  14. If anyone is wondering why I don't show up in chat anymore, I was banned for one day about a few weeks ago and I'm still banned.

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    2. Kurisu-Chan


      Wait, you didn't get unban?


    3. Aniki


      This is why you don't put Frenchmen in authority.

    4. Kurisu-Chan


      More like Brazilian. :holo: 

  15. Looking for a new VN to read

    VA-11 HALL-A. It's practically a visual novel. A great read with great art and music.
  16. Someone please give me 3 dollars

  17. I congratulate Great Britain for their extraordinary display of democracy.

  18. What Anime are you watching now?

    We just streamed the entire Girls und Panzer series as well as the OVAs and the movie. It was a solid 10 hours of pure tank madness. The chat was also extremely fun. We had up to 220 viewers. Girls und Panzer is the best anime film released this season. I hope more would come in the future, and more people would come aboard our wild ride (and long wait times).
  19. Spring 2016 Anime Discussion

    Has anyone seen the Girls und Panzer movie? There won't be subs for a few days- so I'm reluctant to watch the raws.
  20. solidbatman AMA v2

    Do you love me?
  21. Truly, the life of a nomad is difficult. One must constantly move to find new lands. One uses the nearby resources to its fullest extent, before shortly leaving to find more. It is the same with any wanderer on the internet. One constantly searches for new sources of entertainment, to get rid of this boredom. Some find fertile land and learn to farm, though some continue to search for new lands, like a nomad. Well, that was a poor attempt at an analogy. Well, to get things straight, I'm leaving. Not like it matters, anyway. My disappearance would help preserve the already scarce energy within the universe, carefully maintained by the incubators. So, eh- the true purpose of this thread isn't to announce my leaving, which I can do quietly, but to leave just a few words. Announcing my disappearance is just a consequence of leaving my last words, after all. Sure, I say a few but everyone would realise that this would be a relatively lengthy message. Now, how I ventured into Fuwanovel? I don't remember. I was sure I was reverse-searching a certain CG, and I ended up here. Fuwa didn't really interest me all that much, though. I made an account since I wanted to mess around the former Games and Chatter forum (Now replaced by the highly inferior Coliseum of Chatter). I eventually found myself in a certain roleplaying site, and met its eccentric leader and her staff, whom I enjoyed being with. It was fun while it lasted, certainly. It was such a shame. After its disappearance, I returned to Fuwa- which was as stagnant as ever. Nothing changed between those months of inactivity (Well, I did notice the missing torrents). Since I've never really gotten interest in visual novels, I remained in the Coliseum, waiting for people to fight. It was then that the FuwaChat had appeared, which was disastrous. Still, it did its purpose. By then, I was able to fight people directly, in real time, rather than wait for each post. It was a good addition, and I gladly abused my moderation powers to their fullest extent. And thus, that's the summary of what I did on Fuwa. It was 10% contributing to the community and 90% fighting other people. Time well spent. And thus, I leave you with my final words: Death to each and everyone one of you. I mean- eh... my apologies, that was my inner voice talking. I'll voice it a little better. May the rest of your lives be uneventful. Now, that sounds better, doesn't it? ... Right... I'm sure you're expecting individual messages as well, so- eh, why not? I'll leave some messages to the people I've stepped on, spit on, insulted, and fought. I'll also leave some messages to those I messed around with when I was bored. We're still waiting on you, lad. Kaguya Ah, Kaa-chan, I've never talked to you in a looong time! Do you still love me? I hope you do! Well, eh, I missed your old name. Members of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام) HMN You're haram. Mustkill You're haram. Monmon You're a high level of haram. The highest level, even. Kiriririri More than two 'ri's are haram. Aho inu. Mugi You are a high level of haram as well, but whatever. You're not Arab anyway. Linova You are also haram, but not that it matters. Babiker Not you; you're halal. Oh, thanks for sending Kanra over. I bet Kanra caused a mess. Schutzstaffel Nayleen Nayleen and I used to be friends. Now he's an aho aho German. I'm still waiting on that beer of yours. Tay Your Majesty. Give me admin please. Thanks. If you think I forgot to leave a message for you, then you were probably a bunch of lowlives who will never amount to anything. Well, eh, farewell. I leave you with a top secret image I took from Pyongyang.