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What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?


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Currently somewhere in Chapter 7 of Xillia 2; just beaten the bird spirit boss to be more specific. I'm liking the story, but the affinity and new orb systems make it so easy to set story progression aside to grind on both. I especially like seeing what new combo moves I'll get with each new arte my characters learn.


Also been getting surprisingly into Marvel Puzzle Quest, especially since I've discovered a winning combination in Black Widow and Magneto. I am curious how long it's going to be until they put in Guardians of the Galaxy cards

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Just a heads up for some of the newer members, we have a dedicated "What VN are you playing" thread here. So while you are more than welcome to say what you are reading in this thread, you will likely foster more discussion by posting in the dedicated thread ;)

Sorry, I think I had a hand in causing that mix up, since I mentioned buying Planetarian  :/  Sorry if I confused anyone.

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Beaten chapter 7 of Xillia 2...well, this game's certainly entering  darker territory than the first game.

Will admit though it's a pretty ballsy move to have an alternate Milla join the party instead of the one we know. Not quite sure if I like this version yet but we'll see if they can pull it off. I just hope the story doesn't pull some stupid twist that reveals that this actually is the Milla we know she just had amnesia when she ended up in the alternate timeline

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Help time. 


I recently bought a copy of Mind Zero.   I am moderately intrigued by the blatant Persona rip-off but reviews everywhere are telling me to run.   Advice?


I'm passing on it. But that's because I'm not a huge fan of first-person dungeon crawlers anyways. Can't really say much else about it since I haven't played it.  ...looking just based off of some reviews and scores, I'd run too though. At least until the price drops more imo... I mean it looks cool, but there are many other great-looking games coming out too.  (btw, love the new profile pic, Hajime&Chiaki so cute!)

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