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  1. Are Lolis in Eroge illegal in the US?

    I'm not in Utah. I looked up mine. It says they have to be 16, but the characters don't specify age. So...I'm good to go.
  2. Are Lolis in Eroge illegal in the US?

    I thought I read somewhere mangagamer wasn't based in US?
  3. Are Lolis in Eroge illegal in the US?

    Should be, eh? Best get rid of them to be safe, I suppose.
  4. Well, are they? I can't really seem to find an answer. I'm just worried since I have two eroge with loli characters, Maji Koi and Grisaia. Grisaia is being published, with 18+ material, in America by Denpasoft in partnership with Sekai Project, an American company. Neither specify the ages. So....is it legal? Illegal?
  5. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Cooking can be fun. It is also hell when you get slammed at a restaurant.
  6. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    I'd suggest going back and beating up your younger self for being an idiot.
  7. It could work. I just floated inbetween social cliques in school. I could hang out with just about whoever whenever I felt like it.
  8. Dakimakura

    Knows that Tsugumi is best girl?
  9. Hentai

    >Kiryuu Tatsuki I wonder where I have heard such a name before? -_- For those who cant access sadpanda. No clue. Doesn't sound familiar. Not one bit.
  10. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    Clearly you haven't played the game.
  11. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    To be fair, both Gilgamesh and Emiya-Archer aren't really what you'd think of when you say the word. I mean, both generally use weapons other than bows. Basically, every type of weapon aside from a bow. Archer generally either uses his swords or UBW, which is just a shit-load of swords. He does, sometimes, use his bow.....but to fire a Noble Phantasm in the shape of a lance. Gilgamesh doesn't use a bow at all, and he is Archer-class. He just straight up fires an endless amount of weapons of all varieties at his opponents. Consider this, and the fact that Tohsaka had only seen Archer use his swords up to that point....her comment makes sense. It's less 'Hurp-a-durp. Archer class are archers,' and more 'Well shit. You do have the abilities of an archer. Despite only using swords up until now.'
  12. Anime's explained in one sentence

    Durarara! - Trolling at it's finest.
  13. Hentai

    I'm here to promote NinjaKitty on Hentaifoundry. Cuz she's totally awesome.