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I rate your waifu/s/husbando/s

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3 minutes ago, FruitsPunchSamurai said:




Regardless of cross dressing, I genuinely like the design and outfits of Astolfo. The clothing choices in the fanart ive seen are always nice too. -1 for becoming a meme, -1 for being in a Fate anime. 

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4 minutes ago, EastCoastDrifter said:
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I don't know her name, but I've seen her plenty of times. Generally I like red eyes + dark hair, but her outfit is too "anime" so to speak. -1 for Fate -3 for chesticles being so spaced out -2 for me not knowing her name. +2 because damn those thighs dont lie.  

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6 minutes ago, Kaguya said:
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Anime - Azur Lane  Ping Hai (Azur Lane) Ning Hai (Azur Lane) Wallpaper


Both can count as one waifu(!!)

6/10 for the left. 4/10 for the right.

Both are pseudo-lolis or as Republicans call them, LINO (Lolis in name only). The one on the left has dark hair, red eyes, which again is a positive. The one on the right is almost correct with the red eyes, dark hair, but she has twin tails which ruins it. However, as LINOs, they please no one at all. 

Art is cute though and very well drawn. 

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2 minutes ago, McDerpingheimer III said:



failed embeds just get me man. I love them.

Real rating: 7.5/10. This isnt fuwareviews so i can use decimals. She seems wholesome, but is from 2hew i think so I will never know the truth. She must go through so much shampoo and conditioner, i shudder at the cost of that. bonus points for the nice dress and snazzy hat. Minus from being 2hoe. 

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17 minutes ago, Zenophilious said:



when the art is better than the character. 5/10. At least this saber understands armor. Not unique in any way. Loyal though I guess.

13 minutes ago, Ranzo said:





Kanan went to the Itaru Hinoue school of art? Find me a better picture for a better response. 

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