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Hello everyone,

I want to make a visual novel with branching stories and a lot of choices with many endings. But Art style hinder me.

What kind of art style most people like? Is it Japan anime style or Western style? Which one do you like from the picture under this text?

And which kind of story people will like the most? Does Romance visual novel is too mainstream?

I have plan for 1. Fantasy Romance, 2. Crime/Supernatural/Romance, 3.Horror/Thriller/Romance, 4.Romance/Drama and 5.Romance/Comedy.

Please help me guys~ Thank you so much!



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3 minutes ago, Narcosis said:

Maybe try making it mainly for yourself, rather than for others? Perhaps then you'll know what artstyle you'd like to stick with. Making things only with money in mind is a rather shortsighted approach.

Indeed, make the vn you'd like to play and with attributes that fit your own tastes. I think that way you'd be more invested and passionate about what you're trying to make, it would help greatly overall in my opinion.

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Preferred art style would be "1" for me.

I wouldn't be into a romance only VN, if that's what you're asking. I could see myself getting into "2. Crime/Supernatural/Romance", especially if the crime and supernatural elements go well together. What I mean is, the crime shouldn't be entirely explained by the supernatural. This can be done without making the supernatural elements redundant but it's difficult to do right imo.

If this VN is something you're going to pursue, regardless of what direction you decide to take it, I wish you good luck and urge you to update us on your progress along the way :)

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My main advice, an advice someone gave me long ago, and i still hold to it.

Write the story you want to read, the kind of stories you enjoy, it can be anything, romance, fantasy, sci-fi, just write something that will please yourself, maybe put in your fantasies...etc, at the end, the most important when you create something, is if it'll please you, first of all.


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