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Need a (few) banners for the beta site


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Hello everyone,

have you seen the beta site already? http://beta.fuwanovel.net/


But Naaay, that looks like the old one!

Thank you for noticing, but there's also one other theme available right now through the theme picker (or this link: http://beta.fuwanovel.net/?theme=summer-sky). Having the Oldschool Cool theme as the default was intentional in order not to alieante users too much, but the new theme system allows to change the site up completely, and drastically, so please look forward to it.

It's currently undergoing another rewrite (feature-par right now, so I'm finally adding new stuff), but the "Games" section will be disabled until we've figured out the direction we're going in with the VN information we want to display.

For that reason I need one, or multiple banners, like these old ones focusing on "featured" releases:


Ideally we'd have multiple of them, and I'd really like to have multiple just to point to the different parts of the site: Blog, Forums, Reviews(, optional: TL Moon) in a flashy manner. The required dimensions for this display are 1024px by 354px, but I won't limit your creativity here, so please go crazy if you want to make them full-screen width. Keeping the aspect ratio would be ideal, though.

So please, get those creative juices going, so we can push for a final, first release of the new site, so we can push the direction of the site for the immediate, and obviously long-term, future!

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On 3/31/2016 at 3:48 AM, Silvz said:

beautiful, where is this from?

I think for start you could use some of the most famous, like Dramatical Murder, Amnesia [kind of], No, Thank  you!!!, Kindred Spirits



I fucking had to.

edit: gonna edit this thread with stuff that i come up with instead of mass posting lol














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@The Major made a me a ton of banners for visual novel plays. Here are some of them that I still have:




You can simply remove the text that isn't the title of the game, and I think he can also link of the banners from his album. I'm talking to you @The Major.

Also, if you can use these in any way, I think I finally found a purpose for them:



I'd be more than willing to edit the lines on these and spend some extra time making adjustments.

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