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  1. Im trying to install Grisaia no Kajitsu but in the install this part comes up telling me to browse for a folder but i dont know what folder and i cant read Japanese! Please help!
  2. Monobeno loli game fan translation project Video of first scene of prologue (vndb) http://youtu.be/TFEAFNLR_FQ Edit 15/07/14 : Release of the first scene as a subtitled video. Thanks everyone for your support and ExiledSaber for his editing. I still don't have the time nor the motivation to translate the rest of the game myself, but be certain that I would participate with any other interested translators to get this game in English. (Youtube coming latter) ~~~ Monobeno - Scene 1 (eng-subs) [720p] : Mega | ~~~ ~~~ Unedited script ddl: .ass : Mega | .txt : Mega Edited script ddl: .ass : Mega Work raw (.mkv) ddl : Mega ~~~ Hello everyone! As a Monobeno fan, I'm looking to enhance visibility of this great game. Considering its position as a 18+ loli game, official English release is sadly highly improbable. While I don't have the skills to edit, hack nor patch the game, I decided instead to do what I can. In short, painstakingly translating the first scene, making a video out of it on auto play and slowly timing it. The resulting video of the game with English subtitles will then be shared through torrent, direct downloads and Youtube. As I said, I can not edit. English is my second language and Japanese my third. Thus, I need some new friend(s) with high English proficiency to check my translation and make it more fluid and natural. Of course, keeping each character's speech pattern is also important. For example, Natsuha talks like a kid and Sumi talks in a very polite, archaic way. Afterward, I would also need quality checker(s) to ensure there isn't any timing or spelling mistakes. It would be great to also have someone to check my translation since I still have a lot to learn, but it is not a priority. I have no particular plan once this video is done. I don't have the time nor the motivation to translate everything myself -especially since I'm still far from completing the game-, but I will gladly join anyone willing to help. If you are interested please leave a comment, send me a private message or simply email me at zakudono(dot)loli(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you! Speech patterns : Current team as of 11/07/14 : Positions needed as of 15/07/14 : Project completion as of 15/07/14 (100%) :
  3. Alright, so I logged on yesterday only to notice that all the images had mysteriously disappeared. I thought maybe there was an error with the browser, so for the time being I simply ignored it and continued with my chatting and browsing. However, I logged on today to notice that nothing had changed, between a log off and a restart. I have tried sever different ways, and the only browser that still supports images is Firefox, but the post box disappears in Firefox. Can someone help me out here? It would be much appreciated. Edit: here's a picture. There are supposed to be multiple GIFs here, and a few Signatures too (also a picture), but I can neither see my own, nor theirs.
  4. The topic says it all.I've been dying to play the game(空飛ぶ羊と真夏の花)[vndb.org/v14061] but I need an hcode to make it hook with ITH. I tries ITH 3.0 and even 2.3. Pls help me!!!!
  5. Hi! i finished Muv-Luv extra a while ago (had to spend time finishing all the routes) and i started muv-luv unlimited earlier today and i am somewhat far in But my main question is does Takeru get home? i don't want any plot details just a simple yes or no would be ok i usually don't like spoilers but it's bugging me because i would of loved a follow on to the routes :') would of been nice and so far when looking at the other game's it only lists being after unlimited :S thanks in advance ^.^
  6. Hi everyone, This is a noobie question, but as of now I'm clueless as to how to use Kirikiri and KAG to unpack/pack VN files. Following the instructions on http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Kirikiri2_for_Translators, I downloaded Kirikiri2/KAG3 from here http://kikyou.info/tvp/#downloads, copied the krkr.eXe file to my game folder, then put in the command "krkr.eXe -i data.xp3 -o" and.. it simply starts the game. If I add an output folder at the end of the command, I get the error message: "スクリプトで例外が発生ちました。ストレージstartup.tjsが見つかりません。" Please help. I've been Googling for days, and my Japanese is at first year level so I can't rely on Japanese webpages at all.
  7. Does anyone know how to install Touma Kojirou's Detective Files? I can't install it even if I have the patch and crack. how do i get it work? please
  8. EDIT: I have found a solution to the problem, this thread can be deleted/closed! Hello! I am working with Onscripter-en to add english text into a game called "Cancel a Format" which is a Hetalia: Axis Powers Dating Sim. So far I've managed to extract the script, edit it, insert a bit of english text and run it without too many problems (at least, ones that crash the game.) Now I'm looking into fixing it up a bit. My problem is that in the "Destination Select" menu, where you choose where to go during the day, the menu options are often squished together. (This issue also occurs in some regular game menus, such as when you are given options on how to respond to a character) It looks like this *Top-Right corner*. The example is "MusicRoom" The text in the script though, is separated by a space. It just doesn't seem to show in the actual game. Oddly enough, spaces show fine in the regular text box. I've tried using a unicode space from the Japanese unicode (Which I doubt I did right in the first place >.<) but it just seems to shift the name more to the right, making larger options (Such as "Student Council Room" get cut off. So my question now, is "Is there any way to add spaces to these options or am I stuck with space-less menus?" It wouldn't be too much of a problem if not; at least it's still legible, but for the sake of looking nice and a little less confusing I hope this can be fixed! Thanks to anyone who can shed light on the issue, even if it's to say "Impossible!" (Also, if you need more information, please message me or comment! Anything to help!)
  9. Hey, can you help me? I downloaded the game, unzipped it, played a bit. It has patch 3.1 by mirror moon, TakaJun, ArchDemon and puKKa. It's one big file with fate.exe in it. Plus savedata and savedata_bak in it. I have fate_savedata in Documents, and for some reason My Documents is inaccessible. I want to add the newest patch, " PC version Mirror Moon TL insertion project", http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project?p=1470756&viewfull=1#post1470756 but it says in the readme that I need a 'faterealtanua savedata' file, a Fate game folder, an Unlimited Blade Works game folder, and a Heaven's Feel game folder. I don't have any of those. I could rename the fate_savedata folder in Documents, but otherwise I only have Fate.exe. Do you know what I should do? Further information: I don't have a title screen, nor a music menu or a movie menu. I think that I might have downloaded a different platform (meaning I have a pc game downloaded rather than a playtstation game or something) than the patch wants me to have. Is that likely? Do I have to uninstall, then reinstall with a pristine ISO before I can use the patch?
  10. Okay, so I've tried multiple different strategies. I've tried luring the hound out so I can get to the Elyun Feather, I've tried putting on various items, I've tried attacking head on. The only thing I can think of is spawnkilling monsters, but I only have 30 turns. The Hound has 50HP in hard mode, and at the start I'm underleveled, underequipped, and unskilled. It can kill me in two attacks, and it does three a turn. It is quite easy to defeat in normal. I dunno, is there some kind of system that carries over save-game data? Do I need to beat it once to finally get the Hound to die? Is this a glitch that happened mid-translation? Please help.
  11. i am running my game on a 32bit netbook and whenever i enter the game it always shows a pure white window with the error message (????? 'WANKO.EXE' ????? 00507111 ????? 01BF0F08 ?????????????????.) if anyone understands this jargon please help me!
  12. Hi! I'm new to this site and relatively new to visual novels as well. I recently started playing Fate/Stay Night. When I downloaded it at first, it wouldn't even open so I had a friend compress the file and post it on google drive. I downloaded it from there and it ran relatively smoothly. However I start having a problem during the scene where Saber is first introduced and is about to kill Tohsaka. Right after Tohsaka 'accepts her fate', my game restarts. I've tried to skip the scene, but it just restarts the game once more and says 'skip cancelled' in the bottom bar. I don't know if anyone will see this or know the solution, but I REALLY want to complete this game because it looks really fun to play. If you have any advice whatsoever that would be helpful. Also, I DO have my computer set to japanese locale. -TheShinyGaz
  13. Every time i try to post a comment on a VN It doesn't show. I've also tried clearing my cache and cookies but Still no luck Is this happening to anyone else
  14. Hello everyone I am new to this forum I hope you can answer my question My question is : Is the VN Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai fully translated yet ? (I dont think so) I have seen a partial patch but I still don't get it ? Because on http://vntls.org/project/majikoi/ it stopped updating the VN on January at 85% If it hasn't been completed , where can I find a website to keep me updated with their updates (lol) Thanks in advance
  15. Recently,I downloaded a VN,I would have bought it.but i cant find a copy anywhere,not even in amazon! Anyway,when i started the game,it was in a weird language...how do i fix this?? https://plus.google.com/u/0/109116343626420301042/posts
  16. Hello I downloaded dmmd from fuwanowel and i tried to install it.When I open the sdrt4280j thing it says http://hizliresim.com/59mO5A and because i don't know talking japanese i can't understand that help me please...
  17. Hello everyone! Newbie to the forums here. I have a bit of a problem with my copy of '' if my heart had wings '' that I downloaded pre-patched with the restoration patch from www.rutracker.org however the problem was there in the version that I patched myself aswell. The problem is simply... there is no text in the text box. As you can see here. Everything else works fine including the sound and graphics, and there is no problem with lag at all. It's just that the text isn't there. I can even proceed through the text. I did get this error before starting up the visual novel '' This environment is not supported. There is a possibility that it will not start up normally. Cannot use the AGP texture accelerator '' as someone who is very big on computers, I am a bit reluctant to admit that I have no idea what that even means. I tried changing screen mode, text box and a few other settings but nothing seems to work. Japanese non-unicode is ON so that surely isn't the problem here.
  18. Hey, First of all: I should warn you about my english, because it isn´t very good xD So, my problem is, that i cannot start the game because of this error: http://s1.directupload.net/images/140324/etlksoiz.png I got the game as torrent(used bittorent for it) from this site: https://fuwanovel.net/novels/fate-stay-night My computer has Windows 7(64Bit) I would be nice if someone could help me with this D: - Rave
  19. Okay, so i just downloaded the new comyu partial patch pack from fuwanovel but the exe is missing. Any idea why? Also here is the page where i downloaded it https://fuwanovel.net/novels/comyu-kuroi-ryuu-to-yasashii-oukoku
  20. Hey there. I got the ISO for Fortune Arterial installed the game and it keeps askin for the disk... I tried AlpharomDie and its not working. also tried reinstalin runnin as admin... the no disk crack (not sure if i did it correctly tho.. i just replaced the file in game folder.) Yea... so im not sure how to get it started. And i have windows 8 64 bit. PS. I didnt get the game from fuwa.
  21. I have buy Hakuoki Demon Of the Fleeting Blossom for PSP and i want to play it, but When i start the game i Get to PSP Playstation Portable and after that i can Get futher, i Get error Game wont work, how can i fix this?
  22. Whenever I try starting up a VN games this error pops up. I've set the locale to Japan and I've installed the patches correctly. Any advice on how to fix this error?
  23. I have some sort of issue triying to start the game,i have my Pc local set to japan,i have installed applocale,then ,when i try to run it ,two messages pops-up along with a black screen,and then the game closes. Here are the screenshots : First message: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/x8xlp Second one: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/16sur I don't have the .ISO ,i downloaded the torrent with the age.exe executable file. As shown here: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/pezeu And, here is some info of my pc: Operating system: Windows 7 Home Basic Edition Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) DirectX version: 9.0 ( Graphics: Intel® Pentium® CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz / 2094MHz I think that this torrent had all the patches installed already(Patch 01,02,200 and english translation) Well,that's all.
  24. Hello everyone, not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but it seemed appropriate as I'm very new and could use some help locating something. http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.net/2013/04/dramatical-murder-fan-translation-100-english-patch-released/ This website directed me here to DL DRAMAtical Murder in English but try as I might, for the past two hours I haven't been able to find it anywhere :c Can anyone help me with this? I'm very new to the world of VN's and could use some help on where I can find this one since I've been dying to read it c: Thank you~
  25. Hello everyone... This is another one of those Personal Topics, where i would like some help with.. I am pretty serious about myself moving and living in Japan, and work as a Graphic designer/ Photographer.. Only problem i have is that i know little about how to go about it.. When i do and will move there, i need to have a job already...Kind of,,,xD Well i have tried looking online for types of places i can try and apply to work at, but i dont trust places i dont really know..Although i guess asking here, not many people will have the experience xD.. Well i guess the next thing would be what would you think the average monthly spendings in Yen do you think it will be...at the cheapest and probably a single room apartment style. Well another problem i just remembered there being was the Jlpt, which if i can recall are the tests to see how your Japanese is...unfortunetely dont have any tests in my Country..so i would probably take them in Japan when i go, Sorry if this seems a bit too personal, i just felt like it would be great if i can get some valuable tips and help from fellow Fuwanovelists xD.. Anyway, Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and when i do move their i can help spread the east culture to the west xD.. Just to remind you i am dead set on moving, even if it would take me years..i will go there and stay there.. Thank you and enjoy your day...
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