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  1. I read that already before i posted this and tried all that shit and none of it worked >.<
  2. so idk if this will help but when i press open on winRAR this thing shows up, the only readable thing is "This program cannot be run in DOS mode" I think I need to change my mode but im not sure how exactly to do that or what it means xDD
  3. So I just finished downloading Dramatical Murder onto my laptop and I used BitTorrent to download and open it, After it was done I clicked onto DMMd_crack_for_ver110 and a black tab opened for a few seconds then closed aterwards. I changed my local to japanese and un checked the file as 'read only' yet it still isn't working OH and i also tried the whole SdActi thing but that didn't work either..? I have windows 8 and my computer is a 64bit I tried checking forums like this one to try to find the answer but nothing is working .-. Please help me xD