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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there! Welcome to the Alicesoft Thread! It's a thread where you can talk about Alicesoft-related things, obviously! Go and talk about their games in this thread if you'd like. Everyone's welcome, so come and join! What is Alicesoft? Alicesoft is an eroge-making company that debuted back in 1989 with their first game, Rance I. They have been in the eroge industry for 25 years already after being spawned by their parent company, Champion Soft. Alicesoft games usually have a large amount of erotic elements in it, that are partnered up with their large amount of comedy. Alicesoft games has a wide selection of fetishes that would cater to almost everyone's tastes. They are also known for making eroges with actual gameplay. Gameplay differs between titles, catering to different tastes. Some of their games are praised for having good gameplay (Daibanchou! Big Bang Age, Sengoku Rance) while others were letdowns (Daiteitoku). In the end, it all depends on the person's preferences. Their main source of income is the Rance series. Want to know more about their games? Head over to their website. (Their website can only be accessed via JAP proxy.) You could also go to their blog. Want to buy their games, go over to their online shop! There's a shop for downloads too! What is the Rance Series? The Rance series is their most famous franchise, which spawned 16 titles, including 3 side-stories, one expansion, and 2 remakes. The Rance series captivates readers not only by Rance's comedic antics, but also its vast lore, which is usually supplied by Alicesoft through their extra materials. The series will end with the tenth main game, Rance X. If you want to view the statuses of different translation projects of Alicesoft games, you could always pay a visit to this thread. I'll be updating the first post sometime, so look forward until then!
  2. Basically... I'm used to playing VN (Galge preferred, but can do with eroge too.) with multiple heroines. Well, I'm sick of it. It breaks my heart to find a game where the childhood friend wants me but I want others, it's just too much! I just want a VN with a single heroine, anyone have anything in mind? Thanks in advance for all of your help!
  3. Is there anyway to port PC Visual Novels to PSP?
  4. The topic says it all.I've been dying to play the game(空飛ぶ羊と真夏の花)[vndb.org/v14061] but I need an hcode to make it hook with ITH. I tries ITH 3.0 and even 2.3. Pls help me!!!!
  5. My introduction to anime and eroge were actually by my freinds. I never did engaged in any japan stuff before that. During high school I was introduced to Fate Stay Night eroge and Princess Lover anime and that was what made me to an otaku as of today. But I was only the one to go far as playing untranslated eroge and taking up japanese learning. Sadly they were not as enthusiastic as me. When going to college I did had one that do play only translated visual novels, he was more to playing social games though and anime. Not so many in college really engaged to anime stuff. So how about you, got any freinds other that on the net that engages on visual novels ? . . . .eroge and galge isn't a very common type of game people play in contrast to rpg, shooter, racing or sports. I would like to know . . . .
  6. So I have been doing Remember the kanji for about 2 months and I now remember about 1,500 kanji and just 1 meaning associated with it. I read about it at http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.net/2013/02/how-to-read-visual-novels-in-japanese-in-2-years-time-or-1-year-if-you-are-fast-%E2%80%95-learn-to-read-through-vn-or-anime/ As I found it promising I gave it a go. Oh I used RevTK instead of Anki. So I have been able to recognize many kanjis when reading raw visual novels. But of course the translation by Atlas is still best and I got used to the crappy engrish. But it was amazing to recognize some kanji that usually stands by itself like 夜night,嬉overjoyed,皆everyone(minna*-san*).Well some of the keywords are obsolete but its manageable and if its too bad I can just change it. So after my acquisition of all the joyo kanji(2136) I am thinking if I should progress and learn more japanese vocabulary formally using flashcards. Also my aim would be to read Baldr Sky(english translation stalled),since its RPG I could just use Atlas,TA,Mecab and ITH but the rpg elements would not be translated.Also I want to read Infinite Stratos 2 on the psvita(just got released). Anyone here have finished Remembering the Kanji and just learned kanji through context and have great progress. I would like to hear ur thought on this. . .
  7. Can you give me a good eroge VN ?? thanks guys
  8. Hello Fuwanovel! My problem here is that fullscreen mode doesn't work properly on my Windows 8 laptop.This applies to all the Sono Hanabira games.The Fullscreen option seems to work fine on my other VN's such as Hoshizora no Memoria. I don't know how to fix this.I've tried running as an admin but no luck. I'll try to reply as soon as possible in this thread to see if any of your guys suggestions work.
  9. Can anyone give me some good eroge VN? thanks )
  10. Hi! I`m sorry to defile this forum with this kind of thread, but; In between reading some of the longer, more refined visual novels, i find myself wanting games with easier language that also caters to ... hmm... my other needs.. (read: I`d like to practice my japanese while fapping). So: I was surprised to find out that i get turned on by eroges with voyeurism or accidental stuff; This could be in the bath, while changing, while sleeping, while masturbating etc; - Main character peeps at heroine (accidentally or intentionally) (with or without getting caught) - Main character walks in on heroine (accidentally or intentionally) - OR the other way around ; Heroine peeps or walks in on Main Character. - Bonus point: A game where the main character INTENTIONALLY sets up so he will get "caught/walked in on" by heroine. (Tell me if this is the case, cause i havent seen many of these) I have checked the games with "voyeurism" tag in VNDB. The interesting ones I`ve played or added to my Plan to Read list. Almost all japanese games seem to have one or two of these kind of scenes, so maybe a minimum of 3-4 scenes in the games you reccommend would be great. It would also be great if you could indicate how many scenes i could expect in the recommended game, like; ~4-5 [ Game : xxx ] Many [ Game : yyy ] Also; I`ll expect to do a lot of fa......um.. reading, the whole year (business trips). So feel free to recommend as many as you like. Thank you very much
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