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  1. I have a 360, just it's not working properly :/ might see if I can fix it somehow haha
  2. Yeah I know it's japanese , but I'd still like it there for when I learn japanese and Yeah , I found the console version but I am a pc person, and yeah it says there is a pc version but I can't find it anywhere either that's why I asked here
  3. Hi guys I am a big fan of the Muv-Luv series, I've read a lot of the visual novels and only recently started watching the anime Muv-Luv total eclipse, but after finishing it It felt like a lot was missing, and there is no season 2 for it to follow up with So I searched the internet and couldn't find anywhere to buy/download it so I could play through it and get the full experience rather than learning what happens over the internet So anyone got any links that can help? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hentai

  5. Hentai

    I never read or watched anime/manga/VN's until one day I happened to stumble upon Aki Sora and after reading the manga I immediately fell in love with it, after that I became a massive fan of anime/manga/VN's I still to this day haven't read the last Aki Sora chapter because i don't want to have to add "finished" next to it on my list
  6. Saddest VN moment?

    Now that I think about it; the entire game is pretty fucking depressing. Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer Tears of rage! Gen Urobuchi has a twisted mind to say the least. MLA: And also the entirety of Kara no Shoujo. There is no light at the end of that tunnel, lol.
  7. Saddest VN moment?

    Yeah, Muv-Luv alternative for me too, after finally finishing it i would say that over all others i've read
  8. How did you find your favorite Visual Novel?

    my favourite visual is the muv lov series, and i found it out because i liked the look of the manga, and found out there was a visual to it so i was happy
  9. Hi everyone :D

    Welcome ^^ hope you like it hear
  10. Favorite 5 manga's?

    Yay onani master kurosawa such a great read, short but great and emotional
  11. Not sure about 1 and 4. ah thanks, i thought so for number 1 but wasn't 100%, and ah