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Found 15 results

  1. Does anyone like CR manga?

    I love reading manga and like some of their selection. That said, I hate their app so much that I cannot bring myself to use it. Why is it so terrible? Its like you can only read from a tablet and fuck anyone on a pc. The translation quality is below fan translations and picture quality is not amazing. Has anyone here tried it yet?
  2. Can somebody recommend me a manga or anime with a weak protagonist with harem? I prefer that the genre is slice-of-life with bearable humor (not overboarding/over-acting) and not dragging. Though, I accept action genre or protagonist becomes stronger in the end. But if it is difficult to find an anime/manga like that, you can recommend me a weak protagonist with romantic comedy genre. These are the anime/manga that I've watched/read already: The World God Only Knows Oreimo (Ore No Imouto ga Konnani Wake ga Nai) Yahari Game demo Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Oreshura Oda Nobuna no Yabou Toradora Vandred Nyan Koi! Tonagura Suzuka Sakurasao no Pet no Kanojou Monogatori Mayo Chiki! Infinite Stratos Golden Time Clannad Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai! AnoHana Nisekoi (Damn, It's too dragging that I gave up on it) ...... I forgot the rest especially the mangas...
  3. Tactless Manga and Anime

    Fanservice helps my bad attention span. What are some of your favorite anime and manga with gratuitous fanservice?
  4. VNs for a starter?

    Hey guys! I have been here for a few months now. I don't read Visual Novels but since this forum is mainly for VNs, I decided to try! I enjoy horror / romance mangas a lot! If you could suggest me some of your favourites, I will be appreciated! Lasly I have no interest in ero stuff ^-^'' Thanks to everyone who read this Here have a Maki picture!
  5. So I just read Sundome in one sitting and in that amount of time i grew so attached to the characters even knowing what was going to happen relatively early on. This ending left such a big impression on me, its like Clannad all over again. Pretty much changed my ideas of what a manga/anime can be. It had lots of perverted ecchiness that certainly got me excited but it still managed to bring me to tears. The ending was obvious from the beginning but it was still such a shock to me that I could not even cry. I wanted to believe that Kurumi was alright and that this new women was her after aging a few years. But upon letting it sink in I realized it obviously wasnt her and after reading through the final scene that Kurumi and Aiba were together multiple times I understood it. During the scene where he was im going to guess jerking off but it could have been a sex scene, but Aiba isnt the kind of person to go against her wish, and she never wakes up so they he doesnt have sex with her "Sudome". She is already dead during what he is doinf. It is just a flash back Hideo was having during the process and at that point I was able to cry. Throughout the scene we see Kurumi's hand and Aiba's hand together but Kurumi's hand is not locked in Aiba's. Like other people, I kind of wish that Aiba was not with another women at the end but perhaps having a memory of Kurumi, perhaps while looking at a picture. But understandably he cant just be alone forever, right? Im a bit of a sensitive guy when it comes to anime/manga so im truly pained here. What did you guys think of the ending? Did it leave you speechless? Can you re watch it? How did you get over it? I feel as if though it will take some time for me to get over this manga just like with Clannad. Although clannad had a much happier ending I think. Even if it was a cop out.
  6. im bored and ive been told yuri is ggod so anythin to start a yuri noob like me off? (anime, manga, VN)
  7. I like LN's and want more people interested in it and for more TL'ers for other LN if such a miracle can happen. I am here to suggest you 20 of the best LN's I HAVE READ. 1. Mushoku Tensei 2. Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu Est where art thou Est. 3. Legendary Moonlight Sculptor I'D RATHER DIE TO LOSE MY JAPTEM 4. Log Horizon You already watched the Anime why not Give the LN a chance. 5. Oda Nobuna no Yabou 6. Date A Live 7. No Game No Life 8. Re:Monster 9. Tsuki-Tsuki I have nothing to say 10. To Aru Majutsu no Index More than 30 Vols. and it's still good 11. Mahouka Koukou no Rettosei 12. Clockwork Planet Ryuzu, end of story. 13. Famima, Sekaimo & Omae wo Onii-chan ni shite Yarouka 16. Clotaku Club Yes, Clotaku, there is such a term in the Novel. 17. 1/2 Prince For those who read the manga, hope you know there is a novel. It's complete. 18. Ark More or less if Loved LMS then you'll love this. 19. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu 12 Vols and that's a wrap, I hope. 20. Madan No Ou To Vanadis / Highschool DxD Love the story. Again, if you're wondering why X LN is not there or something. It's because I haven't read it or is not in my Genre preference or simply isn't in the top 20 maybe 30 or 50...
  8. Haruhi Suzumiya

    Does anyone remember this light novel and anime series? Apparently this was one of the big ones when it came out. It seemed that everyone was talking about Haruhi Suzumiya during its prime. Strong viewership with its first season, tons of cosplayers, and that end credits Hare Hare Yukai dance that everybody did. This was essentially the Attack on Titan of 2006-2007 in terms of popularity. However this show's popularity quickly left as it came. After the initial 14 episodes, it took three years for them to produce a season 2. In 2009 they rebroadcasted the original series with 14 additional episodes making up this additional season. But most fans who stuck around consider this to be the low point of the franchise. The Endless Eight arc drove a ton of people away, while the remaining episodes were nowhere near as good as the first season. In 2010, the film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya came out to much critical acclaim on the other hand. But while it is indeed amazing and ranks as one of the best anime films out there, the overall popularity of the series had already faded. Now it's 2014 and there hasn't been anything new since 2011 with the last light novel. Apparently there was supposed to be a spin-off show staring Yuki Nagoto, but nothing has arisen from that. No third season has been announced either. I only got into this series for the very first time this year. I ended up seeing the show's 28 episode rebroadcast order though a torrent on Nyaa. Not to mention the two web series and the Disappearance. So to everyone on Fuwa, has anyone watched this series? Any thoughts on it? Was it's brief popularity warranted? Would you like to see Haruhi Suzumiya back in the future?
  9. Hello. I've finished watching the 13 episodes of the anime Hataraku Mao-sama (Wikipedia), and I kinda want to know what happens next. Hopefully there are people here who read the manga becuase it would be awesome if you could help me out with some questions I have: 1. If I want to continue from the where the anime dropped off, what volume/chapter should I pick up to read? 2. Is there any website you will recommended for reading the manga in a translated form? 3. What is the difference between the manga and the anime? content-wise, if I do pick the manga where the anime dropped off, will I miss a lot of content the manga covered and the anime didn't? Thanks!
  10. Doodle?

    HI! Since we're all fans of either anime, manga, VNs or all of the above, I thought It would be cool if we all shared our works, or maybe just doodle something just for fun, YAY! Anything goes. So I'll go ahead and embarrass myself first so that as many as possible get encouraged to join! Here's my "thing" quick doodle with mouse and paint.
  11. Favorite 5 manga's?

    Hey i was just wondering what everyone's favorite 5 manga's are? my favorite 5 are love hina, freezing, rosario to vampire, bleach and kissxsis what is everyone else's? ^^ (sorry if my grammar is off)
  12. I've watched a ton of anime and read VN's but so far I haven't ever seen very much about Manga, But I just got a premium membership on Crunchyroll so I figured I mine as well give it a try and I was wondering if anyone could suggest something to start with since I'm not familiar with it at all Thanks in advance! Edit: I pretty much enjoy anything, except for Ecchi. Romance and comedy are probably my favorite but i'm pretty open to anything if it's good
  13. I cannot Be the only one who read this chapter and went "NO , FUCK YOU, Fuck you GUY!!. i'm actually prett upset with this development and im wondering if anyone else reads this or has read the latest chapter. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! And i was so excited.
  14. You can choose multiple answers Votes are not public What kind of romance is your cup of tea? Anyone here who does not like romance?
  15. Hey all.. I guess this is another personal topic as i wish for some help.. As i have refered to in most topics, that i love to draw and have drawn some things..Although that is only limited to Manga style faces.. Whenever i get to the body, for some reason i struggle. I dont know if its due to the fact that i am not knowledgeable about it or if i just panic xD.. So with this i call for help xD. I was wondering if anyone knows of a website or Youtube videos you could say about "How to draw", I am busy following a guy by the name "Mark Crilley" on Youtube and i enjoy his videos, I just feel like i need more information then just his points.. Anyway any help would be appreciated as im sure it wont just help me but others at the same time Thank you.