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  1. Hi, so I've been trying to play Hoshizora no Memoria (downloaded through Fuwanovel) and accessing it from the MemoriaEN.exe (ofc), but every time I try to play it just shows me this error: Yeah, every time. Not to mention also whenever I unpacked the .zip file for the game from the torrent, it didn't include the save file folder. So I tried making one and restarting my computer as instructed here, but nothing happened and boom, the same error again. The other VNs I've tried downloading from Fuwanovel (Comyu, Koi Iro! Chu Lips, Killer Queen & Dra+Koi) have been working perfectly and flawlessly, like they should be. This isn't a life-threatening problem or anything, of course not, but I've been hoping to play HnM for a while now; it looks pretty awesome and fun. I've tried installing it many times but ended up deleting it every time until I read about restarting your computer, but that didn't work. Now for the questions: -I have K-lite Pack -My system locale has always been Japanese -I have installed the custom font -I've tried re-installing it too but that didn't work; I can also run everything as Admin so that's not even a problem -My computer has pretty good processors (I dunno, I ain't an expert on this matter): "Windows 8.1, 64-bit, 8.00 RAM, Intel Core i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70 GHz 2.40 GHz" Sorry for the (probably) long wall of text. I just don't know what to do with this anymore.
  2. Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? (link to instructions): Yes Game Name: DRAMAtical Murder Description of Problem: I've managed to complete all routes except Ren's. For some reason it won't let me. There is a point, where I assume Aoba is about to go into Ren's mind (?) and the whole screen turns black. The normal visual for a Scrap or Rhyme intro is that black and blue/red mini movie thing. I assume this is what's supposed to happen next. The screen does go black, but then the whole game stops and it closes down. I've tried many times to re-do the route but it always shuts down at the same point. Your Operating System: Windows 7 64 or 32 bit (link to how to find): 32 bit What did you already try? (Uninstall/Reinstall, Redownload, Run as admin, etc): Just running as admin. My computer is already set to the Japan system locale and honestly, I'm not sure if I can do anything. Turning off the movie visuals in the config menu doesn't affect it. It's a real shame, as the game has been working perfectly so far.. Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: Yes Here's a screenshot of the game when it shuts down:
  3. Hoshizora no Memoria

    When I launch MemoriaEN.exe it shows this I've been playing Hoshizora no Memoria for about a week now, and suddenly it does this. I've triple checked my non-unicode settings, it's in Japanese. Any idea how to fix this?
  4. Clannad Save issues

    Eh yeah so im still kinda new to this visual novel stuff but long story short last night after I had finished off a route in Clannad I went to shut my laptop off and when I got up this morning to check out Clannad I loaded it up and saw that none of my saves were there. I checked the SAVEDATA folder and saw that there were saves in it but for some reason they would not come up in game. There's probably an easy solution to this I don't know so any help would be greatly appreciated ~Nick
  5. Okay, so I've tried multiple different strategies. I've tried luring the hound out so I can get to the Elyun Feather, I've tried putting on various items, I've tried attacking head on. The only thing I can think of is spawnkilling monsters, but I only have 30 turns. The Hound has 50HP in hard mode, and at the start I'm underleveled, underequipped, and unskilled. It can kill me in two attacks, and it does three a turn. It is quite easy to defeat in normal. I dunno, is there some kind of system that carries over save-game data? Do I need to beat it once to finally get the Hound to die? Is this a glitch that happened mid-translation? Please help.
  6. I wanted to play 空飛ぶ羊と真夏の花 -When girls wish upon a star using ITH and TA but they won't hook and no h code is available anywhere. So as recommended by a user here I used Visual Novel Reader(VNR) and it will hook.As I am very new to VNR there are some things I can't figure even when consulting a guide(http://sakimichi.wordpress.com/2013/01/23/vnreader-advance-features/). Here are my questions 1. How to parse words in VNR. I have installed Edict on VNR and enabled on the preferences to parse but the window wont come out. All I see is the english translation. When I mean with parse pls refer to the picture below where you can another sentence other than from the game system with kanji and romaji on top of it. I want something like that but in addition I want when I mouse over the word there wouls be an individual translation like in Translator Aggregator. 2.How can I replace certain words with another on. For example in Translator Agregator there is a textfile where I can just edit and put the japanese name and its equivalent English name.While in VNR I use Atlas so Atlas did not recognized the character's Name as a name but as a word making the translation weird.
  7. the game started fine, no problems with saving or with the english translation, but after a while it stopped and now the text is in japanese, help?
  8. Hi,there! I've got some problem with my game. D: I've seen, somebody already posted that, but i can't find the problem and the solution. (And my english dictionary, heh. Sorry for my grammar, not my motherlangue) Are you running your computer with Non-Unicode Japanese? Yes, already installed AppLocal Game: Dramatical Murder Description of Problem: When i try to run the game, there opens a black window, and closes after a few sec. Your Operating System: Windows 8.1 64 or 32 bit: 64 bit What did I already try? Of course, i installed the sdrt file, and also downloaded the applocal. The settings are on japanese, my anti-virus and torrent is disabled. I tried to open the SdActi file then close it, but it didn't helped. Did I download this game from Fuwanovel?: Yup! If anybody can, please help me. D:
  9. Basically the game won't start and this that was appear: If i Click ok it will Re-appear again. if i Click "Cancel" well. . . it's gone but the game didn't started. . Any suggestion?
  10. oh i just saw that: Are you running your computer with Japan system locale? (link to instructions): Yes/No Game Name: fate/stay night Description of Problem: Well then, until yesterday I was playing as usual, this morning I got up, went into the game and found out that all my endings do not exist anymore As if I have not played at all! (But I still have all my savings process) im pretty desperate right now, im new to all matter of visual novels. so any help is welcome, And ill be glad if someone here can help me. Thanks in advance, Dan. Your Operating System: windows 7 ultimate 64 or 32 bit (link to how to find): 64 What did you already try? (Uninstall/Reinstall, Redownload, Run as admin, etc): I do not think Uninstall/Reinstall will help me in this case because it will erase everythin, is it? Did you download your game from Fuwanovel?: yes
  11. I have some sort of issue triying to start the game,i have my Pc local set to japan,i have installed applocale,then ,when i try to run it ,two messages pops-up along with a black screen,and then the game closes. Here are the screenshots : First message: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/x8xlp Second one: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/16sur I don't have the .ISO ,i downloaded the torrent with the age.exe executable file. As shown here: http://www.freeimagehosting.net/pezeu And, here is some info of my pc: Operating system: Windows 7 Home Basic Edition Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601) DirectX version: 9.0 ( Graphics: Intel® Pentium® CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz / 2094MHz I think that this torrent had all the patches installed already(Patch 01,02,200 and english translation) Well,that's all.
  12. Hey, I would like to inform you that the fuwanovel.org main site has some performance issue. First, I just noticed that my browser got slower when I opened the site (25% CPU and it started to eat up all my memory in the process, so got slower and slower by the time) and when I checked what could it be exactly, I found out it was due to the snowflake effect. I blocked the js file with ad-block and now it works like it should. Maybe it is a common thing and everyone have it, I don't know. I just wanted to tell you this. I checked in Firefox 26.0 and in IE8. Related JS file: http://fuwanovel.org/assets/js/snow-animation.js Edit: It is somewhat better with Chrome.
  13. Alright, I've been using VNDS Interpreter on my Android to play Higurashi Kai. The text and images are there, but I've been running into some problems. For starters, the text completely freezes at some points, often resulting in a lengthy delay. Secondly, the Tips don't work unless you exit to the main menu. I've also ran into graphical issues such as the backgrounds changing to gray. Has anyone else used this program to run VNs? Have you had any similar problems? I'm running on an LG Optimus L9, by the way.
  14. So I downloaded Phenomeno like a few days ago. Now I know that Phenomeno must be started from the Start_Game.bat file, my system locale is Japanese, and for a while everything worked perfectly, no crashes and such, and everything was in English, however... the screen/background changes, and so does the language. Everything suddenly becomes Japanese, and I don't understand a single thing. I have no idea why this happens. Everything was in English just before. Help...? Also if it means anything, I used to be unable to run the thing. Even if I start it from Start_Game.bat, everything is black. I can still hear sounds, and when I click around randomly, it appears that I can still select options on the screen (albeit blindly), from the SFX I hear. But today, it magically started up fine. Or something like that. I don't know. O___o