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Found 6 results

  1. Work In Progress for a long time Kamidori Alchemy Meister Catalog My goal for this is to make a complete replication of the info menu in Kamidori Alchemy Meister. This catalog will include a list of all the missions for each characters routes, a list of all the quests in the order they come in the game as well as any failure conditions and rewards, all items and the extra tabs the come, recipes, monster list, skill list, character list, and the in-game lexicon.....May god have mercy on my soul. Seeing as I have not finished everything in Kamidori yet, I may make a request for help at a later point after I get a list of the information I'm missing, however I am still playing Kamidori when I can so that I can get as much as possible on my own. Notes/Ramblings and Complaints Mostly for anyone that keeps tabs on this project to see me slowly lose sanity over this I'm buried in spoiler tags.... I plan to add pictures at some point Feedback would be great, especially if it has to do with my overuse of spoiler tags... Been on temporary hiatus due to lack of home internet. Should be back to work by Tuesday sometime. Internet is back, so I'm back to work! 1/15 Started work on Yuela route missions Finished Yuela route missions. Work Begins on Serawi route missions. 1/16 Work continued on Serawi's route. 1/17 Finished Serawi route missions. Started and finished Emelita route missions. Missions section complete and work begins on the quest section. Well, the mission section was pretty simple, just kinda time consuming. Now I'm having problems finding a format that I like for the quest section. Captains Log: Day 2 I have ventured into the hell that is the quest section. I have spent at least two hours playing with the format to make it work in a way I like. I have failed. After the second hour mark passed, I have given serious consideration to bashing my head against the wall repeatedly. 1/19 Made some large changes in the format. The other comments here were removed in order to make room for these changes. First of all, all if the different sections were broken up into separate posts so there wouldn't be as many spoiler tags on a single post, and that leaves more room for error and less searching when I do mess up. Next, I made some minor changes in the format of the items section. Finally, I have decided to skip over the quest section until i figure a format that I like out, so will continue on to the Items section.
  2. I just realized that i made a mistake, and it was too late. There is this certain quest called "synthesize twin supplements" #44 but i forgot to do it in chapter 7 and it can be finished in chapter 7 (I'm at chapter 9 btw). i looked at the quest info but it had no failure info and can still be done so i guess its not too late to do the quest, but when i synthesized the supplement(i created 6 already),it did not trigger any events. i noticed that the said item doesn't have "event" written beside it. Any way to finished it?
  3. I am completely stuck in Kamidori. Literally nothing is happening. There are no events, no quests I can complete, no nothing. I am on chapter 3, I have every room in my shop fully upgraded and my Evaluation is over 3000, and apparently I'm supposed to have a quest to find some kid's chisel (quest 7) but it absolutely will not show up. I have no clue what to do. There are no events at all, and I'm really frustrated because I ,like this game a whole lot. There's also nothing even resembling a guide in existence, so I can't just see if there's some tiny step I'm missing. Does anyone know what the hell I'm supposed to do? EDIT: I just figured it out. If a mod sees this post, please delete it for me. Sorry for the trouble.
  4. help me after install (before patch) i try open age.exe and this is what i got http://prntscr.com/4ewoaw and after patch age.exe still like that and kamidori english didn't show even when i try open with adminstrator
  5. First off, I don't know whether this is the best place to post this, but it seems to be a bug of some sort so yeah. I'm playing Kamidori Alchemy Meister, and the Alert Powder quest isn't triggering. Just doesn't show up, even though I've gotten all the requirements. Thanks for the patience, and in response to my last issue (a ctd w/ symphonic rain) thanks to those who helped with that one. I got it to work (somehow), but all the text reverted to moonspeak for about 20 lines. IDK if it's an editing issue or something, but the game is playable again. Thanks again for your patience.
  6. Okay, so I've tried multiple different strategies. I've tried luring the hound out so I can get to the Elyun Feather, I've tried putting on various items, I've tried attacking head on. The only thing I can think of is spawnkilling monsters, but I only have 30 turns. The Hound has 50HP in hard mode, and at the start I'm underleveled, underequipped, and unskilled. It can kill me in two attacks, and it does three a turn. It is quite easy to defeat in normal. I dunno, is there some kind of system that carries over save-game data? Do I need to beat it once to finally get the Hound to die? Is this a glitch that happened mid-translation? Please help.
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