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  1. Mad? Never! Thank you so much, I don't know if it's the right one, either. I downloading a different one right now, if it doesn't work, I'll try the one you linked. Thanks again, bye~
  2. Yup, looks like it. I've been doing a little more nosing around, and it seems like I got the PC game + voices from Realta Nua, and if I want to use that specific patch I'll need the Realta Nua PC Port. (Whatever that is...) Any idea where I can find and download it? Also, thank you for how quickly you responded.
  3. Hey, can you help me? I downloaded the game, unzipped it, played a bit. It has patch 3.1 by mirror moon, TakaJun, ArchDemon and puKKa. It's one big file with fate.exe in it. Plus savedata and savedata_bak in it. I have fate_savedata in Documents, and for some reason My Documents is inaccessible. I want to add the newest patch, " PC version Mirror Moon TL insertion project", http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4745-Fate-Stay-Night-Realta-Nua-PC-version-Mirror-Moon-TL-insertion-project?p=1470756&viewfull=1#post1470756 but it says in the readme that I need a 'faterealtanua savedata' file, a Fate game folder, an Unlimited Blade Works game folder, and a Heaven's Feel game folder. I don't have any of those. I could rename the fate_savedata folder in Documents, but otherwise I only have Fate.exe. Do you know what I should do? Further information: I don't have a title screen, nor a music menu or a movie menu. I think that I might have downloaded a different platform (meaning I have a pc game downloaded rather than a playtstation game or something) than the patch wants me to have. Is that likely? Do I have to uninstall, then reinstall with a pristine ISO before I can use the patch?
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