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Found 19 results

  1. So, the title is pretty self-explanatory. I would like to translate a visual novel (not the language but getting into the system and changing the characters and such, those sort of things...) - I was wondering if there was any tutorials out there. (It's pretty illegal so i doubt there'll be any tutorials out there but it would be nice to know how to do it. Would love to part in translating a visual novel during my holiday I don't have college ) Any help or sources would be grateful!! Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone. This is datOtakuGuy I am happy to say that 'Walkure Romanze: Shojo Kishi Monogatari' translation is now under way and we are looking for volunteers who could join and help us have this VN project completed! Here's our website: http://wakarimashitatl.wordpress.com/ Right now, we are currently looking for translators and translator checkers. But we still need members for other roles such as editing, quality checking and image editing. Also, if anyone is able to sub the OP and ED, then please join, your help will be appreciated. Reply back to this thread or go to the website and contact one of our members (preferably HentaiMeido) or you can drop by on our IRC channel #WakarimashitaTL in Rizon.
  3. Just a general question, how do you (if possible) machine translate a visual novel in Android(like Visual Novel Reader for Windows)? Is it possible with PPSSPP(for android, of course; in the Windows version you can just use Visual Novel Reader)?
  4. Too often does a handful of poorly-translated lines blemish an otherwise splendid fan translation. "What does this phrase mean?" "How can I construct an English equivalent for this?" "Why does my mom hate me?" Fret no longer, for I've come upon the paragon of modern ingenuity. I introduce to you TranslationParty.com! How does this work? Well, type in any phrase, and Translation Party will put it through the flawless Bing Translator (Google Translate was formerly used, but that was a little too flawless), then put the Japanese result back into English, then put the English result back into Japanese, and so forth until the phrase finally repeats itself. Thus, perfect equilibrium is achieved. Take an example: Naturally, inputting Japanese works as well. Take a look at this sentence that only a linguistic genius could translate properly: Our lord and savior Translation Party eventually produced: Unfortunately, this exponential duplication of mammaries came to a tragic end when Bing Translator exceeded its limit. It is well that perfection should come at a cost, after all. Now go out there and translate some timeless masterpiece. Only your own patience limits your literary potential!
  5. I'm currently having a problem using my Translation Aggregator with the program ITH. Normally when I'm reading visual novels I just attach the game to the ITH and have the machine translate the script into the translation aggregator via Google and Honyaku as listed in the windows tab on said program. However, just recently it started to give out odd script errors such as this: ~ Unrecognized response received: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd"> <html> <head> <!-- SpaceID=0 robot --> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Style-Type" content="text/css"> <title>Yahoo!翻訳</title> <meta name="description" content="無料の翻訳サイト。翻訳できる言語は9カ国語(日本語/英語/中国語/韓国語/フランス語/ドイツ語/スペイン語/ポルトガル語/イタリア語)。自動言語判定で便利にご利用いただけます。"> <meta name="keywords" content="翻訳,Yahoo!翻訳,ヤフー翻訳,英語翻訳,韓国語翻訳,中国語翻訳,和英翻訳,英和翻訳" /> <meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no" /> <meta content="235345649908455" property="fb:app_id" /> <meta property="og:type" content="website" /> <meta property="og:locale" content="ja_JP" /> <meta property="og:site_name" content="Yahoo!翻訳" /> <meta property="og:image" content="http://i.yimg.jp/c/icon/s/bsc/2.0/honyaku180.jpg" /> <meta property="og:description" content="無料の翻訳サイト。翻訳できる言語は9カ国語(日本語/英語/中国語/韓国語/フランス語/ドイツ語/スペイン語/ポルトガル語/イタリア語)。自動言語判定で便利にご利用いただけます。" /> <meta property="og:title" content="Yahoo!翻訳" /> <meta property="og:url" content="http://honyaku.yahoo.co.jp/" /> <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary" /> <meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOODP" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://i.yimg.jp/images/honyaku/css/honyaku_120111.css" type="text/css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://i.yimg.jp/images/css/yj2.css" type="text/css" media="all"> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://i.yimg.jp/images/top/js/yFav_1.0.1.js" charset="UTF-8"></script> <script language='javaScript' src="http://i.yimg.jp/images/commerce/js/libs/jquery/core/1.4.2/jquery.min.js"></script> </head> <body> <div id="wrapper"> <!-- header --> <div id="header"> <!-- SpaceID=0 robot --> <!--EMG--> <!-- SpaceID=0 robot --> <!-- SpaceID=0 robot --> <!-- SpaceID=0 robot --> <!--/EMG--> </div><!-- /#header --> <!-- /header --> <iframe id='fccall' width='0' height='0' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' frameborder='0'></iframe> <!-- #contents --> <div id="contents"> <div id="g-navi"> <ul class="cf"> <li class="navi1"><a href="/transtext/">テキスト翻訳</a></li> <li class="navi2"><a href="/url/">ウェブ翻訳</a></li> </ul> </div><!-- /#g-navi --> <div id="guide-bar"> <ul class="cf"> <li class="guide1"><a href="/guide">使い方ガイド</a><span>|</span><a href="/settings?.done=http%3A%2F%2Fhonyaku.yahoo.co.jp%2Ftranstext">設定</a></li> <li class="guide2">日本語/英語/中国語/韓国語/フランス語/ドイツ語/スペイン語/ポルトガル語/イタリア語の9か国の言葉に翻訳できます。</li> <li class="guide3"><a href="http://transer.com/" title="Cross Language">Cross Language</a></li> </ul> </div><!-- /#guide-bar --> <!-- #main-contents --> <div id="main-contents"> <div class="noRes"> <p>通信エラーが発生しました。しばらく時間をおいてから再度お試しください。</p> <p><a href="/">Yahoo!翻訳トップページへ</a></p> </div><!-- /.noRes --> </div><!-- /#main-contents --> </div> <!-- /#contents --> <div id="footer"> <!-- SqA --> <div id="SqA" class="space-d"> <a href="http://docs.yahoo.co.jp/info/advertising/">広告掲載について</a> - <a href="http://docs.yahoo.co.jp/docs/info/terms/">利用規約</a> - <a href="http://help.yahoo.co.jp/help/jp/honyaku/honyaku-20.html">免責事項</a> - <a href="http://help.yahoo.co.jp/help/jp/honyaku/">ヘルプ・お問い合わせ</a> </div><!-- /#SqA --> <!-- /SqA --> <!-- SqB --> <address id="SqB">Copyright © 2014 Cross Language Inc. All Rights Reserved.<br> Copyright © 2014 Yahoo Japan Corporation. All Rights Reserved.</address><!-- /#SqB --> <!-- /SqB --> </div><!-- /#footer --> </div><!-- /#wrapper --> </body> </html> <!-- fe113.trans.ref.ssk.ynwp.yahoo.co.jp Thu Nov 6 01:36:23 JST 2014 --> ~ Is there a way to fix this problem so that I can return back to reading my visual novels?
  6. My Japanese friend and I decided to try translating a very short visual novel together. He's very serious about getting into the VN translation, so I decided to help him with the extraction/insertion of text. Does anybody know of any good tutorials on this topic? I have a bachelor in CS, but my hacking experience is almost nil (I once made a simple aimbot for Cube Assault following a dll injection tutorial). I would be very grateful if anyone here who has experience with VN cracking could share his learning sources. No big hopes up, but we are going to try our best, and possibly see it all the way through. Edit 1: I'm not sure if this is the best section for this kind of request, sorry if this question should've been posted elsewhere
  7. I'm confused about it. The tl wiki says it's 100% completed along with a few other translation-tracking sites. But there's no patch anywhere. What's going on with that? The translation is finished but they never got around to making a patch after all that work? Did it get licensed so they had to give up? Seeing a translation stuck at 100% is even worse than seeing it barely started and given up on.
  8. I don't really know if it's in contradiction with the rules of this forum (I've read the thread of Down and this isn't asking for a translation or anything, so I guess I'm safe), but I would like some help with extracting the script from モテすぎて修羅場なオレ (http://vndb.org/v11568) Just finished this visual novel and I enjoyed it a lot (mainly because of the cute girls). Now, I'm not really the type who would translate stuff, because it's quite some work. But- I want to give it a try anyways. Trying new things is a good thing, right? It's about the se.arc file (I guess se stands for "scenario"?). I'm horrible with hacking, so could someone help me with this? I'd like to translate at least 10% to 20% to make sure I take this seriously, otherwise I'm dropping this halfway, which sucks. Once I'm sure I'll continue with it, I'll make sure to ask help and (hopefully) get some people to help me. Thank you in advance. Edit: It's solved. This thread can be (re)moved by a moderator.
  9. I've run into major issues when playing through the game. First of all, the textbox which displays the character's name is messed up. Furukawa's name use to appear in the beginning, but now it doesn't anymore. Also. whenever her name is said in general in the dialogue, it is completely missing, replaced with a blank space. Third, whenever Nagisa (Furukawa) says "Tomoya-kun", it says some weird phrase in its place instead of his name. It makes no sense. Fourth, Fuko's name is not spelled Fuuko, but this is what is says in the name textbox. Lastly, in the sequence in which Fuko has juice squirted in her nose and the banner appears, nothing is displayed.
  10. Monobeno loli game fan translation project Video of first scene of prologue (vndb) http://youtu.be/TFEAFNLR_FQ Edit 15/07/14 : Release of the first scene as a subtitled video. Thanks everyone for your support and ExiledSaber for his editing. I still don't have the time nor the motivation to translate the rest of the game myself, but be certain that I would participate with any other interested translators to get this game in English. (Youtube coming latter) ~~~ Monobeno - Scene 1 (eng-subs) [720p] : Mega | ~~~ ~~~ Unedited script ddl: .ass : Mega | .txt : Mega Edited script ddl: .ass : Mega Work raw (.mkv) ddl : Mega ~~~ Hello everyone! As a Monobeno fan, I'm looking to enhance visibility of this great game. Considering its position as a 18+ loli game, official English release is sadly highly improbable. While I don't have the skills to edit, hack nor patch the game, I decided instead to do what I can. In short, painstakingly translating the first scene, making a video out of it on auto play and slowly timing it. The resulting video of the game with English subtitles will then be shared through torrent, direct downloads and Youtube. As I said, I can not edit. English is my second language and Japanese my third. Thus, I need some new friend(s) with high English proficiency to check my translation and make it more fluid and natural. Of course, keeping each character's speech pattern is also important. For example, Natsuha talks like a kid and Sumi talks in a very polite, archaic way. Afterward, I would also need quality checker(s) to ensure there isn't any timing or spelling mistakes. It would be great to also have someone to check my translation since I still have a lot to learn, but it is not a priority. I have no particular plan once this video is done. I don't have the time nor the motivation to translate everything myself -especially since I'm still far from completing the game-, but I will gladly join anyone willing to help. If you are interested please leave a comment, send me a private message or simply email me at zakudono(dot)loli(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you! Speech patterns : Current team as of 11/07/14 : Positions needed as of 15/07/14 : Project completion as of 15/07/14 (100%) :
  11. i feel like an idiot for not doing this before but oh well, if i'm going to do this i'll need some help. Need: Hacker Translator Proof Reader If anyone wants to help out then ask. The others the Mashiro Iro Symphony translations suddenly disappeared, that's why i'm doing this. Contact: [email protected]
  12. Ive been starting to collect psvita galges for I have always wated to play galge when I'm outside and don't dont have acsess to my laptop. Here I have hit a big rock with this game to buying this game . . . .Ciel Nosurge. The are are versions of this game (http://www.play-asia.com/paOScore/19-71-1ab-15-Ciel+Nosurge.html). I am wondering if this game is really good as it does not really have any hand drawn CGs but instead 3D graphics(like Photo Kano). Also I dont know about the story if it's really good I have seen a reveiw about it but it's not enough to justify it. Also I am wondering if there will be a english translation for this game. Thhis game is made by Gust and there tiles Ar Tonelico 1 - 3 has been localized by Nis America. So maybe this game will get one too. If you have played the game I also have some other questions. . . -Is the story very casual or very deep -Is the japanese used difficult (easy=moege like mashi iro synphony / hard=like the griasai trilogy) -Was it worth playing?
  13. Hi there! I recently hack this visual novel but I don't know anything of japanese, because of that I'm searching for people who knows japanese and want to translate it More info about the novel http://vndb.org/v3098 If my english was bad, sorry. English is not my native language
  14. ジャッジャーン!Denwatls proudly presents: Koiiro Chu! Lips!!! Haruka was your ordinary high school student, idly passing his days as he coasted through life. That is, until he comes home one day and discovers something; an event that will change his life forever.... Link to the patch/TL page To patch, simply place patch.xp3 into the game folder (where all the other .xp3 files are located) and run the game! Kirikiri is such a nice engine for patches. This partial patch include complete translations for The Common, Karen, Mirai, Shizuku, and Nagisa paths (girls listed in TL's subjective order of 'goodness'), with a final patch that includes Misaki being released in the coming months. ============================================================ Original text============================================================== Hi! I apologize for likely asking a question that's likely been answered thousands of times and I've simply looked in the wrong area, but how do I get a game hosted on/through your site? I'll be making a TL I've been working on public in ~35 days and so I'm trying to put feelers out on how to get things going. It's likely that we have the only copy of the game around anywhere, it was released mid 2000's and wasn't particularly popular. Basically, I want to be ready so things will go smoothly when actual release time comes. We won't be able to host the game on our TL site, but we will have the patch available.
  15. Hi, All. Greetings. I'm new here. For my first topic, I want to discuss about Castle Fantasia - Arihato Senki. CASTLE FANTASIA ~Arihato Senki~ キャッスルファンタジア ~アリハト戦記~ Castle Fantasia ~Arihato Chronicles~ Publisher : GN Software Release Date : Aug 08, 2007 Genre : Visual Novel with S-RPG Element Version : Japanese (PS 2) Chinese (PC) Rating : CERO C (15+) Gameplay Castle Fantasia ~Arihato Senki~ contains two episodes (in PS 2 version): Arihato Senki (Arihato Chronicle) and Seima Taisen (Sacred War). This is a text based RPG where the player proceed with the plot through reading the dialog between the characters and get involved in tactical battles. The battle system is turn based and each character has his/her specific special attacks and the distance they could cover varies. For each turn, the players can change the directions that their characters are facing, charge forwards, attack, defend, cast magic or launch special attacks. After you entered your commands, your enemy deal their damages. Story Arihato Chronicles Episode Two countries, Ingela that worships the god of light and Luciella that worships the god of darkness have always been at war with each other. On the Arihato plains, a decisive battle occurred and the Ingela army is overwhelmed by the forces of Luciella's. To manage this crisis, top students from the military academy are mobilized to the front lines. Sacred War Episode The god of light has always ruled his country by an unbreakable heredity system, and due to its high pressures, people have longed to escape. This situation creates conflicts in the country. At first, they were small skirmishes, later it worsened into a full scale war. In this chaotic era, a hero emerges to restore order. Characters Opening Movie External Links Official Website Help Needed Hacker (For extracting all stuff from its archive and reinserting back after everything edited) Translator from Japanese to English (If prefer PS 2 version) Translator from Chinese to English (If prefer PC version) Can somebody tell me about how to extract its dialogue, picture, and music from PS2 as I don't have any idea how to do that? I found this thread, but failed to do the instruction as it seems this game has different format with the game in the instruction. If you want to try help I will greatly appreciated it. I don't have programming and translating skills, but I hope I could help for facilitating translation to the game (providing the game, making website, hosting, gathering and organizing team, etc). Regards, Casualboy
  16. I want to try to side step the..."he-said-she-said" about both translations groups, so this is more centered towards the status of either translation. Basically, though, has anyone had any relatively recent news about either translation status? After checking both blogs [ Gao Gao and Sheeta ], both seem have to have gone for a while without any updates ( August and September, respectively ). Also, I saw on the comments section of Air that someone mentioned Gao Gao had removed all the h-scenes from the VN? I couldn't find anything related to that on Gao Gao's blog that actually confirmed that or not, only 'if it's too difficult'. Does anyone happen to know anything more in that regard?
  17. Hello out there! I have read that this game should be very good and i have had it in my mind for some time. I am sadly imcapable of translating (since i dont know japanese) so i was hoping that someone with the knowledge would be so kind to start a new project with this game? http://vndb.org/v1378 I hope someone will be so kind
  18. Hello, so as the title says, I'm looking for someone who can hack the game Ozmafia!!, I know the developers said something about they may think about doing an English patch for the game, but who knows when? So I'm trying to gather a group for the project. I can only do the finding, contacting, reminding, proofreading, editing the scripts, backing up stuff and all that (Ok for short, project leader/manager...? I'll try everything to keep it alive ><) I'll look for translators as well, but hackers are really hard to find so if anyone can help, please contact me p/s: I pretty much have a blog here for another on-going translation, just so you guys know...
  19. > > More Information and Patch Download at Rance Translations < < Kaeru nyo Panyo~n [VNDB] This game is a strategy RPG that slowly scrolls forwards, and new monsters appear with every step, it's pretty much the precursor to Mamanyonyo or Widenyo [VNDB]. The game is really old by the way, it's from 1997, with glorious 256 color graphics. It is somewhat light on H-content, and heavy on gameplay. Tulip Goddess Maria writes: Most of the translation work was done by Tulip Goddess Maria back in January, but TECHNICAL ISSUES reared their ugly head, and nobody could get the translated game to build for a while. I join Rance Translations while they were working on Rance IV, so the group handed me Panyon and told me to make it work. Eventually, after trying other successful but ultimately discarded approaches to hacking the game, I finally got the disassembled source code to build, and went with that. Some minor modifications were made to the game code to make it work with System 3.9. The translated game was first playable back in September, but it still needed some more hacks to deal with glitches. The nicest part thing about this game is that it tells you that your 6-year-old computer is God Level. And also if your computer is too slow, install an L2 cache (yes, TADA seriously says that). Gameplay tip: If you end turn before moving Poron forward, you lose. So when Poron hits an obstruction and can no longer move forward, make sure you click the button that lets Poron move again. Screenshots: > > More Information and patch download from Rance Translations < <
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